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We sure love our actresses. Phyllis Diller is no exception. As an Actress from Lima, Ohio, United States. Born on July 17, 1917 into the family of Perry Marcus Driver, Frances Ada Driver unknown, this American woman is famous for her many roles on large and small movies as well as TV. Standing at 1.54 m, Phyllis Diller studied and graduated from Bluffton University, Sherwood Music Conservatory, Lima Central Catholic High School. The actress’ family is comprised of her spouse Warde Donovan (m. 1965–1975), Sherwood Anderson Diller (m. 1939–1965), kids Suzanne Diller, Perry Diller, Stephanie Diller, Peter Diller, Sally Diller. As most of famous actresses, Phyllis Diller has amassed a large net worth with a lot of money under her name. Successful box office hits and terrific performances on the small and large screen have earned this woman tons of accolades and recognition across the board. So, what about numbers? Her net worth is calculated to be $15 Million.

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Phyllis was the only child of Perry Marcus Driver and his wife Frances Ada, of Irish and German ancestry, and was raised as Methodist, however, she declared herself as atheist along the way. She went to Central High School in Lima, where she discovered that she had a talent for humor, and nurtured outside school, amusing friends. After high school, she enrolled at Columbia College Chicago, where she studied piano, however she transferred to Bluffton College to study literature, psychology and history, but never graduated, as she married Sherwood Diller, and became a housewife and a mother, taking care of their five children.

It was in the 1950s that she got her first job, when she was hired as a broadcaster for KROW radio in Oakland, California, and was also a copywriter for KSFO radio in San Francisco. She didn’t make her first appearance as a stand-up comedian until the age 37, in a club called The Purple Onion, and soon reached star status, as she performed there for the next 89 weeks. From that point, her career went only upwards, and so did her net worth, until her death in 2012. Her first television appearance happened in the quiz show “You Bet Your Life”, and then she started appearing in comedy shows – including “Jack Parr Tonight Show”, “The Ed Sullivan Show” – which led to meeting and collaborating with Bob Hope. Her net worth was certainly rising.

She made her acting debut in the Oscar-awarded film “Splendor in the Grass” (1961), starring Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty, and then featured in “The Fat Spy” (1966), and the same year worked with Bob Hope on the film “Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!”. The two worked on several films along the way, including “Eight on the Lam” (1967) and “The Private Navy of Sgt. O’Farrell” (1968), among others, all of which increased her net worth. In 1966, Phyllis also got her own “The Phyllis Diller Show”, in which she posed as Phyllis Pruitt, but after 30 episodes it was canceled, and she finished the decade with a role in the film “The Adding Machine” (1969).

Throughout her career Phyllis made numerous appearances in TV shows, such as “The Hollywood Squares” (1967-1980), “The Merv Griffin Show” (1963-1980), “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” (1963-1985), and “Larry King Live” (2001-2005), among others, which only increased her net worth.

To get back to her acting career, during the `70s, Phyllis made several notable appearances, including in TV series and films such as “Love, American Style” (1969-1973), “Swing Out, Sweet Land” (1970) starring John Wayne and Ann-Margret, and “A Pleasure Doing Business” (1979), among others. Although focused on other things, even in the 1980s, Phyllis made a number of notable appearances, in such productions as “Pink Motel” (1982), “Jonathan Winters: On the Ledge” (1987), and “Doctor Hackenstein” (1988). She continued to act all through the 1990s, and until her death, appearing in such productions as “The Boneyard” (1991), “The Bold and the Beautiful” (1997-2012), “The Last Place on Earth” (2002), “West from North Goes South” (2004), “Forget About It” (2006), with Burt Reynolds, and “Everything`s Jake” (2006), among many others.

She also had a successful career as a voice actress, lending her voice to characters from such films and TV series as “Alice Through the Looking Glass” (1987), “The Nutcracker Prince” (1990), “Casper’s Scare School” (2006), “Family Guy” (2006-2007), and “Light of Olympia” (2008), all of which also increased her net worth.

Phyllis received several prestigious nominations and awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award in Comedy from the American Comedy Awards, and a Golden Globe nomination. Furthermore, she received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1975.

