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Muhammad Ali was born into a family of Odessa O’Grady Clay, Cassius Marcellus Clay, Sr. Rudolph “Rudy” Clay (Rahman Ali). Earning the Cassius Clay , Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. , The Louisville Lip , The Greatest , The People’s Champion , Muhammed Ali , Cassisus Clay , Cassius Marcellus Clay , Mohammed Ali , Ali, Mohammed along his career, Muhammad Ali is a Professional Boxer, Philanthropist, Social activist. As a professional athlete, this person has one numerous awards and trophies, including: Olympic Games – Gold Medal (Light heavyweight, Rome, 1960), Kentucky Golden Gloves titles, National Golden Gloves titles, Amateur Athletic Union National title, Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year (1974), Arthur Ashe Courage Award (1997), BET Humanitarian Award (2002), BBC Overseas Sports Pe…. A decorated career started in school Central High School, Louisville and later progressed, launching Muhammad Ali into stardom. Born on unknown in unknown, this Professional Boxer, Philanthropist, Social activist stood out from the rest of the crowd as early as in their child years. Making them a globally known and cheered superstar, their career earnings through winnings and sponsored deals have guaranteed Muhammad Ali a lot of money. Want to know how much exactly? Well it is estimated that the net worth of Muhammad Ali is around $50 Million

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Ali was raised in a working=class family. His mother, Odessa O’Grady Clay, was a housekeeper and his father, Cassius Marcellus Clay, Sr., worked as a painter of billboards. Ali became interested in boxing at the age of twelve when his bike was stolen and he complained about this incident to a police officer, boxing coach Joe Martin. He advised the boy to learn to  fight, and began to train him, very successfully as it turned out, as Ali  subsequently won six state titles, and two national Golden Gloves titles, the supreme achievement for a US amateur boxer. To crown his amateur career, Ali won the light-heavyweight division at the 1960 Rome Olympic Games.

Ali turned professional immediately after the Olympics, and in the next three years won all 19 of his fights, becoming the highest contender to fight then champion Sonny Liston for the world heavyweight title. It was about this time that Ali earned one of his nicknames, ‘The Louisville Lip’, as he taunted Liston unmercifully before the fight. Ali won the fight when Liston retired after six rounds, at which point Ali declared that ‘I must be the greatest’, earning another nickname of ‘The Greatest’. At that time he was the youngest heavyweight champion ever, at 22 years of age.

Over the next 18 years before final retirement in 1981, Ali had another 40 fights,reclaiming the world title twice, whilst losing only five times. Several were outstanding: a fight against then champion George Foreman in 1974 was called ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’, Ali winning by a knockout over the previously undefeated Foreman. Three against Joe Frazier – one in 1975 dubbed ‘The Thriller in Manila’ – were all memorable, but Ali is most remembered for his speed in the ring, including his speed of punch – assessed as one of the fastest ever, at any weight – as well as his sometimes controversial personality, particularly his ability to deliver monologues which rivalled his physical speed. Certainly his career saw his net worth rise dramatically as he became easily the biggest box office attraction in the boxing world.

Two controversies in particular were his conversion to Islam, at which point he also changed his name to Mohammad Ali, claiming that his birth name was that of a 19th century slave anyway (not true, and actually his father was a prominent activist for racial equality). Then his objection to serving in the US Forces during the war in Vietnam saw him jailed and stripped of his world boxing champion status in 1967; the former decision was overturned some years later.

Regardless, Ali remained largely popular with boxing fans especially, but also perhaps in sympathy, as in 1982 doctors diagnosed Ali with Parkinson’s disease.  In 1996 Muhammad Ali was invited to light the Olympic flame at the Atlanta Olympic Games. During these Olympic Games, he was given a replacement Olympic gold medal for the first one which the champion allegedly threw into the Ohio River in protest at racial problems shortly after he won it, but actually had probably simply lost. Ali is considered by sporting authorities to be one of the legendary sportsmen of the twentieth century.

In his personal life, Muhammad was married four times . In 1964 he married waitress Sonji Roi, but they divorced in 1966. A year later he married Belinda Boyd; after ten years of marriage and having four children they divorced. In 1977 Ali married actress and model Veronica Porsche, and they had two children but divorced in 1986. The same year he married Yolanda, and they adopted a son together.  Muhammad also had two children out of wedlock.

