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What is the estimated net worth of the actress Lisa Ray? She is a person both men and women like and cherish. It is people like she who make us look up to Hollywood and other movie stars. We will talk about her net worth, but first, a little bit more about the actress herself. She is an Canadian, Indian born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the April 4, 1972. Finding her talents at quite a young age, she studied and later graduated from Silverthorn Collegiate Institute, Richview Collegiate Institute, Etobicoke Collegiate Institute. Over a period of time she was selected to appear in many movies and TV shows. Popular in her home country and across the globe, Lisa Ray stands at 1.63 m. Jason Dehni (m. 2012) and unknown make up her family. Since we know that Hollywood actors earn six, seven or even eight figure sums, Lisa Ray is no exception, having an estimated net worth of $10 Million.

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Structural info

  • Full Name: Lisa Ray
  • Net Worth: $10 Million
  • Date Of Birth: April 4, 1972
  • Place Of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Height: 1.63 m
  • Profession: Actor, Model, Activist, Presenter, Philanthropist
  • Education: Silverthorn Collegiate Institute, Richview Collegiate Institute, Etobicoke Collegiate Institute
  • Nationality: Canadian, Indian
  • Spouse: Jason Dehni (m. 2012)
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • IMDB:
  • Movies: I Can’t Think Straight 2008 The World Unseen 2007 Kasoor 2001 Veerappan 2016 Bollywood/Hollywood 2002
  • TV Shows: Murdoch Mysteries, Top Chef Canada, Endgame, The Summit


  • When asked if she is not interested in Bollywood films: “Not if I get the kind of parts Deepa offers me. I worked in one film in Bollywood but I am here, and I look forward to films being made here. I have nothing against good Bollywood films. Many are very camp and very over the top — those films are not for me. I have lived in India for some years and am very proud of my Indian heritage.” (10 May 2006)
  • On meeting the audience for Water (2005): “Even before the film was released, we knew it would be wrong to think that Water is only about widows in a holy city in India. And Canadian audiences knew that instantly. Some people have come out of the theater, telling us that Water made them think a lot about their own communities. A Greek woman told me, ‘I never realized it, but we did similar things to our widows.'” (10 May 2006)
  • On preparing for her role in Water (2005): “Deepa gave us all plenty to read about the state of widows, not only in the 1930s but also today. But I also knew I had to something more. I decided to go to India, and look at how the widows lived in rural areas. I even went to Varanasi. I went there pretending to be a tourist. I even had my camera! I went to the widows’ homes, went to temples, heard widows sing the Radha-Krishna bhajans, and watched them for hours. I followed their body language. I was adding (from the observations) what I had read about them and from the memory of widows in my own family.” (10 May 2006)
  • On how she got the role in Water (2005): “Deepa sent me the script about two years ago. It had cheesy title like River Moon, and I was told it would be shot without any publicity in Sri Lanka, and we were not to talk about it till it was completed. As I was reading it, I knew it was Water. There was no question of rejecting it. When I remembered what had happened to Deepa in India, I became even more determined to be in the film.” (10 May 2006)
  • “In the past, whenever I have seen myself on screen, I have felt uncomfortable so often, wondering why I reacted in a particular way in one scene, or why I didn’t react in a particular way in another. But nothing of that sort happened when I saw it at the premiere. Of course, Deepa had made sure all of us did our work very well.” (5-10-2006)
  • I do feel that I’m equally at ease in Paris as I am in a village in India as I am in a café in Montreal or on Queen Street in Toronto. I like that. It work for my acting process as well.
  • I have no home. I’m kind of placed in London, but Paris is where my boyfriend is. My parents are in Toronto and I work in New York and India a lot. That makes me a bit of a chameleon, and frankly, I like that.
  • India is such a strong movie-going culture. Watching a film in a cinema there is radically different from watching one anywhere else. And that, in turn, has informed the way films are made there. That’s probably why the films are so incredibly long – it’s not just about watching the film. The entire family socializes while watching the movie. (…) That’s why the acting has to be so loud.
  • When ever I’m stressed I love getting away and going home to Toronto.
  • I believe in destiny.
  • The story of my so-called affair with Sanjay Dutt came as a shock to me. I couldn’t handle it, so I ran away to Canada.