Regarding her personal life, Phyllis was married to Sherwood Diller from 1939 until 1965; the couple had six children, one of whom died in infancy, and two more before her. Her second husband was Warde Donovan; the couple married in 1965 and divorced in 1975. She also was in a relationship with Robert P. Hastings, from 1985 until his passing in 1996.

Phyllis died at the age 95, on 20th August 2012 from natural causes, although since her 80th birthday her health had begun to decline, which led to a pacemaker and partial paralysis, but she held through for several more years, still making people laugh. She left the world as one of the greatest stand-up comedians, paving the way for future stars such as Joan Rivers, Ellen DeGeneres, Roseanne Barr and many many others.

Structural info

  • Full Name: Phyllis Diller
  • Net Worth: $15 Million
  • Date Of Birth: July 17, 1917
  • Died: August 20, 2012, Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Place Of Birth: Lima, Ohio, United States
  • Height: 1.54 m
  • Profession: Actress
  • Education: Bluffton University, Sherwood Music Conservatory, Lima Central Catholic High School
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Warde Donovan (m. 1965–1975), Sherwood Anderson Diller (m. 1939–1965)
  • Children: Suzanne Diller, Perry Diller, Stephanie Diller, Peter Diller, Sally Diller
  • Parents: Perry Marcus Driver, Frances Ada Driver
  • IMDB:
  • Allmusic:
  • Awards: American Comedy Awards (1992), Golden Apple Awards (1966), Governor’s Award (2004, San Diego Film Festival), Women in Film Lucy Awards (2000)
  • Nominations: Golden Globe Award – Best TV Star – Female (1967), Daytime Emmy Awards (1998), Golden Laurel Award(1967), Star on the Walk of Fame (1975)
  • Movies: “The Pruitts of Southampton” (1966), “Doctor Hackenstein” (1988), “Eight on the Lam” (1967), “The Private Navy of Sgt. O’Farrell” (1968)
  • TV Shows: “Jack Parr Tonight Show”, “The Ed Sullivan Show”, “A Tribute to Bob Hope” (1997), “Love, American Style” (1969-1973), “The Hollywood Squares” (1967-1980), “The Merv Griffin Show” (1963-1980), “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” (1963-1985), “Larry King Live” (20…


  • My timing is so precise, a heckler would have to make an appointment just to get a word in.
  • You know you’re old when someone compliments you on your alligator shoes, and you’re barefoot.
  • I love to go to the doctor. Where else would a man look at me and say “Take off your clothes.”?
  • Homework can’t kill you, but why take the chance?
  • Most children threaten at times to run away from home. This is the only thing that keeps some parents going.
  • I realized on our first wedding anniversary that our marriage was in trouble. Fang gave me luggage. It was packed.
  • I never made “Who’s Who” but I’m featured in “What’s What?”.
  • I once wore a peekaboo blouse. People would peek and then they’d boo.
  • I still take the pill because I don’t want any more grandchildren.
  • I bury a lot of my ironing in the backyard.
  • “Fang” is permanent in my act, of course. Don’t confuse him with my real husbands. They are temporary.
  • My house used to be haunted, but the ghosts haven’t been back since the night I tried on all my wigs.
  • Aim high, and you won’t shoot your foot off.
  • Always be nice to your children because they are the ones who will choose your rest home.
  • It’s a good thing that beauty is only skin deep, or I’d be rotten to the core.
  • A stand-up comic is judged by every line. Singers get applause at the end of their song no matter how bad they are.


