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As rich as they come, people in business usually have the most wealth to brag about. Million-dollar houses, private jets and a variety of other premium things usually distinguish successful business people from the rest of us. However, some are more humble than other, but it’s not about perception and philosophy this time, but rather about Naveen Selvadurai. This unknown tall Businessman is Indian. Born in unknown on the unknown, Naveen Selvadurai has emerged as a successful business person. Graduating Worcester Polytechnic Institute, King’s College London, this individual has received tons of awards and accolades for successes in various fields. Earning the nicknames of unknown along the way Naveen Selvadurai was born into the family of Kuppuswamy, Latha Selvadurai unknown. Nowadays, moving around the world and managing lots of business ventures has to be synchronised with personal time which is mostly occupied by business and unknown unknown. The total estimated net worth of Naveen Selvadurai is $80 Million.

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Naveen Selvadurai was raised with younger sister in his hometown, the son of Kuppuswamy and Latha Selvadurai. Right after high school, he moved to the USA and enrolled at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, after which he earned his Master of Science degree. While he was a student, Naveen collaborated with such companies as Nokia, Lucent and Sony, among others, with a view to life after studies.

Soon after graduation, Naveen teamed up with Dennis Crowley, who had already launched Dodgeball, a location-based social networking software, but was actually bought by Google before the two started working on their own software.

Slowly they started developing their own social network; the software was launched in 2009, under the title Foursquare, which uses GPS hardware installed in the phone to determine the location of its user, and the map which is based on data from the OpenStreetMap project. The users who check in one location several times earn badges and have the chance to acquire major title of the particular location. Their firm grew in size and popularity, which only increased Naveen’s net worth to a large degree. However, in 2012, Naveen left the firm, and in later interviews stated that he was stricken down from the position without his consent, though he had been serving as a board member and adviser to the company. Regardless, is net worth certainly profited from his involvement in the project.

After he left the company, Naveen joined the Expa startup studio, which was formed by Garrett Camp. Since he joined, Naveen has been overseeing the studio’s operations in New York, which in turn has also added a considerable amount to his wealth.

Regarding his personal life, Naveen’s most intimate details, such as marital status and number of children remain hidden from the public eyes. His current residence is in New York City, USA.

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  • Full Name: Naveen Selvadurai
  • Net Worth: $80 Million
  • Date Of Birth: January 27, 1982
  • Place Of Birth: Tamil Nadu, India
  • Profession: Businessman
  • Education: Worcester Polytechnic Institute, King’s College London
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Parents: Kuppuswamy, Latha Selvadurai
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  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:
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Title Year Status Character
Grand Theft Auto IV 2008 Video Game The Crowd of Liberty City (voice)
Title Year Status Character
Click Online 2011 TV Series documentary Himself – Co-founder, Foursquare