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Are you interested in the total net worth of Ned Beatty? Famous actors around the world earn huge amounts of money. Ned Beatty is no exception from this rule. You should know that Ned Beatty is a Hollywood star, born on unknown in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.. Having starred and featured on many hit Hollywood movies and popular TV shows, this actor has amassed a fortune under his belt! His parents are Margaret Fortney Lennis, Charles William Beatty and he also has a sibling Mary Margaret Beatty. As a kid and later as an adult, Ned Beatty attended Transylvania University. Born in the American Ned Beatty is a very talented actor who is also known of having the aliases or nicknames of unknown. He is 5′ 7″ (1.7 m) tall. The total net worth of Ned Beatty is quite a lot – $5 Million.

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Ned is the son of Margaret and her husband Charles William Beatty, and grew up in his hometown with his sister Mary Margaret. As a child he started performing with gospel musicians and barbershop quartets in St, Matthews, Kentucky, and also in his local church. He received a scholarship to sing in the a cappella choir at Transylvania University, where he enrolled but never graduated. Instead he became focused on acting, and when he was 19 years old debuted in “Wilderness Road”, after which he continued to appear in theaters across the USA, so establishing his net worth.

As early as 1972 he debuted on screen in John Boorman’s Oscar Award-nominated “Deliverance”, next to Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds. In the next few years he was building a reputation for himself with roles in such films as “Footsteps” (1972), “The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean” (1972) starring Paul Newman and Ava Gardner, “White Lightning” (1973), “Dying Room Only” (1973), then Lamont Johnson’s Primetime Emmy Award-winning “The Execution of Private Slovik” (1974), among others in the first half of the ‘70s, which only increased his net worth.

In 1976, he had a role in the Oscar Award-winning “All the President’s Men”, starring Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford and Jack Warden, and the same year featured in “Network” (1976) with Faye Dunaway, William Holden and Peter Finch. The following year he starred in “Our Time” (1977), and in 1978 had the role of Otis in the Richard Donner’s classic “Superman” with Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder and Gene Hackman. He finished the decade with roles in the Golden Globe Award-nominated “Friendly Fire” (1979), “1941” (1979) and “Promises in the Dark” (1979).

He started the next decade quite successfully, with a role in “Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones” (1980), reprising the role of Otis in the sequel “Superman II” (1980), then had supporting roles in “All the Way Home” (1981) and “The Toy” (1982). After that he didn’t land any notable roles until 1986, and an appearance in “The Big Easy”, then finished the decade with an appearance in “Physical Evidence” (1989), among other roles, which also increased his net worth.

Nothing changed for Ned in the ‘90s, starting with a role in the film “Repossessed” (1990), then in 1991 starred in “Hear My Song”, and in 1992 had a supporting role in the film “Prelude to a Kiss” with Meg Ryan and Alec Baldwin. The following year he appeared in the film “Rudy”, based on a true story, and from 1993 to 1995 portrayed detective Stanley Bolander in the TV series “Homicide: Life on the Street”.

In 1994 he appeared in the films “Replikator”, and “Radioland Murders”, and in 1995 appeared with Sean Connery and Laurence Fishburne in the film “Just Cause”. 1998 saw Ned in Spike Lee’s “He Got Game” with Denzel Washington, Milla Jovovich and Ray Allen, and he finished the decade with films “Cookie’s Fortune” and “Life” in 1999, increasing further his net worth.

In 2000 he reprised the role of Detective Stanley Bolander, this time in the film “Homicide: The Movie”, and then appeared in the film “Thunderpants” (2002), directed by Peter Hewitt. After that his career began to slow down a little, but he still landed roles in such productions as “The Walker” (2007) with Woody Harrelson, Lauren Bacall and Kristin Scott Thomas, “Shooter” (2007), and “In the Electric Mist” (2009).

