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They have the most money, they own the fanciest cars and houses and everything about them seems posh and luxurious. However, there are a lot of things that hide behind closed doors, especially the hard work that unknown had to put in order to achieve this level of success and recognition. A famous American Hunter, homesteader, televison personality, graduated unknown. Born in unknown on a very special day unknown unknown has a family of Jim Hawk unknown River Hawk Mary Hawk. Dividing personal time and that which should be allocated to business is nonetheless challenging but unknown still manages to maintain success on a global scale. The net worth of this person is estimated to be a huge $300,000.

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Growing up, Jason spent his youth in Arkansas, where he was taught by his father and grandfather how to make blades, specifically knives. He developed his craft and used his knives to get more materials for making blades; the skill of making blades has been a passion, very often passed down through families. Jason also participated in historical re-enactments, for which he crafted his own clothes and gear. He participated in extended treks into the mountains too, and at the age of 15, he was licensed to hunt big game. After graduating, he moved to Montana and studied metal fabrication and welding, after which he moved back to Colorado to work in the restaurant industry, where he would become an executive chef, but focused on making fine kitchen cutlery. These achievements have increased his net worth significantly.

After his father passed away, Hawk then started his own metal forging business called Outlaw Forge, which has helped increase his net worth. He was then invited to join the History channel show entitled “No Man’s Land”, which launched in 2014, and is a series about families living in the middle of inhospitable places in America, in Hawk’s case the Arizona desert, so for him the show focuses more on desert areas. The series was short-lived, however, and only ran for eight episodes in one season. Despite that, the show was an opportunity for Hawk to become a part of what became another popular History channel show, called “Mountain Men”. The show follows people living in various remote areas in the country, making a living off the land, with other cast members of the show including Eustace Conway, George Michaud, Tom Oar and Morgan Beasley. He joined the cast in 2015 during the fifth season of the show, appearing for a total of 14 episodes. He continues to work with the History channel, and may rejoin “Mountain Men” if it starts filming items to which he is able to contribute.

For his personal life, it is known that Jason married Mary in 2008, and they have a daughter. The two have worked together in the forging business, as Mary is well versed in various skills as well, such as butchering, preserving food, as well as gardening and creating herbal products. Jason practices Filipino martial arts where he learned stick fighting, knife fighting, and using improvised weapons. During his so-called free time, he does butchering, hunting and guiding. He also crafts blades that can be used in martial arts.

Structural info

  • Net Worth: $300,000
  • Place Of Birth: Colorado, USA
  • Profession: Hunter, homesteader, televison personality
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Mary Hawk
  • Children: River Hawk
  • Parents: Jim Hawk
  • IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3031315/
  • Movies: No Man’s Land (TV Series, 2014), Epic Movie (2007)
  • TV Shows: Mountain Men: Bonus: Meet Jason Hawk (Season 5, 2016)


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Title Year Status Character
Epic Movie 2007 propmaker
Title Year Status Character
No Man’s Land 2014 TV Series Himself