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What is the estimated net worth of the actress unknown? She is a person both men and women like and cherish. It is people like she who make us look up to Hollywood and other movie stars. We will talk about her net worth, but first, a little bit more about the actress herself. She is an Chinese, Hong Kong born in Wuhu, China on the March 12, 1976. Finding her talents at quite a young age, she studied and later graduated from Beijing Film Academy. Over a period of time she was selected to appear in many movies and TV shows. Popular in her home country and across the globe, unknown stands at 5 ft 5 in (1.66 m). Huang You Long (m. 2008) and April Huang make up her family. Since we know that Hollywood actors earn six, seven or even eight figure sums, unknown is no exception, having an estimated net worth of $1 Billion.

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Structural info

  • Net Worth: $1 Billion
  • Date Of Birth: March 12, 1976
  • Place Of Birth: Wuhu, China
  • Height: 5 ft 5 in (1.66 m)
  • Profession: Actress
  • Education: Beijing Film Academy
  • Nationality: Chinese, Hong Kong
  • Spouse: Huang You Long (m. 2008)
  • Children: April Huang
  • Parents: Wei Qiying, Zhao Jiahai
  • Siblings: Wei Ying-chung, Wei Ying-jiao, Wei Yin-heng, Wei Chin-ni, Wei Chuan-chuan, Zhao Jian
  • Nicknames: 趙薇 , 赵薇 , Zhao, Vicki , xiaowei , Mei Chiu , Vicki Zhao , Vicki , Xiao Wei , Wei Zhao , Vicky Zhao
  • IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0955505/
  • Awards: Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress, Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress, Hundred Flowers Award for Best Director, Golden Rooster Award for Best Directorial Début, Golden Eagle Award for Best Actress, Golden Goblet Award for Best Actress, Shanghai Film Critics Award for Best Actress
  • Albums: Swallow, Angel’s Suitcase, The Last Separation, Double
  • Nominations: Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actress, Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress, Asian Film Award for Best Actress
  • Movies: Painted Skin: The Resurrection, So Young, Dearest, Shaolin Soccer, Mulan, So Close, Painted Skin, 14 Blades, Warriors of Heaven and Earth, The Longest Night in Shanghai, Goddess of Mercy, Hollywood Adventures, Red Cliff, A Time to Love, Chinese Odyssey 2002, Three, The Postmodern Life of My Aunt, My…
  • TV Shows: My Fair Princess, Romance in the Rain, Moment in Peking, Fast Track Love, Old House Has Joy, Thank You For Having Loved Me, Kangxi wei fu si fang ji, Sisters Rush to Beijing, Da mo fang, World Film Report, Princess Pearl II, An Epic of a Woman, Assassin Swordsman


  • I have absolutely no idea who fabricated this negative news, neither do I know what kind of mentality these people had when they decided to fabricate these things. Nonetheless, I have come to accept these things. Praise and blame always come hand in hand. You have to choose to cherish everything that you own. You have to be happy with what you own, and not stress over anything else.
  • I’m heavily influenced by my family. The degree that the entertainment circle’s impatient and impetuous is the degree that my family is at peace. I don’t need to deliberately show how special I am, my life is already unusual as it is. My family, especially my brother, have always encouraged me to experience the joys of ordinary life. No matter how others idolize you, in the end, you have to face life by yourself, that’s the reality.
  • In real life, I’m definitely not a feminist woman. usually, I’m somewhat straightforward, it’s because I don’t really have the nerve to be overly emotional. I’m a person who is very afraid of being sappy. But I’m very sappy toward my family, “Dad I love you, mom I love you!” Both my brother and I would say so when it comes to mind. Mom and dad has already grown accustomed to both my brother and me suddenly giving them a hug. Although sappy, the way we speak is very straightforward! When we say it in a straightforward fashion, it’s rather humorous, and quite funny.
  • I’m not a very complicated person, if I like it then I like it, if I don’t like it then I don’t, I feel gratified for this point of mine.
  • I believe that one’s potential is endless. I’d rather give up good acting offers for the opportunity to learn.
  • Acting is what I must learn and focus on. Other activities that come with acting are just optional modules, so I’d rather skip them all! I love acting, and acting is my occupation.
  • Actually, I’m never used to the entertainment industry; I’m just acting like a veteran in this circle. With the exception of acting, I’ve never felt at ease, be it taking photos or attending parties and events. I only felt back to earth, when I am standing in front of the camera with the crew nearby, and the director shouts ‘Action’…
  • Frankly, I’ve never liked to chase for fame or success. Now, I find myself liking to keep a low profile even more, so yes, I do indeed feel that I’m not really suitable for the vibrant and flamboyant entertainment…However, I do want to prove that even someone who keeps a low profile, can still be famous!