Muhammad Ali passed away in Phoenix Arizona, and was buried in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Many believe that there will never be another boxer as able and charismatic as ‘The Greatest’.

Structural info

  • Full Name: Muhammad Ali
  • Net Worth: $50 Million
  • Date Of Birth: January 17, 1942, Louisville, Kentucky, United States
  • Died: June 3, 2016, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
  • Place Of Birth: Louisville, Kentucky, United States
  • Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
  • Weight: 236 lbs (107 kg)
  • Profession: Professional Boxer, Philanthropist, Social activist
  • Education: Central High School, Louisville
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Yolanda Williams (1986-2016), Veronica Porsche Ali (m. 1977–1986), Belinda Boyd (m. 1967–1976), Sonji Roi (m. 1964–1966)
  • Children: Laila Ali, Rasheda Ali, Asaad Amin, Hana Ali, Jamillah Ali, Khaliah Ali, Maryum Ali, Muhammad Ali Jr., Miya Ali
  • Parents: Odessa O’Grady Clay, Cassius Marcellus Clay, Sr.
  • Siblings: Rudolph “Rudy” Clay (Rahman Ali)
  • Nicknames: Cassius Clay , Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. , The Louisville Lip , The Greatest , The People’s Champion , Muhammed Ali , Cassisus Clay , Cassius Marcellus Clay , Mohammed Ali , Ali, Mohammed
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  • Awards: Olympic Games – Gold Medal (Light heavyweight, Rome, 1960), Kentucky Golden Gloves titles, National Golden Gloves titles, Amateur Athletic Union National title, Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year (1974), Arthur Ashe Courage Award (1997), BET Humanitarian Award (2002), BBC Overseas Sports Pe…
  • Movies: Requiem for a Heavyweight (1962), The Greatest (1977), Body and Soul (1981), Doin’ Time (1985), The Super Fight (1970), Freedom Road (1979), I Am Ali (2014),
  • TV Shows: I Am the Greatest!: The Adventures of Muhammad Ali (1977-), Muhammad Ali – “I’ll Show You How Great I Am”, Muhammad Ali -“This is your Life”, Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson – Fight of the Century !,THE MUHAMMAD ALI SHOW (2012)


  • I done wrestled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale; Handcuffed lightning, thrown thunder in jail; Only last week, I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalized a brick; I’m so mean I make medicine sick.
  • I’m so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and got into bed before the room was dark.
  • [1999, on being crowned Sports Personality of the Century by the BBC] I’d like to thank the British people for giving me this great welcome and thank you for this award. I had a good time boxing. I enjoyed it – and I may come back.
  • Cassius Clay is a slave name. I didn’t choose it, and I didn’t want it. I am Muhammad Ali, a free name, and I insist people using it when speaking to me and of me.
  • [1999, on being crowned Sports Personality of the Century by the BBC] Ever since I first came here in 1963 to fight Henry Cooper, I have loved the people of England. They have always been extremely warm and welcoming to me, which is why I am especially honored to accept the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Century. I give thanks to God and to all the people in the UK who have supported me over the years.
  • [2004, asked what he thought when he looked back on the boxer he was] Sometimes, I feel a little sad because I can see how some things I said could upset some people. But I did not deliberately try to hurt anyone. The hype was part of my job, like skipping rope
  • My conscience won’t let me go shoot my brother, or some darker people, some poor hungry people in the mud, for big powerful America. And shoot them for what? They never called me nigger. They never lynched me. They didn’t put no dogs on me.
  • [after defeating Sonny Liston] I’m king of the world! I’m pretty! I’m a bad man! I shook up the world! I shook up the world! I shook up the world!
  • [observation, 1984] What I suffered physically was worth what I’ve accomplished in life. A man who is not courageous enough to take risks will never accomplish anything in life.
  • [after the Supreme Court overturned his conviction for draft evasion] I’ve done my celebrating already. I said a prayer to Allah.
  • The man who views the world at fifty the same way as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
  • I ain’t got nothing against them Vietcong.
  • He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.
  • [on Elvis Presley] Elvis was my close personal friend. He came to my Deer Lake training camp about two years before he died. He told us he didn’t want nobody to bother us. He wanted peace and quiet and I gave him a cabin in my camp and nobody even knew it. When the cameras started watching me train, he was up on the hill sleeping in the cabin. Elvis had a robe made for me. I don’t admire nobody but Elvis Presley. He was the sweetest, most humble and nicest man you’d ever meet.
  • My toughest fight was my first wife.
  • I’m gonna float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, George [George Foreman] can’t hit what his eyes can’t see, now you see me, now you don’t, he thinks he will but I know he won’t.
  • I’m soooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!
  • [on challenger Henry Cooper] If he talks some jive, I’ll knock him out in round five.
  • Sonny Liston is too ugly to be world heavyweight champion!.
  • I won a gold medal representing the USA at the Olympic Games in 1960, but when I came home, I still got treated like a nigger. There were restaurants I couldn’t get served in. Some people kept calling me “boy”.
  • [after being rejected by the United States Army during the Vietnam War because he failed the “intelligence” test] I never said I was the smartest, I said I was the greatest.
  • You can’t hit what you can’t see; I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!
  • Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.
  • It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up.
  • When you’re as great as I am, it’s hard to be humble.
  • At home I am a nice guy – but I don’t want the world to know. Humble people, I’ve found, don’t get very far.
  • I am an astronaut of boxing. Joe Louis and Jack Dempsey were just jet pilots. I’m in a world of my own.
  • Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.