  • Per the 1940 census, Phyllis and her husband Sherwood Diller lived at 403 Cherry Street, Bluffton (Allen County), Ohio with Sherwood’s widowed mother, Maude Anderson Diller and Sherwood’s siblings, Jeanne K. and Milburn Diller. Phyllis went to college for four years. In 1935, Phyllis (who was single) lived in Lima, Allen County, Ohio. Her father was born in Virginia; mother born in Ohio.
  • Her longtime agent was Fred Westbrook.
  • Interviewed in “The Great Comedians Talk About Comedy” by Larry Wilde (1968).
  • She was cremated and her ashes were scattered into the Pacific Ocean.
  • She was awarded a Star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame on May 16, 1993.
  • She was awarded a Golden Palm Star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars on March 8, 2001.
  • She was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7001 Hollywood Blvd. on January 15, 1975.
  • Diller’s career was highlighted in “The Slapstick Queens”, by James Robert Parish, published by A. S. Barnes in 1973.
  • Often erroneously attributed as being the mother of Susan Lucci. Although their ages do not preclude this, they are not related.
  • A once highly serious student of the piano, she owned a prized custom-made harpsichord.
  • The cigarette with holder that she was famous for using in her stand-up routines in the 1960s and 1970s was only a prop for the act. She was a lifelong non-smoker.
  • Before Joan Rivers made it as a stand-up comic, she wrote jokes for Diller.
  • In the mid-1960s the trademark quirky dresses that she wore during performances were designed by Gloria Johnson of Omaha, Nebraska. Phyllis jokingly referred to Johnson as “Omar of Omaha”, as tent dresses were in vogue at the time.
  • She had six children with Sherwood Anderson Diller: Peter Diller (born in 1940), Sally Diller (born in 1944), Perry Diller (born in 1945, but only lived for two weeks in a neonatal incubator), Sue Diller (born in 1946), Stephanie Diller (born in 1948), and a second Perry Diller (born in 1950).
  • Had a large collection of Waterford Crystal which she has collected over a period of 50 years.
  • In her later years after several cosmetic procedures, she posed semi-nude for spicy pictures proposed to be in Playboy magazine, similar to those published of Joan Collins, to prove that women can still be sexy in their 50s and 60s. The photos were not published in the magazine, but one is included in her autobiography “Like a Lampshade in a Whorehouse”.
  • Retired from acting and stand-up routine in 2002 at age 84, due to ill health. Continued to lend her voice to animated characters in movies.
  • She worked as a copywriter before becoming a comedienne.
  • Biography in: “Who’s Who in Comedy” by Ronald L. Smith. Pg. 137-139. New York: Facts on File, 1992. ISBN 0816023387
  • In July 2003 she attended a Las Vegas function on invitation of Wayne Newton, to help celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Stardust Hotel and Casino.
  • Breakthrough came in March 1955, at age 37, with he debut at San Francisco’s Purple Onion club, and her career was launched with a subsequent appearance on Jack Paar’s show. Later she got a major boost from Bob Hope, who saw Diller in a Washington, D.C. club. She went on to appear in three of Hope’s movies and 23 of his television specials.
  • Had a ten-year affair with “the love of my life”, lawyer Robert Hastings, before his death on May 23, 1996.
  • She was a housewife in a San Francisco suburb with five children and an underemployed husband who eventually convinced her to make money with the talent she regularly displayed in PTA skits.
  • Described her comedy as “tragedy revisited”.
  • Nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame for her recorded version of The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction”.
  • Appeared as a piano soloist with 100 symphony orchestras across the US, including performances in Dallas, Denver, Annapolis, Houston, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Cincinnati.
  • Studied at Chicago’s Sherwood Music Conservatory for three years before eloping with Sherwood Anderson Diller in 1939.
  • Briefly served as honorary mayor in the affluent town of Brentwood, CA.
  • Has had numerous facelifts, a popular topic in her comedy routines.
  • Received the Women’s International Center (WIC) Living Legacy Award in 1990.
  • In 1999 she suffered a serious heart attack and had pacemaker implanted. Although not expected to live, she recovered well enough to return to the stage for a couple of years.


  • Her distinctive cackling laugh.
  • Mentioning her fictional husband “Fang” in her stand-up act.