  • Sometimes, there would be strangers who try to get friendly with me. My male classmates would then double up as bodyguards and protect me from such people. Other than that, I go through classes like any other people. Maybe it’s also because my class is a Masters class, and majority of the classmates are pretty well-known people…
  • I felt good after completing the entrance exam. Actually, if I set my heart to studying, I can get pretty good marks… Like the literature exam, where my result was higher than 70% of the entire student population in China. Pretty impressive, huh?
  • I have learned to look at things with an open heart. It doesn’t mean that I’ve seen through; just that there’s no need to raise a big ruckus over some issues. Life is like that; events will happen continuously to make life meaningful. Like in movies, endings with some tinge of regret are more fulfilling to the heart than happily-ever-afters. Hence, there’s no need to make myself angry over untrue or rude reports. I’d rather use the energy to do more meaningful things…
  • Everyday is a new start of a journey. Hence, there is no reason why you are not full of confidence and hope.
  • I really feel that optimism and openness are sweets that God gives to you. Even though one day you will finish eating them, but at least you’ll know what sweet tastes like.
  • I want to be a good actress. And I’m sure that I’m a good actress.
  • Life is made up of a large tragedy and many tiny moments of joy.
  • “I feel that artistic directors are very serious about their work, they have more experience, and their expectations will be very high. About receiving an award, I don’t dare to have extravagant hopes. I am an actress that has never received an award before, he is a director that often receives awards, and my only hope is that I won’t affect him.” – on working with artistic director Huo Jian in Qing Ren Jie (2005).
  • “Life is made up of a large tragedy and many tiny moments of joy. What I can do is slowly accumulate these tiny moments of joy, and use them to face tragedy.” – on the pressures placed on her being in the entertainment industry.
  • “Perhaps my most outstanding personal trait is my lack of outstanding personal traits. The characters I play have much more personality than I do. So maybe it’s easier for me to slip into the various characters. Also, the parts I play are all very different. So in that sense my absence of persona is an advantage. But maybe one day I’ll develop a strong personality and it’ll give me a whole new kind of career.” – taking a stab at defining herself.
  • “I’d gotten so used to it, doing TV shows, that I’d started to ignore it. But on Shaolin Soccer it was like the camera was a new boyfriend. I felt shy around it. I really wanted to show it my emotions, but I wasn’t sure if I was expressing my feelings correctly or not. It was like falling in love. And I still feel like I’m in that phase: falling in love with the camera. I still can’t treat it like a husband who’s been around for 10 years. If I start to feel that way. Then I’ll become a director!” – on interacting with the camera during filming.
  • “I like the bald alien look best, what about you?” – on her ugly image in Shaolin Soccer.
  • As an actress, it is vital for one to believe dreams are reality, because each film is a dream.
  • “It’s more important that I’m liked because of my work, I don’t care if people think I’m sexy or if they like or don’t like me in person. Like right now when I’m talking to you on a personal level, I’m not worried about what kind of impression I leave on you.” (when asked to weigh herself on the sexy stakes.)


  • Hengdian, Zhejiang province, China, filming “Painted Skin”. [January 2008]
  • Gansu province Filming Hong Kong production “14 Blades”. [July 2009]
  • Wuhu, Anhui Province, China – filming TV-series “An Epic of a Woman” [June 2008]
  • Gansu province, China. Filming battle-senses of picture “Mulan” in desert. [April 2009]
  • Shanghai Filming Japan film “The Longest Night in Shanghai”. [April 2006]
  • Shanghai,China Filming The Anti’s Postmodern Life which directed by Hong Kong famous female director Ann Hui(Woman Forty).And the leading actor is Chow Yun Fat. [December 2005]
  • Zhuhai, China Filming her new TV drama, directed by Hong Kong director Tat-Chi Yau. [August 2005]
  • Hebei province, China – filming live-action film “Mulan”, she play the title role “Hua Mulan”. [March 2009]
  • Hebei Province, China Filming John Woo’s epic movie “Red Cliff”. [August 2007]
  • Spokesperson for Kinohimitsu Collagen since 2010.
  • Spokesperson for Aussino since 2010.
  • Jury member of the 13th (2010) Shanghai International Film Festival main Competition Jury.
  • Spokeperson for Hosin Mobile since 2010.
  • Culture Ambassador of 2001 World University Games (Beijing).
  • Ambassador of 2007 World Special Olympic Games (Shanghai).
  • Her favorite actor is Marlon Brando.
  • Spokesperson of Homa Fridge since 2009.
  • Member of Beijing Film Association.
  • Former spokesperson for Shiseido during 2003-2004.
  • Spokesperson for Aqua cosmetic since 2009.
  • On August 6, 2009, Zhao Wei was elected the vice-president of Chinese Film Performance Art Academy.
