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Is the son of John Lennon rich? It has been reported that currently the net worth of Julian Lennon is $45 million. The main source of his wealth is music. More, it has been announced that among other revenues he earned $1.2 million from his album “Valotte” (1984), $563,000 from his album “The Secret Value of Daydreaming” (1986), and $40,000 from his album “Help Yourself” (1991).

John Lennon’s marriage and his son’s birth were concealed from the public in order to maintain the popularity of The Beatles among young girls and adolescents. Due to John‘s extramarital relationship with Yoko Ono, the parents of Julian divorced when the boy was only five years old. However, Julian was obviously ispired by his father, and also chosen the career of musician which eventually became the main source of his net worth.

To begin with, Julian released the first studio album “Valotte“ in 1984: this was his best album released so far. It appeared on the music charts of United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and USA, and was certified silver in UK, and platinum in USA. The debut album produced by Phil Ramone significantly increased Lennon‘s net worth and allowed him enjoy the fame and success; it also saw Lennon nominated as the Best New Artist for a Grammy Award in 1985. Afterwards, Lenon released his second album entitled “The Secret Value of Daydreaming“ (1986), although it wasn‘t as successful as the first one. The album was certified gold in USA although it received mainly poor reviews from critics. Later, Julian released his following studio albums, entitled “Mr. Jordan“ (1989), “Help Yourself“ (1991), “Photograph Smile“ (1998) and “Everything Changes“ (2011); unfortunately he couldn‘t repeat the success of his debut album, although all the above mentioned albums added sums to his wealth.

In addition to being a musician he has been engaged in acting, too. He debuted in the film “Stand By Me: A Portrait Of Julian Lennon“ (1985) however he shared the role with Martin Lewis. Julian has also landed roles in other films including “Chuck Berry: Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll“ (1987) directed by Taylor Hackford, “Imagine: John Lennon“ (1988) by Andrew Solt, “The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus“ (1996) by Michael Lindsay-Hogg and other films.

Furthermore, Julian has been interested in photography since 2007. His exhibition named “Timeless: The Photography of Julian Lennon” was opened in 2010.

Julian Lennon has been in a long term relationships with the actress Olivia d’Abo and socialite Lucy Bayliss. Both times the couples were engaged but called the engagements off. Currently, Lennon is single and resides in Lake Como, Italy.

Structural info

  • Full Name: Julian Lennon
  • Net Worth: $45 Million
  • Date Of Birth: April 8, 1963
  • Place Of Birth: Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Profession: Musician, singer-songwriter, photographer, documentarian
  • Education: Ruthin School, Denbighshire in North Wales
  • Nationality: English
  • Parents: Cynthia Lennon, John Lennon
  • Siblings: Sean Lennon, Kyoko Chan Cox
  • Nicknames: John Charles Julian Lennon , Lennon, Julian , Jules , Jude
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/julianlennonofficial
  • Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/julianlennon
  • MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/julianlennon
  • IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0502049
  • Allmusic: www.allmusic.com/artist/julian-lennon-mn0000260384
  • Record Labels: Atlantic, Music from Another Room, Charisma, Virgin
  • Albums: Valotte (1984), The Secret Value of Daydreaming (1986), Mr. Jordan (1989), Help Yourself (1991), Photograph Smile (1998), Everything Changes (2011)
  • Nominations: Grammy Award for Best New Artist (1986), MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist (1985)
  • Movies: David Copperfield, Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • TV Shows: The Hunting of the Snark (1987), Timeless: The Photography of Julian Lennon (2010)