The next role was in the Michael Winterbottom’s thriller “The Killer Inside Me” (2010), with Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba, and then he voiced Lotso in “Toy Story 3” (2010), and Mayor in “Rango” (2011). He had two small roles in “The Big Ask” and “Baggage Claim” both in 2013, which are his last roles on screen.

Regarding his personal life, Ned has been married to Sandra Johnson since 1999. Previously he was married three times; his first wife was Walta Drummond Chandler, whom he married in 1961 and divorced in 1970 – the couple had four children. His second wife was Belinda Beatty (1971-79) – they had two children. His third wife was Dorothy Adams ‘Tinker’ Lindsay (1979-98), and they have two children.

Structural info

  • Full Name: Ned Beatty
  • Net Worth: $5 Million
  • Date Of Birth: July 6, 1937
  • Place Of Birth: Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.
  • Height: 5′ 7″ (1.7 m)
  • Profession: Actor
  • Education: Transylvania University
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Sandra Johnson (m. 1999), Dorothy Lindsay (m. 1979–1998), Belinda Beatty (m. 1971–1979), Walta Chandler (m. 1959–1968)
  • Children: Thomas Beatty, Douglas Beatty, Blossom Beatty, John Beatty, Charles Beatty, Dorothy Beatty, Lennis Beatty, Walter Beatty
  • Parents: Margaret Fortney Lennis, Charles William Beatty
  • Siblings: Mary Margaret Beatty
  • IMDB:
  • Awards: Drama Desk Award
  • Nominations: Oscar, Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor (1991), Emmy Awards (1979, 1990), MTV Movie Award for Best Villain, IGN Movie Award (2010)
  • Movies: “Footsteps” (1972), “The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean” (1972), “White Lightning” (1973), “Deliverance“ (1972), “Superman (1978)“, “Dying Room Only” (1973), “The Execution of Private Slovik” (1974), “The Killer Inside Me” (2010), “Toy Story 3” (2010), “Rango…
  • TV Shows: “Homicide: Life on the Street“ (1993-1999), “Szysznyk“ (1977-1978), “Streets of Laredo“, “The Boys“ (1998), “Lucan“ (2013), “Last Train Home“ (2009)


  • [on the creation of the “squeal like a pig” scene in Deliverance (1972)] Bill McKinney and I and the director [John Boorman] were both throwing stuff in the pot and that’s where all that stuff came from. The way he caught me when I ran, it was scripted. It was just the way I gave in to what the situation was. I made myself available to whatever he wanted to do to me. But [Boorman] didn’t believe that. He thought, “Well, aren’t you gonna try to do something?”. So what he really wanted was for me to run, and when I ran, I remembered how we were dealing with the situation of big boar hogs and how this older man would have to grab this one of the back legs, and I would have to hit it with the tackle and roll up on top of it and put the rope around the legs. All this was going and that’s where we came to the squealing of the pig thing. I must tell you that most of the people that were on the film did not want us to do the scene. But the scene was important.
  • I want to see the writers strike, God bless them. They are the only true commies we have in Hollywood.
  • [on Sweet Land (2005): We want to see a story about us, about people. Here’s a girl who comes from Norway and gets all the way to Minnesota. She doesn’t speak a word of English, just German, and people still hated Germans from the first World War. Talk about strength. She’s traveled alone and far to marry a guy through an arrangement with his parents. You wonder at the strength for just that, much less what it takes to hold on once she gets there. This is about people you know. I love it. I love what it’s about. One scene summarizes the delicious sense of the movie. It’s where Olaf is sleeping in the barn, and Inge is sleeping in the house and there’s a sense of tension between them because they are going here and there and trying to get married, but they can’t. They get into an argument, and they are talking in German and Norwegian. I love that scene. I love the fact that we know exactly what they are talking about, even though I don’t speak any Norwegian or German.The performances are wonderful. The acting is as good as anything I’ve ever been in. I am proud. The two leads are good, boy, they are good. I think when people see this movie, they won’t have seen anybody like her [Elizabeth Reaser] in quite some time.
  • [on John Huston] A wondrous man . . . it’s not like talking to God, but it’s so close!