  • Selected as China Mobile users’ “Favorite Actress in a Motion Picture of 2008”.
  • Won the 4th (2008) Top Chinese TV Drama Awards “Top 30 Most Infulence People of the 30 Years (1978-2008)”.
  • Won 2008 Sohu.com 10 Years Anniversary-Motion Picture Awards “Audience Favorite Actress of the Decade”.
  • Promoter of Red Cross Society of China since 2008.
  • Won 2007 Lycra Channel Young Fashion Awards “China Mainland Trendy Actress”.
  • Won 2007 MTV Style Awards “Most Stylish Mainland female singer”.
  • China’s Official Ambassador of the 7th (2009) China Flower Expo.
  • Won 2008 China Music Radio Awards Best Album and Best All-round Artist.
  • On May 29, 2008, was the First Torchbearer of Wuhu (No. 29 city) of the 29th Olympic Games, her hometown. After torch relay, she claimed that she donated 500,000 yuan to build school for Sichuan children.
  • Won 2008 Top Chinese Music Chart Awards Best Female Singer for “Angle’s Suitcase”.
  • Spokesperson of China Open since 2008.
  • Member of China Star Tennis Team since 2008.
  • Spokesperson for Marie France until 2008.
  • She is the first Mainland China actress to have a wax figure at Madame Tussauds Shanghai.
  • Ambassador of China Welfare Fun For The Handicapped since 2006.
  • Won 2005 Asian Pacific Music Awards Top Ten Golden Melody of the Year, and Nominated Best Female Singer, Favorite Female Singer, Best Album, Best Selling Record.
  • Won 2005 (the 5th) Top Chinese Music Chart Awards Favorite Mainland Female Singer, 2 Top Ten Golden Melody of the Year & Nominated Best Female Singer and Best Album for album “Afloat”. Nominated 2006 (the 6th) Top Chinese Music Chart Awards Best Female Singer and Best Album for “Double”.
  • Won 13th Channel [V] Chinese Music Awards Favorite Female Singer, Best Music Video, and Nomiated Best Female Singer for album “Double”.
  • Won 1999 Hong Kong Metro Radio Station Most Popular Singer Award.
  • Former Ambassador of UN’s “Orphan and Vulnerable Children, Children Affected by AIDS Awareness”.
  • Host of CCTV 2000 Spring Festival Ceremony.
  • Her postgraduate study professor is China famous director Tian Zhuangzhuang.
  • She passed 2006 China national wide postgraduate entrance examination. She has enrolled for postgraduate study at the Beijing Film Academy and will get the master degree in 2009.
  • Spokesperson for China goverment charity project – “Hope Project” from 2002-2005.
  • Was the official ambassador for China National Farmer Sports Meeting in 2003.
  • Her favorite Chinese actress is Maggie Cheung.
  • Her favorite foreign actresses are Isabelle Huppert and Juliette Binoche.
  • She studied Tibet dancing for 3 years. And her performance has showed on local TV in 1994.
  • Won 2006 Top Chinese TV Drama Awards Favorite Actress Mainland China Award for her performance in the champion TV drama “Moment in Peking”(2005).
  • Won 2006 MTV Asia Awards “Favorite Artist Mainland China” Award
  • Listed in People Magazine’s ‘100 Most Beautiful People’ List in 2006.
  • Won 2005 Lycra Channel Young Fashion Awards “China mainland Trendy Female Singer”.
  • Won 2005 Lycra Channel Young Fashion Awards “China mainland Trendy Actress”.
  • Won 2004 MTV Style Awards “Female Artist of the Year”.
  • Won 2003 Lycra Channel Young Fashion Awards “China mainland Trendy Actress”.
  • Won 2003 MTV Style Awards “Most Style Actress”.
  • Family includes: Wei Qiying (mom), Zhao Jiahai (dad), Zhao Jian (older brother) & Chen Rong(Sisiter in law)
  • Graduated from the Beijing Film Academy
  • Former spokesperson for Marie France during 2003-2004.
  • Former spokesperson for Red Earth during 2001-2002.
  • Won 2006 Tvz.cn Top 10 Outstanding Television Awards for her performance in 2005 China champion tv drama “Moment in Peking” (2005).
  • Won 2002 Hong Kong TVB Top 10 Television Artist Awards for her performance in the popular tv drama “Qing shen shen yu meng meng” (2001).
  • She bounced back into the limelight as the official ambassador for a high-profile endorsement deal for slimming centre Marie France in China.
  • Was banned (and ostracized) in China after being photographed wearing a dress made from a Japanese Battleflag. Swiftly, after her several times apology (television, newspaper, Internet and radio), Chinese public forgave her.