  • Having the distinction of being one of the World’s most famous celebrity’s of all time. Many fans would request getting punched by Ali rather than a picture or autograph. Boasting that they got hit by the Greatest!.
  • He first decided to take boxing lessons when neighborhood bullies stole his bike and he wanted to get back at them.
  • Ali is the first heavyweight champion in the history of boxing to lose his title to a novice (who had only seven professional fights). This occurred when Ali lost to Leon Spinks on February 15, 1978.
  • He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Live Theatre at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on January 11, 2002. At Ali insistence, the star was installed at the facade of the Kodak Theatre, home of the Academy Awards.
  • Ali was arguably actually a four-time World Heavyweight Champion. In 1965, after signing to fight dethroned champion ‘Sonny Liston’ for a rematch, a fight that was not sanctioned in many areas, Ali was stripped by The World Boxing Association of their recognition of him as Heavyweight Champion. The WBA sanctioned an elimination match between contenders Ernie Terrell and Eddie Machen to determine who the Heavyweight Champion would be. Terrell won by a 15-round decision and was the WBA champion for two years. Most sanctioning bodies and the general public still recognized Ali as the true champion. He regained the WBA Heavyweight Championship and unified the Heavyweight Championship by winning a 15-round decision over Terrell in 1967, only to be stripped of the title again several months later because of his refusal to register the military draft. He later won the title on two more occasions from George Foreman and Leon Spinks, reversing a previous loss to Spinks.
  • The only fighter to win a decision over Joe Frazier (their second fight).
  • The only fighter to score a KO of George Foreman and Oscar Bonnavena.
  • Was photographed with American actor David J. Silver during his visit to Arizona. He attended a lavish dinner at the Palms Hotel in Paradise Valley for his famed 2004 Fight Night Celebrity charity at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix.
  • Father-in-law of Curtis Conway.
  • Wanted the role of Bilal in The Message (1976) but the film’s director nixed the idea.
  • Was featured in a “Pizza Hut” boxing commercial alongside David Bortolucci and Ali’s real-life trainer Angelo Dundee, which was meant to air during the 1998 Super Bowl but was pulled at the very last moment for being too violent. It was estimated that the entire campaign cost Pizza Hut tens of millions of dollars.
  • Met The Beatles while training to fight Sonny Liston, and posed for photos with them in a boxing ring. Declared afterward that they were the greatest, but he was “still the prettiest”.
  • His maternal grandmother’s paternal grandfather was of Anglo-Saxon descent, and he is related to–among other notables–US Presidents William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor and Benjamin Harrison VI, Confedrate General Robert E. Lee, General George C. Marshall’ and General George S. Patton. He is also related to actors Lee Marvin, Glenn Close, Laura Dern and Hilary Duff, journalist Katie Couric and cyclist Lance Armstrong.
  • Trained by Joe Martin (1953-1959) as an amateur, Archie Moore (1960-1961) and Angelo Dundee (1961-1980).
  • Received the Otto Yamaoka peace medal for his “life-long engagement in the American civil rights movement and the global cultural emancipation of blacks, as well as his work as a UN Goodwill ambassador”. [December 2005]
  • First man to knock down Sonny Liston and George Foreman.
  • When Ali stopped Sonny Liston for the World Heavyweight Title, Liston had not lost a fight in over 10 years.
  • In 62 pro boxing matches, Ali was only stopped once; by Larry Holmes on a technical knockout. Ali was never counted out, but was unable to come out for round 11 in their title fight.
  • As an amateur, Ali was only knocked-out once in over 110 fights, by Kent Green on a third round technical knockout. Green went on to a 14-2 pro boxing record.
  • Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush on November 9, 2005. Other recipients were Frank Robinson, General Richard Myers, Paul Rusesabagina, Carol Burnett, Andy Griffith, Aretha Franklin, Vint Cerf and his Internet co-developer Robert Kahn, Jack Nicklaus, Alan Greenspan and former congressman Sonny Montgomery.
