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They have the most money, they own the fanciest cars and houses and everything about them seems posh and luxurious. However, there are a lot of things that hide behind closed doors, especially the hard work that unknown had to put in order to achieve this level of success and recognition. A famous American, Business,, graduated unknown. Born in unknown on a very special day unknown unknown has a family of unknown Terry Lee “Southwest T” Flenory, unknown unknown. Dividing personal time and that which should be allocated to business is nonetheless challenging but unknown still manages to maintain success on a global scale. The net worth of this person is estimated to be a huge $100 Million.

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Big Meech was raised in a very religious family, but the family’s poverty situation was something that he and his brother Terry Lee “Southwest T” Flenory could not overlook. They eventually started selling cocaine on the streets, and soon realised that they were earning thousands of dollars in drug money. They both dropped out of high school to pursue their business, and started trafficking large amounts of cocaine and earning a big increase for their net worth. In the years that followed they established a drug empire that was worth millions of dollars. The organization was named Black Mafia Family and had operations around states like California, Alabama, Ohio, Georgia, and Florida. It was said that the brothers had main operating points, with Meech stationed in Atlanta while his brother handled Los Angeles. The proximity of the operation points was so that the product could come into the US a lot easier.

In an effort to legitimize their wealth and business, they established BMF Entertainment which focused on the hip hop music scene. The company promoted artists like Young Jeezy and Bleu DaVinci while also forming associations with big names like Jay-Z and Fabolous. Demetrius lived a very lavish lifestyle and was said to throw very expensive parties and display large amounts of wealth. His brother was against the display and urged Meech to avoid attracting attention. The result was friction between the two and eventually they split their organization, barely talking to one another, but their net worth continued to grow.

At this point in the early 2000s, their operatives were being captured by the FBI and investigations including bugs and wiretaps were set up to accumulate evidence against the brothers. Major raids against BMF revealed millions of dollars along with large amounts of cocaine stashed in cars and other houses. With most members being caught and evidence becoming clearer, Demetrius went into hiding, only to eventually surrender himself. The two brothers were sent to different prisons on 30-year sentences against numerous counts of drug trafficking, possession of illegal weapons and more. Demetrius is set to be released on 2032.

Before Big Meech was arrested, he had no family. He had an ex-girlfriend Sabrina Peterson, who had been interviewed for her association with Demetrius. Even in prison, Big Meech remains open to the media and has accepted interviews to clear some details about his life, operation and arrest.

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  • Net Worth: $100 Million
  • Date Of Birth: 1968,
  • Place Of Birth: Detroit, Michigan, USA,
  • Profession: Business,
  • Nationality: American,
  • Siblings: Terry Lee “Southwest T” Flenory,
  • Nicknames: Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory
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  • Twitter:
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