  • I’ve never really wanted to know the truth about how Dad was with me. There was some negative stuff, like when he said I’d come out of a whiskey bottle on a Saturday night. Stuff like that. You think, ‘Where’s the love in that?’ …There seems to be far more pictures of me and Paul [McCartney] playing together at that age than there are pictures of me and my dad.
  • I don’t meditate in any formal way, but I often lie in bed or find myself in nature and enter into that state of quiet where I get images, feelings, or melodies.
  • You never know how your work is going to be received.
  • My goal in life has been to be a songsmith, not a pop person.
  • I’ve done every kind of touring known to mankind. I’ve played the big and the small places.
  • Like most photographers, I try to capture a moment in my work.
  • I had always thought of starting my own record company. I haven’t regretted the decision – yet!
  • A lot of people think that I grew up in recording studios and knew the whole process, but that was never the case.
  • People are generally badly advised when they’re starting out in the creative field.
  • I am not John Lennon; I never will be!
  • My dad’s music was a great inspiration to me.
  • I find it upsetting to see the erosion of manners. It’s very scary. Where are the ‘pleases’ and ‘thank yous?’
  • On the one hand, I’ve had such a normal upbringing with my mum, who has kept me grounded, but on the other, the wild experiences through my dad.
  • He was like a real dad, you know. We used to sit down with guitars and mess around.
  • I’m one of those people who snake through the crowd, keep my head low. I’m not looking for attention.
  • Music’s been with me from the get-go. It was always around me as a kid. Dad got me my first guitar when I was 11 and, at school, if you wanted to be cool you had to be in a band.
  • I’m not one for flings, I can tell you that.
  • He wasn’t a great father. He was a great musician. That’s always been a touchy one, and it will be until I can find the answer, but I don’t know if there is one.
  • I have a short temper – I think it’s part of the Celtic background. I used to be a lot more angry, but I was quite discreet with it.
  • As much as I love music, in my mind, photography is what makes me the happiest – that’s for sure.
  • I am a complete mother’s boy. I try to do everything with honour, respect and grace because the last thing I would want to do is hurt her.
  • If you bring a child into this world, whether it’s planned or an accident, you’d better make sure you can care for it. You have to be around. You make time. It’s as simple as that.
  • I think everyone has the potential to be creative, but they have to find the avenue or avenues that work for them.
  • I live in a small apartment in London, not some big house with a lot of security. I don’t like too much security. There’s no freedom. I’m a person, not some precious diamond that needs guarding every second.
  • I get twitchy if I don’t pick up a guitar or sit at the piano every now and then… I have to do it; I don’t have a choice.
  • I can’t stay mad very long. I get grumpy when I read a bad review. I say, ‘How could he say that about my music?’ Then I forget about it. If I got mad every time somebody wrote something negative about me, I’d be exploding all the time. I’d be burned out just from reading reviews.
  • I realise myself that hate wastes a lot of time and energy, and I would rather re-direct any energy that I have to good and positive use.
  • I’ve been a philanthropist for all my life, and… I’ve had many involvements in humanitarian and environmental issues.
  • I love to sit on a mountain top and gaze. I don’t think of anything but the people I care about and the view.
  • Dad could talk about peace and love out loud to the world, but he could never show it to the people who supposedly meant the most to him: his wife and son. How can you talk about peace and love and have a family in bits and pieces – no communication, adultery, divorce? You can’t do it, not if you’re being true and honest with yourself.
  • I’ve found constancy and balance between creativity and normality.