  • Has collaborated several times with Aunty Qiong Yao. Played the main character in Qiong Yao’s book-turned-TV serials, such as Huang Zhu Ge Ge I, Huang Zhu Ge Ge II, Lao Fang You Xi/Biao Mei Ji Xiang, and Qing Sheng Sheng Yu Meng Meng.
  • Shot to fame with the role of the playful and cheeky character of Little Shallow/Princess Pearl in the Qiong Yao book-turned-TV serial Huang Zhu Ge Ge (The Return of Princess Pearl).


Title Year Status Character
San ren xing 2016 Dr. Tong Qian
The Gentleman’s Wager II 2015 Short Zhao Wei (as Zhao Wei)
Gang jiong 2015
Hollywood Adventures 2015 Zhao Weiwei
Hu ma mao ba 2015 TV Series Bi Shengnan
12 gam ngap 2015 Young Aunt May
Qin ai de 2014 Li Hongqin
Hua pi 2 2012 The Princess (Princess Jing) (as Zhao Wei)
Love 2012/I Xiao-Ye Jin
Jiang Ai 2011 Yang Zheng’s wife
Jin yi wei 2010 Qiao Hua
Mulan: Rise of a Warrior 2009 Hua Mulan
Jian guo da ye 2009 Member of CPPCC
Yi ge nü ren de shi shi 2009 TV Series Tian Sufei
Chi bi Part II: Jue zhan tian xia 2009 Sun Shangxiang
Hua pi 2008 Pei Rong (as Zhao Wei)
Red Cliff 2008 Sun Shangxiang
Tian shi lü xing xiang 2007 Short
Thanks for Having Loved Me 2007 TV Series Tan Yuwei
Yoru no Shanghai 2007 Lin Xi (as Vicki Zhao)
Yi ma de hou xian dai sheng huo 2006 Liu Dafan
Che Shen 2006 TV Series Chen Xiaoxiao
Mo shan 2006 Video The Narrator
Moment in Peking 2005 TV Series Yao Mulan
Qing ren jie 2005 Qu Ran
Goddess of Mercy 2003 An Xin
Tian di ying xiong 2003 Wen Zhu
Lü cha 2003 Wu Fang Langlang
Dream Girl 2003 Cheung Ling
Xi yang tian shi 2002 Sue
Tian xia wu shuang 2002 Phoenix
Shaolin Soccer 2001 Mui (as Vicki Zhao)
Profound Love in Heavy Rain 2001 TV Series Lu Yiping
Xia nü chuang tian guan 2000 TV Series Lu Jianping Du Huixin
The Duel 2000 Princess Pheonix
Lao fang you xi 1999 TV Series Ji Xiang Li Mei
Huan zhu ge ge 2 1999 TV Series Xiao Yan Zi
Yuan, miao bu ke yan 1999 Vicky
Kangxi wei fu si fang ji 1999 TV Series Yue Qinger
Huan zhu ge ge 1998 TV Series Xiao Yan Zi
Da mo fang 1997 TV Series Luo Man
Dong gong xi gong 1996
Jie jie mei mei chuang bei jing 1996 TV Series Bai Xiaoxue
Nü er gu 1995 Xue Er
Hua hun 1994
Title Year Status Character
Hollywood Adventures 2015 producer
Hu ma mao ba 2015 TV Series executive producer – 45 episodes
Title Year Status Character
Mei You Bie De Ai post-production
Zhi wo men zhong jiang shi qu de qing chun 2013
Tian shi lü xing xiang 2007 Short
Music Department
Title Year Status Character
Yuan, miao bu ke yan 1999 performer: song
Title Year Status Character
Shaolin Soccer 2001 performer: “Wei do du zun”
Title Year Status Character
World Film Report 2003-2016 TV Series Herself
73rd Venice Film Festival Awards Ceremony 2016 TV Movie Herself – Jury Member
Dragon Girls 2016 Documentary Herself
Qi pa shuo 2016 TV Series Herself – Judge
Tian tian xiang shang 2016 TV Series Herself
2016 Nian zhong yang dian shi tai chun jie lian huan wan hui 2016 TV Movie Herself – Performer
Yi lu shang you ni 2015 TV Series Herself
Lu Yu You Yue 2006-2014 TV Series Herself
Yang Lan Fang Tan Lu 2005-2014 TV Series Herself
The 11th China Movie Awards 2005 TV Special Herself-Winner:Best Actress
The 8th Shanghai International Film Festival 2005 TV Special Herself-Winner:Best Actress
Yi shu ren sheng 2001-2002 TV Series Herself
2000 Chun jie lian hua wan hui 2000 TV Movie Herself – Host / Performer


Zhao Wei Zhao Wei
Zhao Wei Zhao Wei
Zhao Wei Zhao Wei
Zhao Wei Zhao Wei
Zhao Wei Zhao Wei