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Larry Birkhead was born in 1973 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. Larry has a twin brother Lewis, sister named Angela Heuser and a half-sister Judy. Birkhead graduated Doss High School in Louisville. Larry lived in Burbank, California for some time before moving back to Kentucky.

Larry Birkhead was working as a photographer, successfully accumulating his net worth. The event that meant a lot for his personal life as well as making him a well known person in the entertainment business happened in May 2004. Larry participated in the “Trish Barnstable Brown Gala” party, one of the most fancy and popular celebrity gathering in the Kentucky area. That was where Larry met a famous Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith, and his life suddenly changed.

When Anna Nicole died suddenly in February 2007, their daughter Daniellyn was only 5 month-old. A legal battle over the custody began as there were several potential fathers claiming their paternity. Among these men were Howard K. Stern Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, Mark Hatten, and Anna Nicole Smith’s bodyguard Alexander Denk. The main battle was, however, between Howard Stern and Larry Birkhead. Before her death Anna Nicole was living with the attorney Howard Stern and claimed that he was the father of Danielynn. The girl was even registered by Stern’s last name. Her full name was Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern. Therefore, as soon as her mother died the custody was given to Stern who was thought of as the father. However, Birkhead was convinced that he was the real father and appealed to the court in order to get custody of the girl. Anna Nicole’s mother, Virgie Arthur, supported Larry in this case.

In April 2007 based on a DNA test that proved Larry’s paternity a Bahamian court made a decision to transfer the custody of Dannielynn from Howard Stern to Larry Birkhead. Larry was quick to change his daughter’s birth certificate into “Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead.” He also decided not to allow her grandmother Arthur as well as anyone else from Anna Nicole‘s family to be involved in Dannielynn’s life.

Larry Birkhead is also an actor, a job which helped him to earn his huge net worth in addition to his earnings as a photographer. Larry appeared in movies “Addicted to fame” and ‘The true crime of Aphrodite Jones“. In 2013 together with his daughter he starred in a TV film “Life after Anna Nicole: the Larry & Danielynn Story”.

Structural info

  • Full Name: Larry Birkhead
  • Net Worth: $10 Million
  • Date Of Birth: January 22, 1973
  • Place Of Birth: Louisville, Kentucky, United States
  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Profession: Freelance celebrity photographer, tv personality, former model
  • Education: Doss High School in Louisville
  • Nationality: American
  • Children: Dannielynn Marshall, Dannielynn Birkhead
  • Parents: Larry L. Birkhead, Nancy Birkhead
  • Siblings: Angela Heuser, Lewis Birkhead, Judy Birkhead
  • Partner: Anna Nicole Smith
  • Nicknames: Larry E. Birkhead Jr.
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • IMDB:
  • Nominations: Teen Choice Award for Choice OMG! Moment
  • TV Shows: MADtv (TV Series, 2001), How High (2001), Entertainment Tonight (1981), 20/20 (1978), Access Hollywood (1996), Today (2010)


  • Shared a birthday with Anna Nicole Smith’s son, Daniel Smith.
  • Has twin brother,sister and half-sister.
  • Celebrity photographer whose work has appeared in numerous publications, billboards and television.
  • Has degree in journalism from University of Louisville.
  • Father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn. On 1 May 2007, he was allowed to leave the Bahamas with the baby after a DNA test proved his paternity. He had been claiming to be the father since Smith announced her pregnancy in 1 June 2006. Smith and her companion Howard K. Stern fought Birkhead’s efforts to prove paternity, going so far as to moving to the Bahamas to establish residency.


Title Year Status Character
How High 2001 Extra (uncredited)
MADtv 2001 TV Series Family Feud spoof Extra
Title Year Status Character
Exposed with Deborah Norville 2017 TV Series documentary Himself
The Wendy Williams Show 2017 TV Series Himself
20/20 2017 TV Series documentary Himself
Hollywood Medium 2016 TV Series Himself
Access Hollywood 2007-2016 TV Series Himself
Steve Harvey 2016 TV Series Himself
Entertainment Tonight 2007-2015 TV Series Himself
Celebrity Wife Swap 2014 TV Series Himself
Good Morning America 2012-2014 TV Series Himself
Life After Anna Nicole: The Larry & Dannielynn Story 2013 TV Movie Himself
Oprah: Where Are They Now? 2013 TV Series Himself
CelebriDate 2012 TV Series Himself
Addicted to Fame 2012 Documentary Himself
The Tragic Side of Fame 2011 TV Movie Himself
True Crime with Aphrodite Jones 2011 TV Series documentary Himself
Today 2010 TV Series Himself
The Insider 2008 TV Series Himself
Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2008 TV Series Himself
Larry King Live 2007 TV Series Himself
Archive Footage
Title Year Status Character
Access Hollywood 2017 TV Series Himself
Entertainment Tonight 2009-2015 TV Series Himself
20 to 1 2007 TV Series documentary Himself
The Life and Death of Anna Nicole 2007 TV Movie documentary Himself
Larry King Live 2007 TV Series Himself


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