Title Year Status Character
The Bold and the Beautiful 1997-2012 TV Series Gladys Pope
Family Dinner 2009 Video short Grandma Liz O’Connell (uncredited)
The Hipsters 2009
Light of Olympia 2008 Pelops (voice)
Casper’s Scare School 2006 TV Movie Aunt Spitzy (voice)
Forget About It 2006 Mrs. Hertzberg
Unbeatable Harold 2006 Mrs. Clancy
Everything’s Jake 2006 Victoria Pond
Robot Chicken 2005 TV Series Mrs. Claus / Mrs. Dorsey / Herself
Quintuplets 2005 TV Series Aunt Sylvia
The Powerpuff Girls 2004 TV Series Mask Scara
West from North Goes South 2004 The Cashier
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius 2002-2004 TV Series Granny Neutron
Grandma Neutron
Motocross Kids 2004 Louise
Life with Bonnie 2003 TV Series Phyllis Frost
7th Heaven 1999-2003 TV Series Gabrielle / Mabel
Even Stevens 2002 TV Series Coach Korns
The Drew Carey Show 2002 TV Series Bebe
Hip! Edgy! Quirky! 2002 Mrs. Higgenbothen
Titus 2001-2002 TV Series Grandma Titus
The Last Place on Earth 2002 Mrs. Baskin
Arli$$ 2001 TV Series Phyllis Diller
Hollywood Off-Ramp 2000 TV Series
The Nuttiest Nutcracker 1999 Video Sugar Plum Fairy (voice)
Hey Arnold! 1999 TV Series Mitzi
The Debtors 1999
The Wild Thornberrys 1999 TV Series Sam
Cow and Chicken 1999 TV Series Red’s Mom / Cop
King of the Hill 1999 TV Series Lillian
Emily of New Moon 1998-1999 TV Series Great Aunt Nancy Priest
A Bug’s Life 1998 Queen (voice)
Diagnosis Murder 1998 TV Series Phyllis Diller
Animaniacs 1998 TV Series Suzy Squirrel
Peoria Babylon 1997 Painting Owner
Blossom 1993-1994 TV Series Mrs. Peterson
Boy Meets World 1994 TV Series Madame Ouspenskaya
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle 1994 TV Series
The Silence of the Hams 1994 Old Secretary
The Perfect Man 1993 Mother
Dream On 1993 TV Series Mrs. Barish
Carol Leifer: Gaudy, Bawdy & Blue 1992 TV Movie Phyllis Diller
The Boneyard 1991 Miss Poopinplatz
Captain Planet and the Planeteers 1991 TV Series Dr. Jane Goodair
The Nutcracker Prince 1990 Mousequeen (voice)
Happily Ever After 1990 Mother Nature (voice)
227 1990 TV Series Louanne Costello
Pucker Up and Bark Like a Dog 1989 Mrs. Frasco
Doctor Hackenstein 1988 Mrs. Trilling
Night Heat 1988 TV Series Mrs. Malik
Full House 1988 TV Series Phyllis Diller
Alice Through the Looking Glass 1987 TV Movie The White Queen (voice)
Jonathan Winters: On the Ledge 1987 TV Movie Jonathan’s Mother
Glitter 1985 TV Series
Tales from the Darkside 1985 TV Series Nora Mills
The Jeffersons 1985 TV Series Phyllis Diller
As the World Turns 1984 TV Series Fairy Godmother
Pink Motel 1982 Margaret
The Love Boat 1979-1982 TV Series Martha Morse
Viola Penny
A Pleasure Doing Business 1979 Mrs. Wildebeest
CHiPs 1978 TV Series Wanda
Uncle Croc’s Block 1975 TV Series Witchy Goo-Goo
The Sunshine Boys 1975/I Perforfmer on Fictional TV Program (uncredited)
Love, American Style 1969-1973 TV Series Sally Walker (segment “Love and the Comedienne”) / Edna (segment “Love and the Vacation”) / Bella (segment “Love and the Heist”) / …
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home 1973 TV Series Detective Phyllis Dexter
Night Gallery 1971-1972 TV Series Photo on Desk-Sargent’s Wife / Pamela (segment “Pamela’s Voice”)
The Red Skelton Hour 1966-1971 TV Series Killer Diller
BoBo Van Beacon
Greta Gargoyle
Swing Out, Sweet Land 1970 TV Movie Belva A. Lockwood
The Good Guys 1969 TV Series Lilli Resphighi
Get Smart 1969 TV Series Maxwell Smart
The Adding Machine 1969 Mrs. Zero
That’s Life 1969 TV Series
Did You Hear the One About the Traveling Saleslady? 1968 Agatha Knabenshu
The Private Navy of Sgt. O’Farrell 1968 Nurse Nellie Krause
The Phyllis Diller Show 1966-1967 TV Series Phyllis Pruitt
Eight on the Lam 1967 Golda
Mad Monster Party? 1967 The Monster’s Mate (voice)