  • Grandson of Alfred Lennon.
  • Nearly eight years after the death of his father, he appeared in George Harrison’s, “When We Was Fab,” which talked about the days of Beatlemania, when The Beatles were referred as “The Fab Four.” Lennon was holding one of his father’s solo records.
  • Became lifelong friends with George Harrison.
  • Admits that he was closer to Paul McCartney than he was to his father.
  • The song, “Hey Jude”, was written by Paul McCartney, to console Julian during his parents’ breakup.
  • He has had a long and troubled relationship with his stepmother, Yoko Ono.
  • John Lennon says “Hello Julian” in his recording of “Stand By Me”, and is the reason Julian sings the song in concert.
  • Stepson of Yoko Ono.
  • Named “A Day in the Life” (one of the handful of The Beatles songs actually co-written by his father, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney) as his favorite Beatles tune.
  • His father John Lennon wrote the song “Good Night” for him, which closes the Beatles’ 1968 self-titled album (commonly called the “White Album”). John gave the song to Ringo Starr to sing.
  • Godson of Brian Epstein
  • Played in an early 1980s band with ‘Koz Mirblouk’, who later wed model Julie Chan (now Julie Mirblouk).
  • Was engaged to actress Olivia d’Abo in the early 1990s; she sang backup on his album “Help Yourself”.
  • Along with receiving a birthday card every year from Paul McCartney, Julian also received a telegram from him when his first album was released in 1984: “Good luck, old fruit.”
  • Had a “bad boy” period in his teen years, forming and dissolving bands overnight with names like “The Lennon Drops” and “The Lennon Kittens”, and letting himself be photographed washing dishes in a hotel, much the same as his grandfather “Freddy” Lennon had in the Sixties. Mother Cynthia Lennon finally made him move out of her house, tired of his bringing would-be collaborators home at all hours, while stepmother Yoko Ono gave him a $100 a week allowance to stop him working menial jobs.
  • When Julian decided to pursue a music career, he submitted demo tapes to record companies without his name on them, wanting to be signed on the strength of his own talents, rather than the Lennon name. Charisma Records in the UK offered his band a recording contract, not knowing until the signing who the lead singer was.
  • Fought a long battle in the late 1990s, to acquire the Internet domain name “johnlennon.com” from its registered owner. Has also spent the last several years (and thousands of dollars) collecting items that once belonged to his father.
  • Had a rough time growing up, with schoolmates who automatically assumed that being the son of a pop star meant he was rich and snobbish; in fact, he and his mother lived in a modest house on a small income, and he had a hard time persuading father John Lennon to buy him things, or send him money – even when he related tales of what he was expected to live up to.
  • After the relative failure of “Help Yourself”, he took a five-year break from recording, to do some soul-searching and especially to come to terms with being John Lennon’s son; he realized he’d been very angry with John, who had publicly preached about peace and love while privately being rather harsh and neglectful toward his own family. His comeback album “Photograph Smile” was dedicated to his stepfather Roberto Bassanini, who’d “really raised me.”.
  • Claimed early in his career to be looking for a mystical sign John Lennon had promised to send him if he died; a white feather floating evenly across the room. His song “Well I Don’t Know” mentions his “feeling the presence of the dead”, a reference to sensing John’s presence in a house (which he later learned John had visited in life), when he was writing material for his first album. Years later in Australia, an Aboriginal native presented Julian with a white feather, causing him to re-examine his feelings toward his father, and toward promoting peace.
  • Julian’s inheritance from father John Lennon’s estate was a small one–a $250,000 trust fund set up when he was a toddler, which he refused to touch when he received it at age 25. Was given several large cash gifts from Yoko Ono years later; nonetheless, he has said he’d rather have had some of John Lennon’s song copyrights and other possessions of his to share with his Lennon relatives in England.
  • When 11-year-old Julian visited John Lennon in the recording studio during the “Walls and Bridges” sessions, the two played an impromptu version of “Ya Ya”, with John on piano and Julian on drums. John surprised Julian afterwards by revealing there’d been tape rolling–and their performance was going on the album. It turned out to be their only collaboration.
  • Has admitted he actually prefers Paul McCartney’s work in The Beatles to his father John Lennon’s, while he especially admires John’s “Isolation”, among his solo material.
  • Was engaged to Lucy Bayliss; however, the relationship ended in early 2007.
  • Was the inspiration for Paul McCartney’s song “Hey Jude”, and was mentioned in father John Lennon’s song “Mother.”.
  • Father John Lennon’s song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” was inspired by a drawing Julian had made at school.
  • Half-brother of Sean Lennon and step brother of Kyoko Ono Cox.
  • Son of John Lennon and Cynthia Lennon.
  • Musician
  • Born at 7:45am-BST


