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Clayton Jennings Net Worth

Read more about Clayton Jennings Biography Early on, Clayton spent a lot of time travelling around the world, visiting various places such as Denmark, Israel and Australia. He eventually created a YouTube channel which led him to start working on a self-produced film entitled “Strayland”, promoting the film through YouTube, which soon gain him a

Lauren Riihimaki Net Worth

Read more about Lauren Riihimaki Biography Lauren, born in Canada, she is of Finnish, Japanese and Ukrainian ancestry, the only child of Greg Riihimaki and his wife Gail. She was quite involved in sports during her growing-up and continued to play various sports while in high school. Though there isn’t exact information which high school

Tal Fishman Net Worth

Read more about Tal Fishman Biography To begin with, the boy was raised in Los Angeles with a brother and a sister. There is no information about his education; it is only known that currently he studies at college. Concerning his professional career, initially Fishman launched a YouTube channel alongside his brother, entitled Tal and

WolfieRaps Net Worth

Read more about WolfieRaps Biography To begin with, the boy was raised in Ottawa with his sister named and brother by their mother, a fitness instructor, and his father who is an orthopaedic surgeon. Since early childhood Charles has been very active. After matriculation from high school, Raynor entered Carleton University in which he majored

Simply Nailogical Net Worth

Read more about Simply Nailogical Biography She grew up in her hometown with her sister, Jennifer, and from an early age, Cristine, was thrown into show business; in the second half of the ‘90s, and in the early 2000s, she featured in fifteen commercials for Furby, and Fib Finder, among other children brands. She also

Remi Cruz Net Worth

Read more about Remi Cruz Biography Remi grew up in her hometown with her younger brother, and from an early age fell in love with dancing; she started taking dance lessons when she was only five years old, and since then nurtured her skills. She improved steadily, and once in high school, Remi joined the

Mia Stammer Net Worth

Read more about Mia Stammer Biography Mia was born into a US military family stationed in Okinawa, but soon after her birth, the whole family moved to the US, eventually settling in Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, there is no information about Mia’s life before her career took a swing. Growing up alone, Mia was bored

Madison Haschak Net Worth

Read more about Madison Haschak Biography Madison is the oldest of four daughters born to Kathi and John Haschak, and spent her childhood in California with her sisters, Gracie, Sierra, and Olivia. Madison started taking dance lessons when she was only two years old; she was enrolled at Temecula Dance Company managed by her mother,

Liane Valenzuela Net Worth

Read more about Liane Valenzuela Biography Raised in San Jose, Liane is the daughter of musician parents who owned a DJ company, and young Liane would often sing karaoke with her family. Growing up with focus on music, Liane was a part of a choir and a band as well, which certainly helped her develop

Jazzy Anne Net Worth

Read more about Jazzy Anne Biography Jazzy, of Philipino and Canadian ancestry, she has spent her childhood in Austin, with her two older brothers; there is no further information about her family. She grew up admiring YouTube stars, and as early as 2012, filmed an audition for the SevenSuperGirls. She quickly received a positive response,