Batman 1966 TV Series Scrubwoman
Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! 1966 Lily
The Fat Spy 1966 Camille Salamander
Splendor in the Grass 1961 Texas Guinan
Title Year Status Character
Cybill 1996 TV Series performer – 1 episode
Happily Ever After 1990 performer: “Mother Nature’s Song”
The Muppet Show 1976 TV Series performer – 1 episode
Mad Monster Party? 1967 performer: “You’re Different”
The Dean Martin Show 1966 TV Series performer – 1 episode
Make Up Department
Title Year Status Character
The Still Life 2006 wig maker
Title Year Status Character
Family Guy 2012 TV Series in memory of – 1 episode
The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards 2012 TV Special in memory of
The Still Life 2006 special thanks
Madman Muntz: American Maverick 2005 Documentary special thanks
Entertaining the Troops: Bob Hope & the USO 2002 Video documentary short special thanks
The Bunny Years 1999 TV Movie documentary special thanks
Peoria Babylon 1997 the director and producer would like to especially thank – as Phyliss Diller
Invasion U.S.A. 1985 special thanks
Title Year Status Character
Super Password 1988-1989 TV Series Herself – Celebrity Contestant
Family Feud 1989 TV Series Herself
Reading Rainbow 1989 TV Series Herself
The 2nd Annual American Comedy Awards 1988 TV Special Herself – Presenter
Happy Birthday, Bob: 50 Stars Salute Your 50 Years with NBC 1988 TV Special Herself
America’s Tribute to Bob Hope 1988 TV Movie documentary Herself
Blackout 1988 TV Series Herself
Bob Hope’s USO Christmas from the Persian Gulf: Around the World in Eight Days 1988 TV Special Herself
The 32th Annual Thalians Ball 1987 TV Movie Herself
The Wil Shriner Show 1987 TV Series Herself
Bob Hopes High-Flying Birthday Extravaganza 1987 TV Movie Herself
Hungry for Your Love 1987 Short Herself
How to Have a Moneymaking Garage Sale 1987 Video short Herself
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 1986 TV Special Herself
All-Star Tribute to General Jimmy Doolittle 1986 TV Movie Herself
Bob Hope’s High-Flying Birthday 1986 TV Movie Herself
The Bob Monkhouse Show 1986 TV Series Herself
All-Star Party for ‘Dutch’ Reagan 1985 TV Special Herself
Circus of the Stars #10 1985 TV Special documentary Herself
Body Language 1984-1985 TV Series Herself
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 1963-1985 TV Series Herself – Guest / Herself / Herself – Guest Host
Bob Hope Buys NBC? 1985 TV Special Herself
Bob Hope’s Happy Birthday Homecoming (London Royal Gala) 1985 TV Movie Herself – Performer
The Holywood Reporter Salutes Radie Harris 1985 TV Movie Herself
Bob Hope’s Unrehearsed Antics of the Stars 1984 Documentary Herself
Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour 1984 TV Series Herself – Panelist
Hot Potato 1984 TV Series Herself
Late Night with David Letterman 1984 TV Series Herself
The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Joan Collins 1984 TV Special Herself
Pete’s Place 1983 TV Series Herself (1983)
Circus of the Stars #8 1983 TV Special documentary Herself – Performer
Family Feud 1983 TV Series Herself
Breakaway 1983 TV Series Herself
George Burns Celebrates 80 Years in Show Business 1983 TV Movie Herself
Happy Birthday, Bob! 1983 TV Special Herself
The Merriest of the Merry: Bob Hope’s Christmas Show, A Bagful of Comedy 1982 TV Movie Herself
Tom Cottle: Up Close 1982 TV Series Herself
Tattletales 1982 TV Series Herself
Madame’s Place 1982 TV Series Herself
Women I Love: Beautiful But Funny 1982 TV Movie Herself
An Evening at the Improv 1982 TV Series Guest host
The Regis Philbin Show 1981 TV Series Herself
Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters 1981 TV Series Herself
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 1981 TV Movie Herself
