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Do you want to know how much Nate Parker is worth? We have the answer for you! First off, let’s get familiar with the person in question, shall we? He is an actor from American. He was born in unknown, on unknown in to the family of Carolyn Parker and unknown. His talents and gifts as an actor soon became apparent and a promising career path was laid out right before him. It is also worth noting that he attended Pennsylvania State University, University of Oklahoma and earned the Nicknames of unknown throughout his studies and working career. He stands at 1.75 m in terms of height. Starring in multiple hit movies or TV shows, Nate Parker has earned global recognition as well as amassing a fortune. In his career Nate Parker has earned a lot of money and now has a total Net worth valued at $3 Million.

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Nate Parker was raised with four younger sisters by a single mother Carolyn, who never married their biological father. As a child, he was very problematic, as his mother married another man and moved with him, and his biological father passed away when he was only nine years old. So he moved to Virginia, where he lived with his uncle, Jay Combs, who was a retired wrestler, so under his influence Nate began wrestling while he was at Great Bridge High School. He then attended Pennsylvania State University, but as he was accused of rape, he transferred to the University of Oklahoma, from which he later graduated with a degree in computer programming. During high school and college Nate focused more and more on wrestling, becoming one of the most successful wrestlers of his class, and he was named All-American wrestler.

However, Nate found a full-time job working as a computer programmer, but that didn`t last long, as he was soon spotted by a talent agent Jon Simmons. Nate accompanied his friend to an audition, when Simmons approached him, thinking that Nate was a model, or even actor. Nevertheless, the two immediately reached an agreement, and Nate saw himself flying to Los Angeles in no time.

He made his debut appearance in 2004 in an episode of the TV series “Cold Case”, which was soon followed by appearances in such productions as “Kurtlar Vadisi”, (2005), which is a Turkish TV series, and then made his big screen debut in the film “Cruel World” (2005), and continued in the same rhythm with a role in the film “Dirty” (2005). By 2010, he had established a name for himself, appearing in the films “Pride” (2007), “The Great Debaters” (2007), with Denzel Washington and Forrest Whitaker in lead roles, “Felon” (2008), and “The Secret Life Of Bees” (2008) with Dakota Fanning and Jennifer Hudson, which added a lot to his overall wealth.

He then took a short break from acting, focusing more on directing and producing, but returned in 2012 with a role in the film “Red Tails”, and continued to appear on big screen in the films “Arbitrage” with Richard Geere and Susan Sarandon, “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” (2013), “Non-Stop” (2014) starring Liam Neeson and Julienne Moore, and “Beyond The Lights” (2014), which increased his net worth by a large margin.

Most recently he featured in the films “Eden” (2015), and “Birth Of A Nation” (2016), which he directed, wrote and produced, increasing further his net worth. Nate has also been recognized as director and producer through putting his name to such films as “Ghost Team One” (2013), “Portion” (2012), and “Predilection” which is yet to be released.

Thanks to his skills, Nate has received several prestigious nominations and awards, including the AAFCA Award in the category Best Supporting Actor for his work on the film “Arbitrage”. Furthermore, he received three Image Award nominations for his work on films “Beyond The Lights”, “The Great Debaters”, and “The Secret Life Of Bees”, among many others. When it comes to speak about his personal life, Nate Parker has been married to his long-time girlfriend Sarah De Santo since 2007; the couple has three daughters.

Structural info

  • Full Name: Nate Parker
  • Net Worth: $3 Million
  • Date Of Birth: 1954-06-06
  • Place Of Birth: Brooklyn, New York, United States
  • Height: 1.75 m
  • Profession: Screenwriter, Musician, Film producer, Film director, Actor, Coach
  • Education: Pennsylvania State University, University of Oklahoma
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Sarah DiSanto
  • Children: Justice Parker
  • Parents: Carolyn Parker
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • IMDB:
  • Nominations: NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture, NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture, NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Writing in a Motion Picture
  • Movies: The Birth of a Nation, Beyond the Lights, The Great Debaters, Red Tails, Non-Stop, The Secret Life of Bees, Eden, Arbitrage, About Alex, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Pride, Every Secret Thing, Rome & Jewel, Felon, Red Hook Summer, Blood Done Sign My Name, They Die By Dawn, Tunnel Rats, #AmeriCan, Dirty…


  • [on Nat Turner] He became my hero in college. I never heard about him until I went to college. [2016]
  • [on The Birth of a Nation (2016)] I don’t want this to be a film. I want it to be a movement. I don’t want it to be a moment in time. I want a launch pad for conversation around how we can deal with our trauma collectively. Then we can create a cultural shift. [2016]
  • [, August 2012] I’d love to play Nat Turner. What I would never play? Anyone wearing a dress. We just need more images of men. We’ve been emasculated physically, metaphorically too many times for me to support it. For me, that’s where the line stops.
  • [on the new ‘Nate Parker School of Film and Drama’ at Wiley College] The hope is that we cover all aspects of filmmaking, from sound, lighting and cinematography, to just studying film specifically with the cultural component and the history of film. (…) You control the moving picture, you control the masses … so really getting them rallied around the idea of reclaiming the narrative of America, specifically through the eyes of people of color. (…) If I can create a pipeline toward filmmaking physically through developing the college, having filmmakers be nurtured and cultivated here, and then having somewhere for them to go with respect for them actually being able to engage in filmmaking here in East Texas, then it kind of serves multiple purposes. [March 2016]
  • I decided to take on projects that I thought would break down walls rather than build them up, and to perpetuate positivity rather than to enforce negativity in who I was as a black man.
  • I want to pick material that involves me. I always tell my team that I never want to make the same movie twice. That’s what terrifies me the most.


