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We sure love our actresses. Mary-Louise Parker is no exception. As an Film actress from Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina, United States. Born on August 2, 1964 into the family of John Parker, Caroline Louise Morelli Parker unknown, this United States of America woman is famous for her many roles on large and small movies as well as TV. Standing at 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m), Mary-Louise Parker studied and graduated from International School Bangkok, University of North Carolina School of the Arts. The actress’ family is comprised of her spouse unknown, kids William Atticus Crudup, Caroline Aberash Parker. As most of famous actresses, Mary-Louise Parker has amassed a large net worth with a lot of money under her name. Successful box office hits and terrific performances on the small and large screen have earned this woman tons of accolades and recognition across the board. So, what about numbers? Her net worth is calculated to be $12 Million.

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Mary-Louise Parker was a regular military brat – her father, John Morgan Parker, was a judge with the US Army at the time of her birth. Parker spent much of her youth travelling around the world as the family moved in accordance with her father’s postings, and she has spent time variously in Germany, France, Thailand and several states of the US. Acting appears to have been Mary-Louise Parker’s passion since at least her high school years, and the future professional actress went on to study drama in the North Carolina School of the Arts graduating in 1986. Parker’s first roles were theatre and opera productions, and the 1990 Broadway play “Prelude to a Kiss” – written and directed by Craig Lucas – is widely considered Mary-Louise’s breakout performance.

Having toured the US together with the “Prelude to a Kiss” cast, Mary-Louise Parker broke through on the big screen in 1995 with the film version of another of Lucas’s productions, “Reckless”, in which Parker performed alongside fellow lead actress Mia Farrow. Parker’s film debut, while relatively low-profile, paved the way for her role in the successful 1996 “The Portrait of a Lady” – which boasted a true celebrity cast including John Malkovich, Christian Bale and Barbara Hershey among others. Since then, Mary-Louise Parker has continued to appear in various cinema adaptations of plays, including possibly her most successful appearance in HBO’s hit miniseries, “Angels in America”, alongside Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and Patrick Wilson, and for which she won Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe awards for Best Supporting Actress. Another Golden Globe for Parker’s performance in the comedy-drama series “Weeds” as the central character, Nancy Botwin, followed in 2006.

A versatile and talented actress, Mary-Louise has worked alongside such fellow celebrities as Nicole Kidman, Viggo Mortensen, Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis throughout her career, and her ability to hold her own and stand out even alongside such giants of acting is ample proof of Parker’s ability as an actress, and of the fact that her impressive net worth is well-deserved. She has appeared in over 30 films, and more than 20 TV productions.

Most recently, Parker has appeared in the 2013 action comedy “RED 2”, which sees Parker in a lead role alongside Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and in an off-Broadway play by Simon Stephens, “Heisenberg”, produced  by the Manhattan Theatre Club in 2015.

In her personal life, Mary-Louise lived with actor Billy Crudup(1997-2003) with whom she has a son, and despite a subsequent engagement to fellow actor and “Weeds” co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan,  Parker remains single. Since 2013, the actress has been involved with the foundation “Hope North”, devoted to helping the victims of the civil war in Uganda, as well as a number of other charitable causes.

Structural info

  • Full Name: Mary-Louise Parker
  • Net Worth: $12 Million
  • Date Of Birth: August 2, 1964
  • Place Of Birth: Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina, United States
  • Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
  • Profession: Film actress
  • Education: International School Bangkok, University of North Carolina School of the Arts
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Children: William Atticus Crudup, Caroline Aberash Parker
  • Parents: John Parker, Caroline Louise Morelli Parker
  • Nicknames: Mary Louise Parker , Moore and Parker
  • Facebook:
  • MySpace:
  • IMDB:
  • Awards: Theatre World Awards (19900, Tony Award for Best Actress (2001), Primetime Emmy (2004), Golden Globe awards for Best Supporting Actress (2004, 2006), Drama Desk Awards for Outstanding Actress in a Play, Satellite Awards for Best Actress in Television Series Musical or Comedy
  • Nominations: Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a…
  • Movies: “The Portrait of a Lady” (1996), “Reckless” (1995), “Prelude to a Kiss” (1990)
  • TV Shows: “RED 2” (2013), “Heisenberg” (2015), “Weeds” (2006), “Angels in America” (2003)