The Alan Thicke Show 1980-1981 TV Series Herself
The Bob Hope Funny Valentine Special 1981 TV Special Herself
The Merv Griffin Show 1963-1980 TV Series Herself / Herself – Comedienne / Herself – Guest
Password Plus 1980 TV Series Herself – Celebrity Contestant
The Hollywood Squares 1967-1980 TV Series Herself – Panelist
The Mike Douglas Show 1963-1979 TV Series Herself – Comedienne / Herself – Co-Host / Herself / …
Dance Fever 1979 TV Series Herself
The Muppets Go Hollywood 1979 TV Special Herself (uncredited)
Dinah! 1974-1979 TV Series Herself
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All-Star Salute to Women’s Sports 1978 TV Movie Herself
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Leapin’ Lizards, It’s Liberace! 1978 TV Movie Herself
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On Location 1977 TV Series documentary Himself
Sha Na Na 1977 TV Series Herself
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The David Steinberg Show 1976 TV Series Herself
Parkinson 1976 TV Series Herself
Easy Does It… Starring Frankie Avalon 1976 TV Series Herself
Bob Hope’s Bicentennial Star Spangled Spectacular 1976 TV Movie Herself – Cameo
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Joys 1976 TV Special Herself
The Lion Roars Again 1975 Documentary short Herself
Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Valerie Harper 1975 TV Special Herself
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The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Telly Savalas 1974 TV Special Herself
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ABC Late Night 1974 TV Series Herself / Herself – Co-Host
American Music Awards 1974 TV Special Herself
The Dean Martin Show 1965-1974 TV Series Herself
The Shape of Things 1973 TV Special
The Bobby Darin Show 1973 TV Series Herself
Jack Paar Tonite 1973 TV Series Herself
Laugh-In 1968-1973 TV Series Herself – Guest Performer / Herself
Flip 1971-1973 TV Series Herself
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The Julie Andrews Hour 1972 TV Series Herself
The New Scooby-Doo Movies 1972 TV Series Herself
The Ken Berry ‘Wow’ Show 1972 TV Series Herself – Cameo
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Jerry Visits 1971 TV Series Herself
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The Joey Bishop Show 1967-1969 TV Series Herself
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Rowan & Martin at the Movies 1968 Documentary short Herself
Silent Treatment 1968 Documentary Herself
The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show 1968 TV Series Herself / Herself – Hostess
Jack Benny’s Bag 1968 TV Special Herself
The 40th Annual Academy Awards 1968 TV Special Herself – Audience Member
Showtime 1968 TV Series Herself
The Match Game 1964-1967 TV Series Herself – Team Captain
The Kraft Music Hall 1967 TV Series Herself – Host
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Dateline: Hollywood 1967 TV Series Herself
Gypsy 1967 TV Series Herself
The Andy Williams Show 1965-1967 TV Series Herself
P.D.Q. 1967 TV Series Herself
I’ve Got a Secret 1964-1967 TV Series Herself – Celebrity Guest / Herself – Panelist
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Hollywood Star Spangled Revue 1966 Short Herself
The 38th Annual Academy Awards 1966 TV Special Herself – Co-Presenter: Documentary Awards
The Bob Hope Vietnam Christmas Show 1966 TV Special documentary Herself
Jackie Gleason: American Scene Magazine 1965 TV Series Herself – Guest Comedienne
The Jack Paar Program 1962-1965 TV Series Herself / Herself – Guest
That Regis Philbin Show 1964 TV Series Herself
What’s This Song? 1964 TV Series Herself
What’s My Line? 1963-1964 TV Series Herself – Mystery Guest
