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Mort Zuckerman Net Worth

Read more about Mort Zuckerman Biography Mortimer is of Jewish ancestry; his grandfather was an orthodox rabbi. His father, Abraham, and mother, Esther, owned a tobacco and candy store. At the age of 16, Mortimer enrolled at McGill University, from which he earned a BA degree in 1957, and four years later, received his BCL

Rodney Lewis Net Worth

Read more about Rodney Lewis Biography Rodney is the son of a US Air Force pilot, but he grew up on a family ranch in Laredo. After matriculating from high school, Rodney enrolled Texas A&M International University, from which he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice. Following his graduation, Rodney got a

Mike Repole Net Worth

Read more about Mike Repole Biography Mike Repole spent his childhood with his brother in Middle Village, Queens, where he was raised in a Catholic family by his father, Benny, who worked as a waiter, and his mother, Anna, who was a seamstress – both of them were immigrants from Italy. He was a student

Ricardo Salinas Pliego Net Worth

Read more about Ricardo Salinas Pliego Biography Born to Hugo Salinas Price and Esther Pliego de Salinas, Ricardo had a silver spoon upbringing. His father served as the CEO of Grupo Elektra, a company which was founded by Salinas´s great-grandfather, Benjamin Salinas, previously called Salinas & Rocha. Ricardo attended the InstitutoTecnologico de Estudios Superiores de

Nicholas Woodman Net Worth

Read more about Nicholas Woodman Biography Woodman grew up in Menlo Park and Atherton, California. His parents eventually divorced and his mother re-married Irwin Federman, General Partner of US Venture Partners. He attended the Menlo School, where he became an avid surfer, selling t-shirts at to raise money for the surfing club he started at