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Bill Goldberg was born into a family of Ethel Goldberg, Jed Goldberg Mike Goldberg. Earning the William Scott Goldberg , Goldberg , Da Man , William Scott “Bill” Goldberg , “The Man” along his career, Bill Goldberg is a Wrestler, Actor, Football player, Sports commentator, Entrepreneur, Author, Presenter. As a professional athlete, this person has one numerous awards and trophies, including: World Heavyweight Champion, WCW World Heavyweight Champion, WCW World Tag Team Champion and WCW United States Heavyweight Champion,. A decorated career started in school Tulsa Edison High School, University of Georgia and later progressed, launching Bill Goldberg into stardom. Born on unknown in unknown, this Wrestler, Actor, Football player, Sports commentator, Entrepreneur, Author, Presenter stood out from the rest of the crowd as early as in their child years. Making them a globally known and cheered superstar, their career earnings through winnings and sponsored deals have guaranteed Bill Goldberg a lot of money. Want to know how much exactly? Well it is estimated that the net worth of Bill Goldberg is around $14 Million

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Structural info

  • Full Name: Bill Goldberg
  • Net Worth: $14 Million
  • Date Of Birth: December 27, 1966
  • Place Of Birth: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
  • Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.92 m)
  • Weight: 266 lbs (120.66 kg)
  • Profession: Wrestler, Actor, Football player, Sports commentator, Entrepreneur, Author, Presenter
  • Education: Tulsa Edison High School, University of Georgia
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Spouse: Wanda Ferraton (m. 2005)
  • Children: Gage A.J. Goldberg
  • Parents: Ethel Goldberg, Jed Goldberg
  • Siblings: Mike Goldberg
  • Nicknames: William Scott Goldberg , Goldberg , Da Man , William Scott “Bill” Goldberg , “The Man”
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  • IMDB:
  • Awards: World Heavyweight Champion, WCW World Heavyweight Champion, WCW World Tag Team Champion and WCW United States Heavyweight Champion,
  • Nominations: NFL Draft: 1990/Round: 11/Pick: 302; World Bowl champion (II)
  • Movies: “The Longest Yard” (2005). “Santa’s Slay”, “Universal Soldier: The Return” (1999), “Nine Legends” (2016)
  • TV Shows: “WCW Nitro” (2015), “WCW/nWo Revenge” (1998), “WCW/nWo Thunder”, “WCW Mayhem” (2013), “WCW Backstage Assault”, “WWE WrestleMania XIX”, “WWE Raw 2” (2013), “WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain” (2013), “The Celebrity Apprentice” (2010), “Auto-Maniac” (2005)


  • Who’s next?


  • Proud of his Jewish faith and heritage. To this day, he refuses to work on the Jewish High Holidays, such as Yon Kippur and Passover.
  • Left WWE after Wrestlemania XX due to the way the creative team was promoting his character. [March 2004]
  • (August 25) After completing in the hellacious “Elimination Chamber” match at WWE SummerSlam, Goldberg challenges the World Heavyweight Champion Triple H to a title match at the next RAW Pay-Per-View, WWE Unforgiven. Triple H accepts but adds the stipulation of Goldberg putting his career on the line for this opportunity. [August 2003]
  • Published author.
  • Inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 2010.
  • First, known pro wrestling match done on St. John the Baptist Day of 1997 (June 24th).
  • To put further emphasis on his WWE match entrances, would deploy loud pyro effects that would shower hot sparks on himself.
  • Had a backstage fight with Chris Jericho in 2003. Sources say that Jericho had him in a submission move, and Goldberg was powerless to do anything.
  • Is a vegetarian.
  • Once owned the largest mixed martial arts facility in the United States, in Atlanta. The facility was shut down for a variety of reasons, including being on the road too much with WCW.
  • Whenever possible, Goldberg attends Pride FC events.
  • Appeared several times at to Japanese Wrestling events to due to his friendship with legendary wrestlers Nobuhiko Takada and Naoya Ogawa.
  • Former United States Champion.
  • Former WCW Tag Team Champion with Bret Hart .
  • Is of Greek descent
  • Has three cats named Moe, Larry and Curly
  • He loves motorcycles.
  • Ended Bret Hart’s wrestling career when he botched a kick to Bret’s head, giving Bret a concussion.
  • The WWF (now WWE) developed the “Gillberg” character, played by Duane Gill as a parody of Goldberg.
  • Won the World Heavyweight Title from Triple H at Unforgiven 2003 in September.
  • While filming Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003), he intimidated Brendan Fraser so much that Fraser was terrified by having to hit him. Goldberg constantly told Fraser to go ahead and do it, telling him, “It’s what I do for a living.”.
  • Graduated from Thomas A. Edison High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • His first WWE match was against The Rock Dwayne Johnson at the 2003 Backlash Pay-Per-View. It was The Rock’s last match before leaving to film The Rundown (2003).
  • His older brother Mike went to college with Nature Boy Ric Flair and former WWE/AWA wrestler Ken Patera .
  • Was handed his first loss by Kevin Nash.
  • Went 176-0 after his WCW debut. Many believe that WCW actually lost count of the exact number of wins he had at one point, and just decided to use an arbitrary number.
  • Lost the tag-team match together with Sarge Dewayne Bruce against Totally Buffed, Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell, thereby ending his new winning streak and was subsequently fired from WCW.
  • Is recovering from surgery to the shoulder as a part of an old football injury. [2001]
  • Has a degree in psychology from the University of Georgia.
  • Once worked as a bouncer.
  • Was World Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion from July 6th, 1998 until December 27th, 1998 when he was defeated by Kevin Nash, ending his undefeated streak.
  • Became World Championship Wrestling United States Champion on April 21st, 1998 by defeating Raven. His reign lasted until July 26th, 1998 when he gave it up after winning the World Heavyweight title from Hulk Hogan.
  • Trained in the World Championship Wrestling Power Plant wrestling school and entered the ring professionally on September 22nd, 1997.
  • Played college football with the Georgia Bulldogs. Played pro football with the Atlanta Falcons and the Los Angeles Rams, and then signed with the Carolina Panthers. Football career was ended by an abdominal injury when he tore all his abdominal muscles from his pelvis, and had them surgically reattatched.