  • Starred in the shelved movie Jungle: This was to be Sanjay’s debut film as producer, directed by Rahul Rawail and with Lisa Ray (replaced by Tisca Chopra) in the female lead. But the project didn’t promise to fulfill Sanjay’s expectations so in 1991, he cancelled it.One of the reasons’s were Lisa Ray unable to learn any Hindi.
  • Signed for the film Raaz but opted out.
  • Lisa Ray was signed for the film Dus,but later replaced by Karishma Kapoor. Lisa’s inability to speak Hindi was causing a problem. Karishma Kapoor later exited the film and Shilpa Shetty was signed.
  • Was engaged to model Vishesh Uppal in 1993.
  • Based in Toronto and Los Angeles [March 2008]
  • Was diagnosed with multiple myeloma on June 23rd, 2009.
  • Was strongly considered for the Bond Girl role of Camille in ‘Quantam of Solace’.
  • Features in Canadian edition of Hello magazine as one of the ’50 Most Beautiful People’ of the country, May 2009.
  • Declared ‘one of the most beautiful women on film’ by Ebert and Roeper in a 2007 review of ‘Water’.
  • Trained for 5 months in mime in London.
  • Cut off her waist length hair for her role in ‘Water’. It was done while filming a scene.
  • Lived in London for three years while attending drama school.
  • Named one of the top-10 most beautiful Indian women of the millennium by the Daily Times of India.
  • Is fluent in Hindi, although it is not her first language.
  • Is of Indian and Polish descent.
  • Voted Star of the Future at the 2002 Toronto Film Festival.


  • Her cat eyes


Title Year Status Character
Zahhak filming Liza Merchant
Veerappan 2016
Ishq Forever 2016 Naina
Patch Town 2011 Short Bethany Franks
Endgame 2011 TV Series Rosemary Venturi
Murdoch Mysteries 2011 TV Series Mirela
Krach 2010 Sarah
Let the Game Begin 2010 Eva Stout
Somnolence 2009
Psych 2009 TV Series Sita
Cooking with Stella 2009 Maya Chopra
Defendor 2009 Dominique Ball
Toronto Stories 2008 Beth
The Summit 2008 TV Mini-Series Rebecca Downy
I Can’t Think Straight 2008 Tala
Kill Kill Faster Faster 2008 Fleur
The World Unseen 2007 Miriam
All Hat 2007 Etta Parr
Blood Ties 2007 TV Series Elena
A Stone’s Throw 2006 Lia
Quarter Life Crisis 2006 Angel Matthews
The Flowerman 2006 Short Louise
Seeking Fear 2005 Nina Atwal
Water 2005/I Kalyani
Ball & Chain 2004 Saima
Bollywood/Hollywood 2002 Sue (Sunita) Singh
Takkari Donga 2002 Bhuvana
Choron Ka Chor 2002
Kasoor 2001 Simran Bhargav
Jalwa 1998 Short
City of Dreams 1997 TV Movie
Nethaji 1996 Priya
Aafreen Aafreen 1996 Short
Hanste Khelte 1994 Girl in song
Title Year Status Character
You Can Thrive! 2015 TV Series Herself
Top Chef Canada 2012-2014 TV Series Herself – Host
A Day Without Cancer 2013 Documentary Herself
The Real Housewives of Vancouver 2013 TV Series Herself
The Hour 2012 TV Series Herself
The Marilyn Denis Show 2011 TV Series Herself
1 a Minute 2010 Documentary Actress / Cancer Survivor
Great Canadian Books 2010 TV Series documentary Herself
The Standard 2005 TV Series Bollywood Actress
Archive Footage
Title Year Status Character
Weird Sex and Snowshoes: A Trek Through the Canadian Cinematic Psyche 2004 TV Movie documentary Sue (Sunita) Singh


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Lisa Ray Lisa Ray
Lisa Ray Lisa Ray
Lisa Ray Lisa Ray
Lisa Ray Lisa Ray