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What is the estimated net worth of the actress unknown? She is a person both men and women like and cherish. It is people like she who make us look up to Hollywood and other movie stars. We will talk about her net worth, but first, a little bit more about the actress herself. She is an United States of America born in Idabel, Oklahoma, United States on the August 8, 1978. Finding her talents at quite a young age, she studied and later graduated from unknown. Over a period of time she was selected to appear in many movies and TV shows. Popular in her home country and across the globe, unknown stands at 4 ft 10 in (1.49 m). Joseph James (m. 2002–2005) and Jaylen James, Aniyah Vaughn make up her family. Since we know that Hollywood actors earn six, seven or even eight figure sums, unknown is no exception, having an estimated net worth of $900,000.

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When Countess was just three years old she started singing at church, when her talent was noticed by her parents, who encouraged her even more. After some time, Vaughn decided to participate in the singing competition called “Star Search”. Countess’ performance at this competition was very successful and she soon received an invitation to appear in the television show entitled “227”. In 1992 Vaughn became a part of the show called “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper”. At the same time, Countess did not forget her career as a musician, and in 1992 she released her debut self-titled album, which had a huge impact on the growth of Vaughn’s net worth.

In 1996 Countess started working on one of her most famous shows, “Moesha”. During the making of this show Vaughn had an opportunity to work with such actors as Sheryl Lee Ralph, William Allen Young, Fredro Starr, Lamont Bentley and others. Vaughn worked on this show until 1999 and it has been one of the main sources of her net worth. In 2006 Countess became a part of the reality show called “Celebrity Fight Club”. In 2014 she appeared on another reality show, “Hollywood Divas”, and this also increased her net worth. Other television shows that Vaughn has appeared in include “Let’s Stay Together”, “Cuts”, “Goode Behavior”, “Roc” among others. All these appearances, although relatively minor, added a lot to her popularity and Countess’ net worth.

If to talk about Countess Vaughn’s personal life, it can be said that in 2002 she married Joseph James. Sadly, their marriage did not last long and they divorced in 2005. Countess and Joseph have one child and Countess also has a daughter. All in all, Countess Vaughn is a talented woman, who continues her career and tries to regain her popularity. Although Vaughn has been working from a very young age, her net worth might not seem very high, but it does not mean that Countess is not talented or hardworking. As she is still quite young and now involves herself in new projects there is a high chance that her popularity will grow, and therefore her net worth.

Structural info

  • Net Worth: $900,000
  • Date Of Birth: August 8, 1978
  • Place Of Birth: Idabel, Oklahoma, United States
  • Height: 4 ft 10 in (1.49 m)
  • Profession: Actor, Singer, Voice Actor
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Spouse: Joseph James (m. 2002–2005)
  • Children: Jaylen James, Aniyah Vaughn
  • Nicknames: Countess Daniel Vaughn , Countess Vaughn James , Countess Danielle Vaughn