Title Year Status Character
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 2016 TV Series writer – 1 episode
Grand Theft Auto V 2013 Video Game performer: “Too Late for Goodbyes” / writer: “Too Late for Goodbyes”
Hisss 2010 performer: “Sway” / writer: “Sway”
Whaledreamers 2006 Documentary “Saltwater” / performer: “Saltwater” / writer: “Saltwater”
Spice Girls: Live in Your Living Room 1998 TV Special performer: “Saltwater” / writer: “Saltwater”
Music from Another Room 1998 performer: “Day After Day” / writer: “Day After Day”
Mr. Holland’s Opus 1995 lyrics: “COLE’S SONG” / performer: “COLE’S SONG”
David Copperfield 1993 TV Movie performer: “Something’s Gonna Turn Up”, “Is There Anyone?”, “Family Christmas”, “I’ll Be Your Hero”
Only Fools and Horses…. TV Series performer – 1 episode, 1991 writer – 1 episode, 1991
Playing for Keeps 1986 performer: “STAND BY ME”
Title Year Status Character
Leaving Las Vegas 1995 Bartender #3 in Biker Bar
David Copperfield 1993 TV Movie David Copperfield (voice)
The Linguini Incident 1991 uncredited
The Hunting of the Snark 1987 The Baker
Title Year Status Character
Sway Featuring Mallika Sherawat 2010 Short
Julian Lennon: Too Late for Goodbyes 1984 Video short
Julian Lennon: Valotte 1984 Video short co-composer
Title Year Status Character
Lost Girls 2016 Short executive producer completed
Whaledreamers 2006 Documentary producer
Camera Department
Title Year Status Character
The Price of Desire 2015 unit photographer
Title Year Status Character
Do You Think I’m a Joke? Documentary filming Himself
CNN Newsroom 2014 TV Series Himself
The Queen Latifah Show 2013 TV Series Himself – Musical Guest
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1999-2013 TV Series Himself / Himself – Musical Guest
Chelsea Lately 2013 TV Series Himself – Guest
Larry King Now 2013 TV Series Himself – Guest
Daybreak 2011 TV Series Himself
Losing Lennon: Countdown to Murder 2010 TV Movie documentary Himself
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The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus 1996 Documentary Himself (uncredited)
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R.A.D.D.: Drive My Car 1994 TV Short Himself – Musician
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One on One with John Tesh 1992 TV Series Himself
Schmidteinander 1992 TV Series Himself
Late Night with David Letterman 1985-1991 TV Series Himself / Himself – Guest
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Imagine: John Lennon 1988 Documentary Himself
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Solid Gold 1985-1986 TV Series Himself
New American Bandstand 1965 1984-1986 TV Series Himself
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Stand by Me 1985 Video documentary Himself
The 12th Annual American Music Awards 1985 TV Special Himself – Performer
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 1985 TV Series Himself – Audience Member
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Disneyland’s 30th Anniversary Celebration 1985 TV Movie documentary Himself
The 27th Annual Grammy Awards 1985 TV Special Himself
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Julian Lennon: Too Late for Goodbyes 1984 Video short Himself – Musician
Julian Lennon: Valotte 1984 Video short Himself – Musician
Archive Footage
Title Year Status Character
Dolezal Backstage 2015 TV Series documentary Himself
Glad All Over: The Dave Clark Five and Beyond 2014 TV Movie documentary Himself
George Harrison: Living in the Material World 2011 Documentary Himself
Breakfast 2010 TV Series Himself – Musician
John Lennon: Love Is All You Need 2010 Video documentary Himself
Biography 2007 TV Series documentary Himself
Essential Music Videos: Classic ’80s 2004 Video short Himself (segment “Too Late for Goodbyes”)
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Singing in the Shadow: The Children of Rock Royalty 2003 Documentary Himself
Gimme Some Truth: The Making of John Lennon’s Imagine Album 2000 Video documentary Himself
The Beatles Anthology 1995-1996 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
Hittimittari 1985 TV Series Himself


Julian Lennon Julian Lennon
Julian Lennon Julian Lennon