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Jeffrey Garten is a famous Journalist, Politician, Economist, Businessperson, Professor. Born on unknown in United States of America this unknown author has created a lot of content for the masses. With thousands or even millions of followers and people across the globe who love what Jeffrey Garten represents and creates, the popularity of this celebrity does not seem to diminish over years. With the family of Melvin Garten, Ruth Garten unknown unknown Jeffrey Garten had an upbringing and the education which propelled them to stardom and greatness. Attending Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (1980), Dartmouth College, Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, Jeffrey Garten learned and worked on his passion projects which turned out to be massive successes amongst audiences worldwide. But what about money? If you are curious about the full estimated net worth of Jeffrey Garten, it is around $100 Million.

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To begin with, Jeffrey Garten is the son of Mel Garten who fought in World War II as well as the Korean War. For the previously mentioned service he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. Jeffrey graduated from Dartmouth College in 1968, earning his Bachelor degree. Afterwards, he continued his postgraduate studies at the Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies earning his Masters (1972) as well as Doctor’s of Philosophy (1980) degrees. Moreover, it should be noted that Jeffrey served in the Army (1968 – 1972) with the rank of Lieutenant in the elite 82nd Airbone Division, as well as Captain – ADC to the Commander of the US Special Forces. Additionally, he worked as an advisor to the Royal Thai Army in 1971.

Following this, Garten increased his net worth considerably working in various economic as well as foreign policy positions to Presidents Carter, Ford and Nixon. Then, he worked as a managing director of the Blackstone Group and Lehman Brothers. From 1993 to 1995, Jeffrey Garten was a part of the Clinton administration, as the Under-secretary of Commerce for International Trade. From 1996 to 2005, he worked at the Yale School of Management as Dean, the highest managerial position, and since then he has been lecturing a number of courses including “Leading a Global Company”, “Understanding Global Financial Centers”, “Wall Street and Washington: Markets, Policies, and Politics” and others.

To add more, Garten has led the International Study Trips to London, Dubai and Hong Kong, plus studies as for example “New York,: What Makes a Competitive Financial Centre?” (2008, 2009), “Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong: China in the Global Financial Market” (2010, 2011, 2012) and others.

In 2006, Garten Rothkopf, the company providing strategic advice for international companies was founded by Garten and his fellow David Rothkopf.

It must be said that Jeffrey Garten has written a number of books, including “A Cold Peace: America, Japan, Germany and the Struggle for Supremacy” (1992), “The Big Ten: The Big Emerging Markets and How They Will Change Our Lives” (1997), “The Mind of the CEO” (2001), “The Politics of Fortune: A New Agenda for Business Leaders” (2002) and other books. In 2016, his book entitled “From Silk to Silicon: The Story of Globalization Through Ten Extraordinary Lives” is going to be released. Of course these publications also added to his net worth.

As a highly respected person, Jeffrey is the member of various boards of directors – Credit Suisse Asset Management, CarMax, Aetna Corporation and others. He is one of the The International Rescue Committee trusties as well as an advisory board member of Miller Buckfire.

Finally, in the personal life of Jeffrey Garten, he married the cookbook author as well as the host of the cook show “Barefoot Contessa” aired on Food Network, Ina Garten, nee Rosenberg in 1968. The family owns several residences in Southport, Connecticut as well as East Hampton, New York, USA.

Structural info

  • Full Name: Jeffrey Garten
  • Net Worth: $100 Million
  • Date Of Birth: October 29, 1946
  • Place Of Birth: United States of America
  • Profession: Journalist, Politician, Economist, Businessperson, Professor
  • Education: Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (1980), Dartmouth College, Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies,
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Spouse: Ina Garten (m. 1968)
  • Parents: Melvin Garten, Ruth Garten
  • Nicknames: Jeffrey E Garten , Jeffrey E. Garten
  • LinkedIn:
  • IMDB:


  • Married Ina Garten on December 22, 1968 at her parents’ house in Stamford, Connecticut.