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Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre 1964 TV Series Herself
The Jack Paar Tonight Show 1958-1962 TV Series Herself
The Tonight Show 1962 TV Series Herself – Comedienne
You Bet Your Life 1958 TV Series Herself – Nightclub Performer
Pioneers of Television 2008-2014 TV Mini-Series documentary Herself
Garage Sale Documentary 2013 Documentary Phyllis Diller (voice)
Sunset Strip 2012 Documentary Herself
Carol Channing: Larger Than Life 2012 Documentary Herself
Celebrity Ghost Stories 2011 TV Series documentary Herself
Roseanne’s Nuts 2011 TV Series Herself
Looking for Lenny 2011 Documentary Herself
Lifestyle Magazine 2011 TV Series documentary Herself
When the World Breaks 2010 Documentary Herself
I Am Comic 2010 Documentary Herself
How to Live Forever 2009 Documentary Herself
Found Footage Festival Volume 4: Live in Tucson 2009 Herself
Make ‘Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America 2009 TV Series documentary Herself – Comedian / Herself
The 6th Annual TV Land Awards 2008 TV Special Herself (uncredited)
Whatever Happened To? 2008 TV Series Herself
Celebrity Art Show 2008 Documentary Artist
American Masters 2007 TV Series documentary Herself
Jury Duty 2007 TV Series Herself (2007)
Living the Still Life 2007 Video documentary short Herself
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2007 TV Series Herself
Boston Legal 2007 TV Series Herself
The View 2005-2007 TV Series Herself – Guest / Herself
The Megan Mullally Show 2006 TV Series Herself
Encore with John Palmer 2006 TV Series Herself
Jimmy Kimmel Live! 2006 TV Series Herself
TV Land’s Top Ten 2005-2006 TV Series documentary Herself
I’ve Got a Secret 2006 TV Series Herself
Robot Chicken 2006 TV Series Herself / Mrs. Claus / Hooker
Who Killed the Electric Car? 2006 Documentary Herself
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Dawn French’s Girls Who Do: Comedy 2006 TV Series documentary Herself
Knock Knock with Fred Willard 2006 Short Herself
Dennis Miller 2005 TV Series Herself
Madman Muntz: American Maverick 2005 Documentary Herself
Larry King Live 2001-2005 TV Series Herself
The Aristocrats 2005 Documentary Herself
Goodnight, We Love You 2004 Documentary Herself
Last Comic Standing 2003-2004 TV Series Herself / Herself – Celebrity Talent Scout
Hollywood Squares 2002-2004 TV Series Herself – Panelist
100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time 2004 TV Mini-Series Herself – Panelist / #35
The Wayne Brady Show 2004 TV Series Herself
The Real Roseanne Show 2003 TV Series documentary Herself
101 Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment 2003 TV Movie documentary Herself
Street Smarts 2003 TV Series Herself – Contestant
E! True Hollywood Story 2000-2003 TV Series documentary Herself
100 Years of Hope and Humor 2003 TV Special Herself
Bitter Jester 2003 Documentary Herself
Star Dates 2003 TV Series Herself
Bob Hope at 100 2003 TV Movie documentary Herself
Entertaining the Troops: Bob Hope & the USO 2002 Video documentary short Herself – Co-Star and Friend
Art of Darkness: A Night Gallery Retrospective 2002 TV Short documentary Herself
The 1st 13th Annual Fancy Anvil Award Show Program Special… Live!… in Stereo 2002 TV Special Herself
E! Mysteries & Scandals 2001 TV Series documentary Herself
The Test 2001 TV Series Herself – Panelist
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Barbra Streisand 2001 TV Special documentary Herself
Kiss My Act 2001 TV Movie Herself
Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon 2000 TV Series Herself
Pajama Party 2000 TV Series Herself / Herself – Guest Cameo
Let Me In, I Hear Laughter 2000 Documentary Herself