  • Slaps self, to get psyched before entering the ring for a match
  • Trademark move: Superkick
  • Trademark move: Single Arm Choke into a Gorilla Press Powerslam
  • Trademark move: Pumphandle Drop
  • Finishing move: Spear
  • Finishing move: Jackhammer (Suplex Powerslam)


Title Year Status Character
WCW/NWO SuperBrawl VIII 1998 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW World Championship Wrestling 1997-1998 TV Series Goldberg
WCW Starrcade 1997 1997 TV Movie Goldberg
Holly, Jingles and Clyde 3D 2017 announced Gus
Check Point 2016 completed TJ
American Satan 2016 post-production Hawk
Minkow 2015 post-production Sax
Soulmates filming Robby Burly
Enter the Fist and the Golden Fleece 2016 Supervisor
WWE 2k14 2013 Video Game Goldberg (voice)
Staged 2012 TV Series Daddy
Kill Speed 2010 Big Bad John
Cubed 2010 TV Series Goldberg
Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling 2008 TV Series
Guys Choice 2007 TV Movie Goldberg
Half Past Dead 2 2007 Video William Burke
Bullrun 2007 TV Series Host (2007)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 2007 TV Series Cupid
Santa’s Slay 2005 Santa
Desperate Housewives 2005 TV Series Inmate #2
The Longest Yard 2005 Battle
Looney Tunes: Back in Action 2003 Mr. Smith
Kim Possible 2002 TV Series Pain King
Arli$$ 2002 TV Series
Family Guy 2002 TV Series Angry Bus Passenger
Yes, Dear 2002 TV Series Big Guy
WCW Sin 2001 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW Monday Nitro 1997-2000 TV Series Goldberg
WCW Mayhem 2000 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW Halloween Havoc 2000 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW Thunder 1998-2000 TV Series Goldberg
Fall Brawl 2000 TV Movie Goldberg
World Championship Wrestling: New Blood Rising 2000 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW Bash at the Beach 2000 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW The Great American Bash 2000 TV Movie Goldberg
Ready to Rumble 2000 Goldberg
WCW Starrcade 1999 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW Mayhem 1999 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW Halloween Havoc 1999 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW Fall Brawl 1999 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW Road Wild 1999 TV Movie Goldberg
Universal Soldier: The Return 1999 Romeo
The Jesse Ventura Story 1999 TV Movie Luger
WCW Slamboree 1999 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW Spring Stampede 1999 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW SuperBrawl IX 1999 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW Souled Out 1999 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW Mayhem: The Hottest Hits of WCW Monday Nitro! 1999 Video Goldberg
WCW Superstar Series: Goldberg – Who’s Next? 1999 Video Goldberg
WCW/NWO Starrcade 1998 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW/NWO World War 3 1998 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW/NWO Halloween Havoc 1998 TV Movie Goldberg
Love Boat: The Next Wave 1998 TV Series Lou ‘The Pariah’ Maguire
WCW/NWO Road Wild 1998 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW/NWO Bash at the Beach 1998 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW/NWO The Great American Bash 1998 TV Movie Goldberg
WCW/NWO Slamboree 1998 TV Movie Goldberg
Title Year Status Character
Check Point 2016 producer completed
Title Year Status Character
Good Ol’ Boys Take on the World 2016 TV Series grateful acknowledgment – 2015
Title Year Status Character
WWE Survivor Series 2016 Video Himself
WWE Raw 2003-2016 TV Series Goldberg
Nine Legends 2016 Documentary Himself
CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession 2015 Documentary Himself
Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling 2015 Video documentary short Himself
The Monday Night War: WWE vs. WCW 2014 TV Series documentary Himself
Garage Mahal 2010-2011 TV Series Himself – Host
Shark Fights 2011 TV Series Himself – Host
The Apprentice 2010 TV Series Himself – Contestant
Sons of the Fallen 2010 Documentary Himself
Bullrun III 2010 TV Series Himself – Host
Ultimate Street Car Invitational 2010 TV Movie Himself – Host
WWE: The Rise and Fall of WCW 2009 Video Himself