  • I never know why people come up to me. I think a lot of them just get super-excited because they recognize me from TV but they don’t remember where.
  • I’m not comfortable with getting a job by being at the right Hollywood party; I’m not a terribly sociable creature.
  • In college, my teachers were usually after me for going after comedy too much, leaning too much in that direction.
  • Look, I don’t care if anyone likes me when it comes to my work. But I can be massively insecure in other parts of my life.
  • I never feel more useful than when I’m making my kids a bowl of soup.
  • I just want to make lunches and organize my kids’ playroom.
  • I don’t put myself out there, so people aren’t necessarily familiar with me or my face.
  • I have a child and I don’t want to be at work all the time when he’s small. I want to spend time with him.
  • I have to say, I haven’t really worked with that many people in my career that I haven’t liked, which I think is really rare.
  • I don’t often see the movies I’m in; I’m usually disappointed in myself and it only serves to make me self-conscious.
  • My mother is a beauty.
  • I do love my avocados, which are great for the skin. I eat pretty healthfully.
  • I like A&E. I like those corny intimate-portrait things. They’re so kind of ingenious and artificial and soothing.
  • I don’t get tired of hearing that somebody liked my work.
  • I don’t live in Los Angeles and I don’t do a lot of superfluous press.
  • I feel like movies, if there’s any kind of budget whatsoever, there’s so much sitting, and I really like to work. Otherwise my blood sugar just drops, you know, six hours sitting in a camper.
  • My parents have been together for 65 years. They’re both really stubborn. They’re not quitters.
  • I enjoy cooking and baking. Alicia Silverstone’s vegan cookbook is awesome.
  • I don’t think you necessarily have to be part of a traditional nuclear family to be a good mother.
  • I like to pretend that I’m a tough guy. It’s kind of an admission of defeat if I have to ask for help – or even kindness. But if it doesn’t come, at some point I snap and demand it.
  • Words are really powerful. I don’t believe that axiom at all – words can absolutely hurt you. Words can wound. They can do a lot of damage. I think they can do way more damage than sticks and stones. I’ll take sticks and stones.
  • Mediocrity is underrated.
  • It’s good to feel stupid sometimes and do things that are out of your comfort zone.
  • People have a problem with me being different, but that propels me forward in life.
  • I certainly was never the pretty girl at school, but I can go to a lot of different places with this face.
  • My favorite scene in all of movies is Gregory Peck in ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’: You see him where he’s on the porch, and his face is almost completely obscured. I don’t want to see his face.
  • My sister’s fish tacos are out of control. I’d give her a restaurant if I were a gazillionaire.
  • My way to combat anything is just to walk straight into it with my fists up.
  • The theater is who I am – it’s where I feel the most inspired, the most at home, the most useful.
  • I don’t really ever think about whether or not I like the characters I’m playing. I’m more into the minutiae of their behaviour or what they’re doing in a certain scene.
  • [on Demián Bichir in Weeds (2005)] I might use a word that sounds pretentious, but his performance was almost holy. It was beyond being just about depth. He made the film into a Greek tragedy. And he is one of the few actors I know who could make that part humane. He is pretty delicious.