  • He was awarded the 1997 Los Angeles Stage Alliance Ovation Award for Lead Actor in a Musical for “Show Boat” at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California.
  • Father of Thomas Beatty.
  • Beatty was offered the role of John Doe in Se7en (1995) but rejected because the script was pure evil.
  • He appeared in two films with the word “Toy” in the title: The Toy (1982) and Toy Story 3 (2010).
  • He appeared in the two Oscar winning scripts of 1976: in Network (1976), which won as Best Original Screenplay, and in All the President’s Men (1976), which won as Best Adapted Screenplay.
  • He appeared in five movies that have been nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award: Deliverance (1972), Nashville (1975), All the President’s Men (1976), Network (1976) and Toy Story 3 (2010).
  • He appeared with Christopher Reeve in four films: Gray Lady Down (1978), Superman (1978), Superman II (1980) and Switching Channels (1988).
  • He appeared with Burt Reynolds in six films: Deliverance (1972), White Lightning (1973), W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings (1975), Stroker Ace (1983), Switching Channels (1988) and Physical Evidence (1989).
  • He appeared with Clifton James in four films: The Deadly Tower (1975), Silver Streak (1976), Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980) and Superman II (1980).
  • He made guest appearances on both of the longest running prime time dramas in United States television history: Gunsmoke (1955) and Law & Order (1990).
  • His son (from his first marriage) Charles Beatty works as a grip in Hollywood, mostly on commercials.
  • He and his wife Sandra Johnson were building a home in northern Minnesota near her family (2004).
  • He was nominated for a 2002 Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role of 2001 for his performance in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” at the Lyric Theatre in London.


