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Jaiden Animations Net Worth

Read more about Jaiden Animations Biography Jaiden is of mixed ancestry – her mother is Japanese and her father is of white ethnicity, though there aren’t exact details about his roots. Jaiden attended Red Mountain High School, and after matriculating enrolled at the University of Arizona and is still to complete her studies. As early

Edwin Burgos Net Worth

Read more about Edwin Burgos Biography Although born in sunny Florida, Edwin spent his childhood in different parts of USA, including ice cold Alaska, among other states. Growing up he loved entertaining people around him and once he got a hold of the application YouNow, his talents could be seen by thousands of people all

Daithi De Nogla Net Worth

Read more about Daithi De Nogla Biography Daithi has a twin brother, Aindreas De Nogla; during his childhood, he was well into gaming, and his parents provided needed equipment for young David to develop his gaming skills. As he was growing older, he became more focused on his gaming performance, and once in high school,

Trisha Paytas Net Worth

What is the estimated net worth of the actress Trisha Paytas? She is a person both men and women like and cherish. It is people like she who make us look up to Hollywood and other movie stars. We will talk about her net worth, but first, a little bit more about the actress herself.

Whitney Bjerken Net Worth

Read more about Whitney Bjerken Biography Whitney has spent her childhood in her hometown, with siblings Sterling, Braxton, and Blakely. From the early years, Whitney was quite interested in gymnastics, and ever since she could repeat a gymnastic routine, she has worked on nurturing her skills, and as she grew only became more focused on

Sierra Haschak Net Worth

Read more about Sierra Haschak Biography The third born daughter to Kathi and John Haschak, Sierra spent her childhood with her sisters in California. Following in her older sisters footsteps, she joined the dance academy Temecula Dance Company, which her mother managed, when she was two years old, and ever since then has been with

Jackie Aina Net Worth

Read more about Jackie Aina Biography From an early age Jackie was interested in makeup and other beauty-related products. However, her parents opposed her passion and wanted her to become a doctor, lawyer or enter another potentially highly-paid profession. Despite their opposition, Jackie pursued her dreams by enrolling at the Vidal Sassoon Academy, and subsequently

Desi Perkins Net Worth

Read more about Desi Perkins Biography From an early age, Desi has been interested in makeup and fashion, and as she got older she only nurtured her skills. She had a tough childhood but managed to overcome her problems, mostly thanks to her father’s support. In the beginning, she started working as a freelance makeup

Aspyn Ovard Net Worth

Read more about Aspyn Ovard Biography Growing up in an upper-middle-class family as the oldest child in a family of four siblings, Aspyn enjoyed all the riches. Unfortunately, there is no information about Aspyn’s education. Her career actually started when she was just 14 years old; she uploaded her first video “DIY Colored Ends Using

Kathleen Lights Net Worth

Read more about Kathleen Lights Biography Unfortunately, little is known about Kathleen’s growing up and education, as her life before she became a popular beauty guru, has remained hidden from the public eye, though she still reached stardom. However, in 2013 Kathleen set up her YouTube channel, and started uploading videos featuring her putting make-up