  • Has starred in three movies with the word “Red” in the title. Such movies are Red Dragon (2002), RED (2010), and RED 2 (2013).
  • Has had a long-time close friendship with Counting Crows front man, Adam Duritz. Their birthdays are a day apart; he was born on August 1, 1964, she on August 2, 1964.
  • Graduated high school from North Carolina School of the Arts with a concentration in acting along with Dane DeHaan, Hannah Telle, and Anthony Mackie.
  • Her favorite movie growing up was Meet Me in St. Louis (1944).
  • Was author Stephenie Meyer’s original choice for the role of “Esme Cullen” in the film adaptation of her novel, Twilight (2008).
  • Hated school.
  • Loves Corona beer. Loves to listen to albums by Willie Nelson, Frank Sinatra, Chet Baker and Tom Waits.
  • Good friend of Shelby Lynne.
  • At age 43, she adopted her second child, a baby girl from Africa, named Ash. This is apparently a shortened version of her birth name, Aberash. The girl’s full name is Caroline Aberash Parker.
  • [April 8, 2008] Broke up with her Weeds (2005) co-star, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Later reconciled and became engaged and then broke engagement.
  • Considered for the role of Susan Mayer in Desperate Housewives (2004).
  • Turned down the opportunity to replace Shannen Doherty on Charmed (1998).
  • For the film The Best Thief in the World (2004), originally Eric Stoltz was offered the role of her husband, but Mary-Louise Parker wanted someone older so asked the producers to hire the actor David Warshofsky. The film never received a theatrical release.
  • Nominated for the 2005 Tony Award for “Reckless” (Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play).
  • Won Broadway’s 2001 Tony Award as Best Actress (Play) for “Proof.” She had previously received a Tony nomination in the same category in 1990 for “Prelude to a Kiss.”
  • Son, William Atticus, born 7 January 2004.
  • Split with actor Billy Crudup in November of 2003, after seven years. She was seven months pregnant with his child at the time.
  • Graduated from the prestigious North Carolina School of Arts.
  • The Counting Crows song “Butterfly in Reverse” was written for her.
  • Performed in “Proof,” which first opened at Manhattan Theatre Club, then moving to Broadway. She won the Tony award for Best Actress in a Play for this in 2001.
  • Mary-Louise’s maternal grandfather was the son of Swedish immigrants. Mary-Louise’s other ancestry includes English, Scottish, Scotch-Irish, German, and Dutch.
  • Her critically acclaimed role as a jaded London prostitute named Poopay in “Communicating Doors” played in New York City at the Variety Arts Theatre on Third Avenue, 1998.
  • Listed as one of twelve “Promising New Actors of 1990” in John Willis’ Screen World, Vol. 42.