  • Voted sports personality of the Century in England
  • Inactive for three and a half years while fighting his draft evasion case in court.
  • From 1963 to 1966, he successfully defended the heavyweight title nine times.
  • Had an amateur boxing record of 127 wins and only five defeats.
  • His maternal great-grandfather was Abe Grady, a native of Ireland
  • Has portrayed himself in four different motion pictures.
  • Inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990 and the Sport in Society Hall of Fame in 1994.
  • He is referenced in the song “Powder Blue” by Ween and “Noise Epic” by The Verve. He also inspired the title of a rare song by The Verve recorded from the sessions for their album “Forth”.
  • Recorded an album for Epic Records in 1964 titled “I Am the Greatest”. Sam Cooke produced one of the songs from the LP, “The Gang’s All Here”. A single, his version of “Stand By Me” was released just after his first Liston fight, in 1964, and received some airplay.
  • Legend has it that Ali threw his 1960 Olympic gold medal into the river, when in reality he just simply lost it at some point in time.
  • Inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame in 1983 (charter member) and the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 1986.
  • Married second wife Khalilah ‘Belinda’ Ali when she was age 17.
  • Contrary to popular belief, he was stripped of his boxing license by the State of New York and his title by the World Boxing Association when he converted to Islam. However, the World Boxing Council recognized him as champ throughout his battle with the Government over his refusal to be inducted into the United States Army.
  • In 1962, Ali signed for Selective Service, but he failed the mental aptitude test, and was classified 1-Y (unfit for service). But when the United States armed forces required more soldiers for the Vietnam War, the pass-percentage marks for the tests were dropped to 15, meaning that Ali (and thousands of other men) was re-classified 1-A, now fit for service.
  • In June 1967, Ali was convicted of violating the Selective Service Act (knowingly and willfully refusing to report for and submit to induction into the armed forces), and was sentenced to five years in prison and fined $100,000. On appeal, Ali claimed he was denied due process because the ratio of blacks on draft boards did not reflect their ratio in the population. But the three member Presidential Draft Board, formed by President Lyndon Johnson to prevent such scenarios (and included a black member) ruled his objection was invalid, and that he was not entitled to conscientious objector status as a minister of the Islamic religion (what he stated as his profession). Morever, in an April 1966 letter to his local draft board, Ali protested that two years of military service would cause him serious financial loss in being unable to pursue his livelihood as a boxer, NOT as a minister.
  • In order to pay his legal fees (since he was barred from boxing), Ali hit the college lecture circuit and even starred in the Broadway musical “Buck White”.
  • Children: Daughters Rasheeda and Jamilla (twins) and Maryum (by Belinda Boyd); Miya, Khalilah, Hana Ali and Laila Ali (by Verónica Porche Ali). Sons Muhammed, Jr. (by Boyd); Asaad (adopted with Yolonda Williams).
  • Has a record of 56-5 with 37 KOs.
  • His bout with massive underdog Chuck Wepner inspired Sylvester Stallone to create Rocky Balboa, while the character Apollo Creed (played by Carl Weathers) was based on Ali himself.
  • Took in interest in boxing when his bike was stolen by local hoods.
  • Lit the torch at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Suffers from Parkinson’s Syndrome, caused by the numerous blows to the head during his boxing career.
  • Younger brother of Rahman Ali.
  • Son of Odessa Clay
  • Ali learned early from the outrageous bad-guy wrestler, Gorgeous George, that it could pay to be hated. Ali said “I saw fifteen thousand people coming to see this man get beat, and his talking did it. I said, this is a goo-o-o-d idea!” Then Ali refined that talking concept to what has been referred to as the Louisville Lip.
  • Light heavyweight boxing gold medalist, 1960 Olympics. World heavyweight boxing champion, 1964-1967, 1974-1978, 1978-1979.
  • Former heavyweight boxing champion