The 20th Century: Yesterday’s Tomorrows 1999 TV Movie documentary Herself
MADtv 1998 TV Series Herself – Host
Heroes of Comedy 1998 TV Series documentary Herself
Biography 1995-1998 TV Series documentary Herself
The Annual Museum of Television and Radio Gala 1997 TV Movie Herself
A Tribute to Bob Hope 1997 TV Movie Herself – Host
The Rosie O’Donnell Show 1996 TV Series Herself
The Daily Show 1996 TV Series Herself
Cybill 1996 TV Series Herself
Academy of Television Arts and Sciences 50th Anniversary Celebration Tribute to Bob Hope 1996 Video documentary Herself
You Don’t Know Jack: Volume 2 1996 Video Game Herself – Celebrity Guest Appearance (voice)
Bob Hope’s Young Comedians 1995 TV Special Herself – Host
Circus of the Stars Goes to Disneyland 1994 TV Special Herself
Bob Hope’s Birthday Memories 1994 TV Movie documentary Herself
Blossom 1994 TV Series Herself
Vicki! 1992-1994 TV Series Herself
Hollywood Women 1993 TV Mini-Series documentary Herself
Bob Hope: The First 90 Years 1993 TV Movie documentary Herself
Bob Hope Presents the Ladies of Laughter 1992 TV Special Herself
Wisecracks 1992 Documentary Herself
The 6th Annual American Comedy Awards 1992 TV Special Herself
Bob Hope and Other Young Comedians: The World Laughs, Young and Old 1992 TV Special Herself
The Chuck Woolery Show 1991 TV Series Herself
One on One with John Tesh 1991 TV Series Herself
Live with Kelly and Michael 1989-1990 TV Series Herself
The Horror Hall of Fame 1990 TV Movie documentary Herself
Ole! It’s Bob Hope’s Spring Fling of Comedy and Music from Acapulco 1990 TV Special Herself
The Home Show 1990 TV Series Herself
Hope News Network 1989 TV Movie Herself
A Yabba-Dabba-Doo Celebration!: 50 Years of Hanna-Barbera 1989 TV Movie documentary Herself
The New Hollywood Squares 1987-1989 TV Series Herself – Panelist / Herself – Center Square / Herself – Guest
The Pat Sajak Show 1989 TV Series Herself
The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour 1989 TV Series Herself
Archive Footage
Title Year Status Character
The Bold and the Beautiful 2007-2013 TV Series Gladys Pope
19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards 2013 TV Special Herself – In Memoriam
American Masters 2012 TV Series documentary Herself
How Playboy Changed the World 2012 TV Movie documentary Herself
My Favourite Joke 2011 TV Series Herself
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work 2010 Documentary Herself
VH1 News Presents: Plastic Surgery Obsession 2010 TV Movie documentary Herself
Playboy: The Party Continues 2000 TV Movie documentary Herself
Emily of New Moon 2000 TV Series Great Aunt Nancy Priest
The Best of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts 1998 TV Movie documentary Herself
Classic Stand-Up Comedy of Television 1996 TV Special documentary Herself
50 Years of Funny Females 1995 TV Movie documentary Herself
Ed Sullivan All-Star Comedy Special 1995 TV Movie documentary Herself
The Best of the Don Lane Show 1994 TV Movie Herself
Bob Hope’s Bag Full of Christmas Memories 1993 TV Special Herself
The Very Best of the Ed Sullivan Show 2 1991 TV Special Herself
We Can Keep You Forever 1988 TV Movie documentary Herself (uncredited)
The Great Standups 1984 TV Movie documentary Herself
TV’s Funniest Game Show Moments 1984 TV Special Herself
Texaco Star Theatre Presents Bob Hope in ‘Who Makes the World Laugh?’ 1983 TV Movie Himself
Texaco Presents: A Quarter Century of Bob Hope on Television 1975 TV Special Herself
The Dick Cavett Show 1971 TV Series Herself
The Hollywood Palace 1970 TV Series Herself
The Movie Orgy 1968 Documentary uncredited


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Phyllis Diller Phyllis Diller
Phyllis Diller Phyllis Diller
Phyllis Diller Phyllis Diller
Phyllis Diller Phyllis Diller