  • Often plays charismatic villains


Title Year Status Character
Baggage Claim 2013 Mr. Donaldson
The Big Ask 2013 Old Man Carl
Go On 2013 TV Series Coach Spence
Rampart 2011 Hartshorn
Rango 2011 Mayor (voice)
Toy Story 3: The Video Game 2010 Video Game Lotso (voice)
Toy Story 3 2010 Lotso (voice)
The Killer Inside Me 2010 Chester Conway
In the Electric Mist 2009 Twinky LeMoyne
Law & Order 2008 TV Series Judge Malcolm Reynolds
Charlie Wilson’s War 2007 Doc Long
Shooter 2007/I Senator Charles F. Meachum
The Walker 2007 Jack Delorean
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2007 TV Series Dr. David Lowry
Sweet Land 2005 Harmo
The Wool Cap 2004 TV Movie Gigot’s Father
Where the Red Fern Grows 2003 Sheriff Abe McConnell
Thunderpants 2002 Gen. Ed Sheppard
Roughing It 2002 TV Movie Slade
This Beautiful Life 2002 Short Bum
I Was a Rat 2001 TV Mini-Series Mudduck
The Wilgus Stories 2000 TV Movie Fat Monroe
Homicide: The Movie 2000 TV Movie Det. Stanley ‘The Big Man’ Bolander
Hard Time: Hostage Hotel 1999 TV Movie Tony (unconfirmed)
Spring Forward 1999 Murph
Streets of Laredo 1999 TV Mini-Series Judge Roy Bean
Life 1999/I Dexter Wilkins
Cookie’s Fortune 1999 Lester Boyle
He Got Game 1998 Warden Wyatt
The Curse of Inferno 1997 Moles Huddenel
Crazy Horse 1996 TV Movie Dr. McGillicuddy
Gulliver’s Travels 1996 TV Mini-Series Farmer Grultrud
The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century 1996 TV Mini-Series Herbert Hoover
The Affair 1995 TV Movie Col. Banning
Homicide: Life on the Street 1993-1995 TV Series Stanley ‘The Big Man’ Bolander
Just Cause 1995 McNair
Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine 1994 Video Game Sheriff Francis Wompler
Outlaws: The Legend of O.B. Taggart 1994
Replikator 1994 Insp. Victor Valiant
Radioland Murders 1994 General Walt Whalen
Roseanne 1989-1994 TV Series Ed Conner
Ed and His Dead Mother 1993 Uncle Benny
Rudy 1993 Daniel Ruettiger
The Golden Palace 1993 TV Series Tad Hollingsworth
The Boys 1993 TV Series Herbert Francis ‘Bert’ Greenblatt
Lincoln 1992 TV Movie Dennis Hanks (voice)
T Bone N Weasel 1992 TV Movie Doc Tatum
Illusions 1992/I TV Movie George Willoughby
Prelude to a Kiss 1992 Dr. Boyle
Blind Vision 1992 Sgt. Logan
Trial: The Price of Passion 1992 TV Movie Scoot Shepard
Avonlea 1992 TV Series Wally Higgins
Hear My Song 1991 Josef Locke
American Masters 1991 TV Series documentary Frederic Remington
Going Under 1990 Admiral Malice
Captain America 1990 Sam Kolawetz
The Tragedy of Flight 103: The Inside Story 1990 TV Movie documentary Edward C. Acker
Back to Hannibal: The Return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn 1990 TV Movie The Duke of Bridgewater
Fat Monroe 1990 Short Fat Monroe
The Comic Book Christmas Caper 1990 Officer Ozzie O’Driscoll / Santa Claus
Repossessed 1990 Ernest Weller
A Cry in the Wild 1990 Pilot
It’s Garry Shandling’s Show. 1990 TV Series Ned Beatty
Big Bad John 1990 Charlie Mitchelle
Spy 1989 TV Movie Thomas Ludlow
Last Train Home 1989 TV Movie Cornelius van Horne
B.L. Stryker 1989 TV Series
Ministry of Vengeance 1989 Rev. Bloor
Chattahoochee 1989 Dr. Harwood
Tennessee Waltz 1989 Charlie Kiefer
Time Trackers 1989 Harry Orth
Physical Evidence 1989 James Nicks
Saturday Night with Connie Chung 1989 TV Series Gov. Edmund G. Brown
Purple People Eater 1988 Grandpa
Go Toward the Light 1988 TV Movie George
Shadows in the Storm 1988 Thelonious Pitt
After the Rain 1988
Midnight Crossing 1988 Ellis
Switching Channels 1988 Roy Ridnitz
The Unholy 1988 Lt. Stern
Kiwi Magic 1987 Short
The Trouble with Spies 1987 Harry Lewis
Dolly 1987 TV Series John Pacer
Rolling Vengeance 1987 Tiny Doyle
The Haunting of Barney Palmer 1987 TV Movie Cole Scholar
The Fourth Protocol 1987 Borisov / Pavel Petrovic
The Big Easy 1986 Jack Kellom