  • Rope-a-dope strategy (absorbing round after round of punishing blows from the opponent only to come back stronger after the opponent exhausted themselves)
  • Stinging taunts of opponents which frequently rhymed.
  • Extraordinary speed and agility in addition to devastatingly powerful blows
  • Boastful behaviour
  • The Ali Shuffle
  • Predicting the round in which his opponents would fall, sometimes even down to the minute
  • Trademark phrase: “Floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee”


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New Japan Pro-Wrestling 30th Anniversary 1997-1999 2002 Video Himself
Solino 2002 Himself (uncredited)
The Best of Bert Newton 2002 TV Movie documentary Himself
New City Classics 2002 TV Series documentary Himself
Greater Than the Greatest 2002 TV Movie Himself
Legenden 2002 TV Series documentary Himself
Seasons of Change: The African American Athlete 2002 TV Movie Himself
MTV News 2001 TV Series Himself
Piñero 2001 Himself (uncredited)
Muhammad Ali: The Greatest 2001 Documentary Himself
ESPN SportsCentury 2000 TV Series documentary Himself
Hendrix 2000 TV Movie Himself (with reporters) (uncredited)
Ali-Frazier I: One Nation… Divisible 2000 TV Movie documentary Himself
Reputations 1996-2000 TV Series documentary Himself
Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme 2000 Documentary Himself
The Hurricane 1999 Himself (uncredited)
The Sweet Science 1999 TV Series documentary Himself
Life 1999/I Himself
The Best of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts 1998 TV Movie documentary Himself – Roastee (as Muhammed Ali)
Cold War 1998 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
The Journey of the African-American Athlete 1996 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Real Las Vegas 1996 TV Series documentary Himself
Wide World of Sports 35th Anniversary Special 1996 TV Movie documentary Himself
Sonny Liston: The Mysterious Life and Death of a Champion 1995 TV Movie documentary Himself
Idols of the Game 1995 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself (segment “Inventing the All-American”)
The Best of the Don Lane Show 1994 TV Movie Himself
Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson 1993 TV Movie documentary Himself
Fame in the Twentieth Century 1993 TV Series documentary Himself (uncredited)
In This Corner… Boxing’s Legendary Heavyweights 1992 TV Movie Himself
Malcolm X 1992 Himself – Handshake with Malcolm (uncredited)
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 1992 TV Series Himself
ABC’s Wide World of Sports 30th Anniversary Special 1991 TV Movie Himself
Memories of 1970-1991 1991 TV Series documentary Himself
Firing Line 1991 TV Series Himself
Desert Storm: The War Begins 1991 TV Movie documentary Himself
Unsolved Mysteries 1989 TV Series documentary Himself
The 1960’s: Music, Memories & Milestones 1988 Video documentary Himself (trains for fight)
The Story of This Is Your Life 1987 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Rock ‘n’ Roll Years 1985-1986 TV Series Himself
The WWF’s Grand Slams 1986 Video Himself
Best of the WWF Volume 1 1985 Video Himself
Arena 1984 TV Series documentary Himself
Bob Dylan: Jokerman 1984 Video short Himself
Showtime Looks at 1981 1981 TV Movie documentary Himself – Boxer
Jolly Joker 1980 TV Series documentary Himself
Diff’rent Strokes 1980 TV Series Himself
The Ten Thousand Day War 1980 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself (uncredited)
The Sensational 70’s 1979 TV Series documentary Himself
The Rumble in the Jungle 1974 Documentary Himself – Challenger
Malcolm X 1972 Documentary Himself
The Benny Hill Show 1971 TV Series Himself
Film Night 1971 TV Series Himself
Muhammad Ali TV Movie documentary filming Himself
Good Morning Britain 2017 TV Series Himself
The 59th Annual Grammy Awards 2017 TV Special Himself – In Memoriam
20/20 2016 TV Series documentary Himself
2016: We Remember Part One 2016 TV Movie documentary Himself
A Football Life 2014-2016 TV Series Himself