  • Often plays loud, talkative women


Title Year Status Character
Red Sparrow 2018 post-production Stephanie Boucher
Mr. Mercedes 2017 TV Series pre-production Janey Patterson
Les passages pre-production Katharine
Billions 2017 TV Series George Minchak
When We Rise 2017 TV Mini-Series Roma Guy
Golden Exits 2017 Gwendolyn
Chronically Metropolitan 2016 Annabel
The Blacklist 2014 TV Series Naomi Hyland
Behaving Badly 2014 Lucy Stevens / Saint Lola
Feed Me 2014 TV Series Emma
Jamesy Boy 2014 Tracy
Christmas in Conway 2013 TV Movie Suzy Mayor
RED 2 2013 Sarah
R.I.P.D. 2013 Proctor
Weeds 2005-2012 TV Series Nancy Botwin
RED 2010 Sarah Ross
Howl 2010 Gail Potter
Solitary Man 2009 Jordon Karsch
The Spiderwick Chronicles 2008 Helen Grace
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford 2007 Zee James
The Robber Bride 2007 TV Movie Zenia Arden
The West Wing 2001-2006 TV Series Amy Gardner
Romance & Cigarettes 2005 Constance
Vinegar Hill 2005 TV Movie Ellen Grier
Miracle Run 2004 TV Movie Corrine Morgan-Thomas
Saved! 2004 Lillian
The Best Thief in the World 2004 Sue Zaidman
Angels in America 2003 TV Mini-Series Harper Pitt
Master Spy: The Robert Hanssen Story 2002 TV Movie Bonnie Hanssen
Red Dragon 2002 Molly Graham
The Quality of Mercy 2002 Short Sarah Richardson
Pipe Dream 2002 Toni Edelman
Cupid & Cate 2000 TV Movie Cate DeAngelo
The Five Senses 1999 Rona
The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn 1999 TV Movie Dr. Valerie Crane
Let the Devil Wear Black 1999 Julia Hirsch
Saint Maybe 1998 TV Movie Lucy Dean Bedloe
Legalese 1998 TV Movie Rica Martin
Goodbye Lover 1998 Peggy Blane
The Maker 1997 Officer Emily Peck
Murder in Mind 1997 Caroline Walker (as Mary Louise Parker)
The Portrait of a Lady 1996 Henrietta Stackpole
Sugartime 1995 TV Movie Phyllis McGuire
Reckless 1995 Pooty
Boys on the Side 1995 Robin
Bullets Over Broadway 1994 Ellen
The Client 1994 Dianne Sway
A Place for Annie 1994 TV Movie Linda
Naked in New York 1993 Joanne White
Mr. Wonderful 1993 Rita
Fried Green Tomatoes 1991 Ruth Jamison
Grand Canyon 1991 Dee
Longtime Companion 1989 Lisa
Signs of Life 1989 Charlotte (as Mary Louise Parker)
Too Young the Hero 1988 TV Movie Pearl Spencer
Ryan’s Hope 1975 TV Series
Title Year Status Character
Romance & Cigarettes 2005 performer: “I Want Candy”
Title Year Status Character
Romance & Cigarettes 2005 choreographer: Red Headed Woman – as Moore and Parker
Title Year Status Character
Long Term Delivery 2017 Short very special thanks post-production
Sing Me the Songs That Say I Love You: A Concert for Kate McGarrigle 2012 Documentary special thanks: funding
Dedication 2007 thanks – as Mary Louise Parker
Pieces of April 2003 special thanks
Wet Hot American Summer 2001 thanks – as Mary-Louise Parker
Lisa Picard Is Famous 2000 special thanks – as Mary-Louise Parker
Jesus’ Son 1999 special thanks – as Mary Louise Parker
Title Year Status Character
Charlie Rose 2001-2004 TV Series Herself – Guest
The 56th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards 2004 TV Special Herself – Winner: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Meryl Streep 2004 TV Special Herself
The 61st Annual Golden Globe Awards 2004 TV Special Herself – Winner: Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
9th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards 2003 TV Special Herself
The Making of ‘Red Dragon’ 2003 TV Short documentary Herself
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Working in the Theatre 1991-2000 TV Series documentary Herself
‘Fried Green Tomatoes’: The Moments of Discovery 1998 Video documentary Herself
Maury 1996 TV Series Herself
Late Night with Conan O’Brien 1995 TV Series Herself – Guest
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The Making of ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ 1991 Documentary short Ruth Jamison
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The Best Place to Be 2017 TV Series Herself
Good Morning America 2017 TV Series Herself
Live with Kelly and Ryan 2009-2017 TV Series Herself – Guest / Herself
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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 2016 TV Series Herself
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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2011 TV Series Herself – Guest
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The 59th Primetime Emmy Awards 2007 TV Special Herself – Co-Presenter: Outstanding Made for Television Movie and Nominated: Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
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Archive Footage
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Extra 2015 TV Series Herself
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Movie Guide 2013 TV Series Proctor / Sarah Ross
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Premio Donostia a Matt Dillon 2006 TV Special Rita (uncredited)
Smoke & Mirrors 2006 Video documentary short
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Wrestling with Angels: Playwright Tony Kushner 2006 Documentary Harper Pitt


Mary-Louise Parker Mary-Louise Parker
Mary-Louise Parker Mary-Louise Parker
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Mary-Louise Parker Mary-Louise Parker
Mary-Louise Parker Mary-Louise Parker