  • Stated in an interview with BET that in an effort to preserve the Black man, he will, among many things, never play a gay character. Parker complained about Hollywood offering Black men roles that requires dresses and duct tape – though Parker took it one step further when he said Hollywood also offers Black men roles that consist of “men with questionable sexuality.”.
  • Member of the ‘Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ (AMPAS) since 2016.
  • In 2016 Nate Parker opened a film program named after him at the Wiley College in Texas: The Nate Parker School of Film and Drama. Parker is not the first director to do so: Other directors who created their own film school/program/course include David Lynch, Werner Herzog, Andrzej Wajda and Béla Tarr.
  • Nate was NCAA All-American in Wrestling at 141 lbs. in 2002 for the University of Oklahoma. He was also a High School All-American as well while attending Great Bridge High School in Virginia.
  • He and his wife Sarah DiSanto are college sweethearts. They met while attending Pennsylvania State University and have 4 daughters. Parker had another daughter with an unnamed woman.
  • Was discovered at a ProScout event.


Title Year Status Character
The Birth of a Nation 2016 Nat Turner
Eden 2015/II Slim
Beyond the Lights 2014 Kaz
Every Secret Thing 2014 Detective Kevin Jones
About Alex 2014 Ben
Non-Stop 2014 Zack White
They Die by Dawn 2013 Jim Beckwourth
Lu 2013/I Short Lu
Ain’t Them Bodies Saints 2013 Sweetie
Red Hook Summer 2012 Box
Arbitrage 2012 Jimmy Grant
Red Tails 2012 Marty ‘Easy’ Julian
Blood Done Sign My Name 2010 Ben Chavis
Rome & Jewel 2008 Rome
The Secret Life of Bees 2008 Neil
Felon 2008 Officer Collins
1968 Tunnel Rats 2008 Private Jim Lidford
The Great Debaters 2007 Henry Lowe
Pride 2007 Hakim
The Unit 2006 TV Series Darryl
Dirty 2005 Duster
Cruel World 2005 Techno
Kurtlar Vadisi 2005 TV Series Male Model
Cold Case 2004 TV Series R.J. Holden
Title Year Status Character
The Birth of a Nation: Behind the Scenes Documentary 2017 Documentary producer post-production
Untitled Nate Parker Project producer announced
Free God: The Birth of a Nation 2017 Video short producer
Rise Up: The Legacy of Nat Turner 2016 TV Movie documentary executive producer
The Birth of a Nation 2016 producer
Eden 2015/II producer
Lu 2013/I Short producer
Ghost Team One 2013 producer
Portion 2012 producer
Resurrecting Love: The Cemetery That Can Heal a Nation 2012 Documentary executive producer
J.A.W. 2011 Short producer
Magic City Memoirs 2011 co-producer
Title Year Status Character
Untitled Nate Parker Project announced
The Birth of a Nation 2016 screenplay by / story by
Eden 2015/II story
#AmeriCan 2014 Short writer
J.A.W. 2011 Short writer
Title Year Status Character
Untitled Nate Parker Project announced
The Birth of a Nation 2016 directed by
#AmeriCan 2014 Short
J.A.W. 2011 Short
Title Year Status Character
The Great Debaters 2007 performer: “Run… Run / All Hid”
Title Year Status Character
Wedding Dress 2015 Short very special thanks
Title Year Status Character
Ghost & Goblins Documentary filming
Rencontres de cinéma 2016-2017 TV Series Himself
Made in Hollywood 2010-2016 TV Series Himself
Rise Up: The Legacy of Nat Turner 2016 TV Movie documentary Himself
Steve Harvey 2016 TV Series Himself
CBS This Morning 2016 TV Series Himself
Good Morning America 2016 TV Series Himself – Guest
60 Minutes 2016 TV Series documentary Himself – Director (segment “Nate Parker”)
WGN Morning News 2016 TV Series Himself
Essence Ninth Annual Black Women in Hollywood 2016 TV Movie Himself
The 47th NAACP Image Awards 2016 TV Movie Himself – Presenter
The Wendy Williams Show 2012-2014 TV Series Himself / Himself – Guest
The Rich Eisen Show 2014 TV Series Himself
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2012-2014 TV Series Himself / Himself – Guest
Tavis Smiley 2014 TV Series Himself – Guest
Reel Junkie 2014 TV Series Himself
BET Awards 2014 2014 TV Special Himself
Blood Guts Glory 2014 Documentary Himself
Resurrecting Love: The Cemetery That Can Heal a Nation 2012 Documentary Himself
Charlie Rose 2012 TV Series Himself – Guest
Made in Hollywood: Teen Edition 2012 TV Series Himself
Scream Awards 2011 2011 TV Special Himself
The Mo’Nique Show 2010 TV Series Himself
1968: Tunnel Rats – Behind the Scenes 2009 Video short Himself
The 40th NAACP Image Awards 2009 TV Special Himself
The Real Great Debaters 2008 Documentary Himself
Entertainment Tonight 2007 TV Series Himself
The Oprah Winfrey Show 2007 TV Series Himself


Nate Parker Nate Parker
Nate Parker Nate Parker
Nate Parker Nate Parker
Nate Parker Nate Parker
Nate Parker Nate Parker