Highway to Heaven 1985-1986 TV Series Bill Cassidy / Willy The Waver / Melvin Rich
Back to School 1986 Dean David Martin
Drug Free Kids: A Parents’ Guide 1986 Video
Hostage Flight 1985 TV Movie Art Hofstadter
Konrad 1985 TV Movie Mr. Thomas
Restless Natives 1985 Bender
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 1985 TV Series Larry Broome (segment “Incident in a Small Jail”)
American Playhouse 1982-1985 TV Series Reverend Mansfield French / Lynch Mob Leader
Robert Kennedy and His Times 1985 TV Mini-Series J. Edgar Hoover
Answers 1985 TV Movie Senator William Blaine (segment “The Constituent”)
Murder, She Wrote 1984 TV Series Chief Roy Gunderson
The Last Days of Pompeii 1984 TV Mini-Series Diomed
Celebrity 1984 TV Mini-Series Otto Leo
Touched 1983 Herbie
Stroker Ace 1983 Clyde Torkle
Kentucky Woman 1983 TV Movie Luke Telford
The Toy 1982 Mr. Morehouse
Faerie Tale Theatre 1982 TV Series The King
A Woman Called Golda 1982 TV Movie Sen. Durward
A House Divided: Denmark Vessey’s Rebellion 1982 TV Movie
Pray TV 1982 TV Movie Rev. Freddy Stone
The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez 1982 Lynch Mob Leader
All the Way Home 1981 TV Movie Ralph Follet
Splendor in the Grass 1981 TV Movie Ace Stamper
The Violation of Sarah McDavid 1981 TV Movie Dr. Walter Keys
The Incredible Shrinking Woman 1981 Dan Beame
Superman II 1980 Otis
Hopscotch 1980 Myerson
All God’s Children 1980 TV Movie Mike Naponic
Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones 1980 TV Movie Rep. Leo Ryan
The American Success Company 1980 Mr. Elliott
1941 1979 Ward Douglas
Promises in the Dark 1979 Bud Koenig
Wise Blood 1979 Hoover Shoates
Friendly Fire 1979 TV Movie Gene Mullen
Superman 1978 Otis
A Question of Love 1978 TV Movie Dwayne Stabler
The Great Bank Hoax 1978 Julius Taggart
Gray Lady Down 1978 Mickey
Szysznyk 1977-1978 TV Series Nick Szysznyk
Alambrista! 1977 Anglo Coyote
Visions 1977 TV Series Anglo Coyote / Pinky
Exorcist II: The Heretic 1977 Edwards
Our Town 1977 TV Movie Dr. Gibbs
Lucan 1977 TV Series Larry MacElwaine
Nashville 99 1977 TV Series Randy Blair
Delvecchio 1977 TV Series Wakefield
The Streets of San Francisco 1977 TV Series Eddie Boggs
Tail Gunner Joe 1977 TV Movie Sylvester
Tales of the Unexpected 1977 TV Series John McClaskey
Mikey and Nicky 1976 Kinney
The Rockford Files 1974-1976 TV Series Leon Fielder / Al Brennan
Silver Streak 1976 Sweet
Network 1976 Arthur Jensen
NBC Special Treat 1976 TV Series Big Henry
Hawaii Five-O 1976 TV Series Keith Caldwell
Hunter 1976 TV Series Lt. Kluba
Gator 1976 Sheriff J.C. Connors (uncredited)
The Big Bus 1976 Shorty Scotty
All the President’s Men 1976 Dardis
The Rookies 1975 TV Series Frank Forest
M*A*S*H 1975 TV Series Col. Hollister
The Deadly Tower 1975 TV Movie Allan Crum
Petrocelli 1975 TV Series Gage
Nashville 1975 Delbert Reese
W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings 1975 Country Bull
Lucas Tanner 1975 TV Series Harold Ogden
Attack on Terror: The FBI vs. the Ku Klux Klan 1975 TV Movie Ollie Thompson
Gunsmoke 1975 TV Series Karp
The Execution of Private Slovik 1974 TV Movie Father Stafford
Dying Room Only 1973 TV Movie Tom King
White Lightning 1973 Sheriff J.C. Connors
The Last American Hero 1973 Hackel
Kojak 1973 TV Series Det. Dan Corrigan
The Thief Who Came to Dinner 1973 Deams
The Waltons 1973 TV Series Curtis Norton
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean 1972 Tector Crites
Footsteps 1972 TV Movie Frank Powell
Deliverance 1972 Bobby
Title Year Status Character
Homicide: Life on the Street 1993 TV Series performer – 1 episode
W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings 1975 performer: “Mama Was a Convict”, “There’s Better Things in Life” uncredited
Title Year Status Character
TCM: Twenty Classic Moments 2014 TV Movie documentary special thanks
OT: Our Town 2002 Documentary special thanks
