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As rich as they come, people in business usually have the most wealth to brag about. Million-dollar houses, private jets and a variety of other premium things usually distinguish successful business people from the rest of us. However, some are more humble than other, but it’s not about perception and philosophy this time, but rather about unknown. This unknown tall Entrepreneur, Businessman, Innovator, Founder of the hair-care, spa products company, Farouk Systems is Palestinian-American. Born in unknown on the unknown, unknown has emerged as a successful business person. Graduating University of Arkansas, Cosmetology school, Arkansas, this individual has received tons of awards and accolades for successes in various fields. Earning the nicknames of unknown along the way unknown was born into the family of unknown Jamil Shami. Nowadays, moving around the world and managing lots of business ventures has to be synchronised with personal time which is mostly occupied by business and Izziah Shami (m. 1961) Basim Shami. The total estimated net worth of unknown is $700 Million.

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To begin with, Shami moved to the USA in 1965. He graduated from the University of Arkansas, and was then a student of the cosmetology school based in Arkansas.

Regarding his professional career, Shami has been working in the development of hair care products for many years. At the start, he even developed an allergy to ammonia substances and was recommended to leave this profession. Yet, Shami was so passionate about his work that he wouldn’t even consider leaving, and on the contrary, he invented hair colouring which is ammonia free. So successful was Farouk that not only is he the founder of the hair and skin care production company Farouk Systems, but it currently employs more than 600 people just in the US. Their production is known all over the world, and the brands such as Cationic Hydration Interlin, BioSilk and SunGlitz are really popular. They export their production to more than 106 countries all over the world. Farouk Systems is the major source of Farouk Shami net worth.

In 2009, Farouk Shami participated in the election for governor of Texas position, as a member of the Democratic Party, and became involved in several controversies concerning religious issues and the 11th September attacks. During the campaign he revealed that he does not belong to any religious organization but has a personal bond with God. Another controversy was the statement that Farouk was not sure if the government of the USA was involved in the attacks of 11th September. Probably due to these controversies he lost the election to the politician Bill White.

In 2010, Farouk Shami served on the board of the American Task Force on Palestine.

Moreover, Shami was friends with the current President of the USA Donald Trump. Together they have participated in the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants as well as in the reality television show “Celebrity Apprentice”, with Farouk providing sponsorship, but things changed after Trump’s anti-Hispanic remarks. However, Trump is believed to be using the CHI Helmet Head product made by Farouk System’s.

Finally, in the personal life of Farouk Shami, he has been married to Izziah Shami since 1961. They have an only child Basim Shami, who is also known for his work in the beauty industry. Currently, he is the President and CEO of the Beauty Elite Group.

Structural info

  • Net Worth: $700 Million
  • Date Of Birth: December 15, 1942
  • Place Of Birth: Beit Ur al-Tahta, Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine
  • Profession: Entrepreneur, Businessman, Innovator, Founder of the hair-care, spa products company, Farouk Systems
  • Education: University of Arkansas, Cosmetology school, Arkansas
  • Nationality: Palestinian-American
  • Spouse: Izziah Shami (m. 1961)
  • Children: Basim Shami
  • Siblings: Jamil Shami
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FaroukShami/
  • IMDB: http://imdb.com/name/nm4667457
  • TV Shows: The Celebrity Apprentice (2011), All Star Celebrity Apprentice, The Miss USA/Miss Universe pageants


  • Founder and chairman of the Farouk Systems, makers of Chi.


Title Year Status Character
H3 All Access TV Series very special thanks – 5 episodes, 2012 special thanks – 1 episode, 2012
Title Year Status Character
Project Runway All Stars 2015 TV Series Himself – Founder, CHI Hair Care
Miss Universe 2013 2013 TV Special Himself – Judge
The Apprentice 2011-2013 TV Series Himself – Founder: Farouk Systems / Himself – Founder: Farouk / Himself
The 2012 Miss USA Pageant 2012 TV Special Himself
Miss Universe 2011 2011 TV Special Himself – Judge