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? 2009 TV Series Himself
Bullrun II 2009 TV Series documentary Host
Elite XC 2007-2008 TV Series Himself – Interviewer
Dynamite!! USA 2007 TV Movie Himself – Fight Commentator
Countdown to Destiny 2007 TV Movie documentary Himself
Countdown to WFA: King of the Streets 2006 TV Movie documentary Himself
Pros vs. Joes 2006 TV Series Himself
The Kid & I 2005 Himself
AutoManiac 2005 TV Series Himself – Host
The Contender 2005 TV Series Himself
The Great Biker Build Off 2005 TV Series Himself – Host
Modern Marvels 2004 TV Series documentary Himself
Maury 2004 TV Series Himself
WrestleMania XX 2004 TV Special Goldberg
Monster Garage 2004 TV Series Himself
WWE No Way Out 2004 TV Special Goldberg
Royal Rumble 2004 TV Special Goldberg
Punk’d 2003 TV Series Himself
WWE Armageddon 2003 TV Special Goldberg
Survivor Series 2003 TV Special Goldberg
HBO First Look 2003 TV Series documentary Himself
WWE Unforgiven 2003 TV Special Goldberg
Summerslam 2003 TV Special Goldberg
WWE Bad Blood 2003 TV Special Goldberg
WWE Backlash 2003 TV Special Goldberg
The Xcorps 2002 TV Series Himself Race Driver
WCW Superstar Series: Sid Vicious – The Millennium Man 2001 Video documentary Himself
The Man Show 2000 TV Series Himself
The Daily Show 2000 TV Series Himself
Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2000 2000 TV Special Himself
E! True Hollywood Story 1999 TV Series documentary Himself
WCW World Title Tournament 1999 TV Special Goldberg
Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends 1999 TV Series documentary Himself
Dennis Miller Live 1999 TV Series Himself
WWE Sunday Night Heat 1998 TV Series Himself (2003-2004) (as Goldberg)
WCW Monday Nitro 1998 TV Series Himself
NFL Monday Night Football 1992 TV Series Himself – Atlanta Falcons Defensive Tackle
1990 NFL Draft 1990 TV Movie Himself – 301st Overall Pick
Archive Footage
Title Year Status Character
Scott Hall: Living on a Razor’s Edge 2016 Video Himself
United States Championsip-A Legacy of Greatness 2016 Video Himself
Best of Raw After the Show 2014 Himself
The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment 2013 Video documentary Himself
WWE: Goldberg – The Ultimate Collection 2013 Video Goldberg
WWE: The Best of WarGames 2013 Video Goldberg
WWE: The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro, Vol. 2 2013 Video Goldberg
The Top 100 Moments in Raw History 2012 Video Goldberg
nWo: The Revolution 2012 Video documentary Goldberg
The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History 2012 Video Goldberg
Randy Orton: The Evolution of a Predator 2011 Video Goldberg
Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho 2010 Video Goldberg
WWE: Satan’s Prison – The Anthology of the Elimination Chamber 2010 Video Goldberg
WWE Raw 2007-2010 TV Series Goldberg
WWE: History of the World Heavyweight Championship 2009 Video documentary Goldberg
WWE: Batista – I Walk Alone 2009 Video Goldberg
Starrcade: The Essential Collection 2009 Goldberg
Viva la Raza: The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero 2008 Video Himself
WWE Summerslam: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 4 2008 Goldberg
WWE Royal Rumble: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 4 2008 Video Goldberg
Psychopathic: The Videos 2007 Video Himself (segment “Real underground baby”) (uncredited)
WWE Legends of Wrestling 2007 TV Series Goldberg
The Bret Hart Story: The Best There Is, the Best There Was, the Best There Ever Will Be 2005 Video documentary Goldberg
WWE WrestleMania: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 4 2005 Video Goldberg
WWE Unforgiven 2005 TV Special Goldberg
Sting: Moment of Truth 2004 Video documentary Goldberg
WWE Smackdown! 2004 TV Series Goldberg
The Monday Night War: WWE Raw vs. WCW Nitro 2004 Video documentary Goldberg
WWE: Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain 2003 Video Goldberg
WrestleMania XIX 2003 TV Special Goldberg (uncredited)
WWE Unforgiven 2002 TV Special Goldberg – Previous Champion
WCW Superstar Series: Sting – Back in Black 1999 Video documentary Goldberg
WCW Thunder 1999 TV Series Goldberg


Bill Goldberg Bill Goldberg
Bill Goldberg Bill Goldberg
Bill Goldberg Bill Goldberg
Bill Goldberg Bill Goldberg
Bill Goldberg Bill Goldberg