Title Year Status Character
Piers Morgan’s Life Stories 2012 TV Series Himself
Casting By 2012 Documentary Himself
Deliverance: The Cast Looks Back 2012 Documentary short Himself
Toy Story 3: The Gang’s All Here 2010 Video documentary short Himself / Lotso
Deliverance: Betraying the River 2007 Video short Himself
Deliverance: Delivered 2007 Video short Himself
Deliverance: The Beginning 2007 Video short Himself
Deliverance: The Journey 2007 Video short Himself
‘Network’: Mad as Hell – The Creation of a Movie Moment 2006 Video short Himself
‘Network’: The Cast, the Characters 2006 Video short Himself
‘Network’: The Experience 2006 Video short Himself
The 100 Greatest Films 2001 TV Movie documentary Himself
Inside the Actors Studio 2001 TV Series Himself – Guest
DVD Extra: Spring Forward 2000 TV Short Himself
E! True Hollywood Story 1997 TV Series documentary Himself
Warren Oates: Across the Border 1993 Documentary Himself – Narrator
Earth and the American Dream 1992 Documentary Reader (voice)
One on One with John Tesh 1992 TV Series Himself – Guest
The 49th Annual Golden Globe Awards 1992 TV Special Himself – Nominee: Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 1977-1992 TV Series Himself / Himself – Guest
The 17th Annual People’s Choice Awards 1991 TV Special Himself – Presenter
The 42nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards 1990 TV Special Himself – Nominee
The 25th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards 1990 TV Special Himself
Sex and Buttered Popcorn 1989 Documentary Himself – Presenter
Attitudes 1989 TV Series Himself
The New Hollywood Squares 1987-1988 TV Series Himself – Panelist / Himself – Guest / Himself – Center Square
The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour 1988 TV Series Himself
Living the Dream: A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1988 TV Special Himself
The Wil Shriner Show 1987 TV Series Himself
We the People 200: The Constitutional Gala 1987 TV Movie Himself – Performer
The Child Help Benefit Special 1987 TV Movie Himself
Don’t Ask Me, Ask God 1984 TV Movie Himself – Question Presenter
The John Davidson Show 1980 TV Series Himself – Guest
The Mike Douglas Show 1980 TV Series Himself – Actor
The Making of ‘Superman: The Movie’ 1980 TV Movie documentary Himself
The 31st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards 1979 TV Special Himself – Nominee
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Alfred Hitchcock 1979 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Hollywood Squares 1978 TV Series Guest Appearance
The 49th Annual Academy Awards 1977 TV Special Himself – Nominee: Best Actor in a Supporting Role
The Dangerous World of ‘Deliverance’ 1972 Documentary short Himself
Archive Footage
Title Year Status Character
TCM: Twenty Classic Moments 2014 TV Movie documentary Himself
And the Oscar Goes To… 2014 TV Movie documentary Himself
That Fellow in the Coat 2010 TV Series Lotso
Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness 2010 TV Series documentary Edwards
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut 2006 Video Otis
Out of the Shadows: The Man Who Was Deep Throat 2006 Video documentary short Himself – Dardis (uncredited)
Making ‘Superman’: Filming the Legend 2001 Video documentary short Himself / Otis (uncredited)
Taking Flight: The Development of ‘Superman’ 2001 Video documentary short Himself / Otis (uncredited)
A Conversation with Robert Altman 2000 Video documentary short Delbert Reese (uncredited)
Anatomy of a ‘Homicide: Life on the Street’ 1998 TV Movie documentary Det. Stanley ‘The Big Man’ Bolander
La classe américaine 1993 TV Movie Frederic
Locos por la tele 1991 TV Series Diomed


Ned Beatty Ned Beatty
Ned Beatty Ned Beatty
Ned Beatty Ned Beatty
Ned Beatty Ned Beatty
Ned Beatty Ned Beatty