Real People Who Became Legends 2016 Video documentary short Himself
The 68th Primetime Emmy Awards 2016 TV Special Himself – In Memoriam
Entertainment Tonight 2003-2016 TV Series Himself
Extra 2016 TV Series Himself
CTV National News 2016 TV Series Himself
Mike & Mike 2016 TV Series Himself
The Insider 2016 TV Series Himself
60 Minutes 1999-2016 TV Series documentary Himself – Former Boxer (segment “The Greatest”) / Himself – Boxer / Himself – Boxer (segment “Andy Rooney”)
Fox and Friends 2016 TV Series Himself
Justice w/Judge Jeanine 2016 TV Series Himself
Muhammad Ali: The Greatest 2016 TV Movie documentary Himself – 1942-2016
The Mavericks 2016 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
That’s So… 2016 TV Series documentary Himself
O.J.: Made in America 2016 Documentary Himself
Les vendredis d’Apostrophes 2015 TV Movie documentary Himself
I Believe in Miracles 2015 Documentary Himself
Cassius Ali 2015 Documentary short Himself
The Draft 2015 TV Movie documentary Himself
The Wit and Wisdom of Brian Clough 2014 Video documentary short Himself (uncredited)
Pawn Sacrifice 2014 Himself (uncredited)
The Sixties 2014 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself / Himself – episode of Jack Paar Tonight Show
WWE Hall of Fame 2014 TV Special Himself
American Experience 1994-2014 TV Series documentary Himself / Himself (with Malcolm X)
The History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment 2013 Video documentary Himself
Sir David Frost: That Was the Life That Was 2013 TV Movie documentary Himself – Interviewee on ‘Frost on Friday’
Legends of the Mid-South Wrestling 2013 Video Himself
Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight 2013 Himself
The Trials of Muhammad Ali 2013 Documentary Himself
Democracy Now! 2013 TV Series Himself
Planeta Globalizado 2013 Documentary Himself
Soul Power! 2013 TV Series documentary Himself
Give Us the Money 2012 Documentary Himself
Elvis What If? 2012 Documentary
Undertaker: The Streak – 20-0 2012 Video documentary Himself
American Masters 1997-2012 TV Series documentary Himself
Four Rooms 2012 TV Series Himself
B.B. King: The Life of Riley 2012 Documentary Himself (uncredited)
Frost on Interviews 2012 TV Movie documentary Himself (uncredited)
I Am Bruce Lee 2012 TV Movie documentary Himself
ESPN Friday Night Fights 2012 TV Series Himself
Ali: Still the Greatest 2012 TV Mini-Series Himself
When Ali Came to Britain 2012 TV Movie documentary Himself
Biography 2009-2011 TV Series documentary Himself
The Real Rocky 2011 TV Movie Himself
Six O’Clock News 2011 TV Series Himself
The Corrie Years 2011 TV Series documentary Himself
Unsung 2011 TV Series documentary Himself
Kill the Irishman 2011 Himself (uncredited)
Limitless 2011/I Himself (uncredited)
HBO Boxing After Dark 2010-2011 TV Series Himself
WWE: Top 50 Superstars of All Time 2010 Video Himself
WWE Raw 2009-2010 TV Series Himself
30 for 30 2009 TV Series documentary Himself
50 años de 2009 TV Series Himself
Facing Ali 2009 Documentary Himself
The Damned United 2009 Himself (uncredited)
Thrilla in Manila 2008 TV Movie documentary Himself
Soul Power 2008 Documentary Himself
Superpower 2008 Documentary Himself
Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami 2008 TV Movie Himself
Nature Boy Ric Flair: The Definitive Collection 2008 Video Himself
Mobsters 2008 TV Series Himself
Tyson 2008 Documentary Himself
Cornered: A Life Caught in the Ring 2008 Documentary Himself (uncredited)
Mike Douglas: Moments & Memories 2008 Video Himself
The Night James Brown Saved Boston 2008 TV Movie documentary Himself
Joe Louis: America’s Hero… Betrayed 2008 TV Movie documentary Himself
Hillary! Uncensored: Banned by the Media 2008 Video documentary Himself
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson 2008 Documentary Himself
Pioneers of Television 2008 TV Mini-Series documentary Himself
1968 with Tom Brokaw 2007 TV Movie documentary Himself
What a Year 2007 TV Series documentary Himself


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