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They have the most money, they own the fanciest cars and houses and everything about them seems posh and luxurious. However, there are a lot of things that hide behind closed doors, especially the hard work that Stacey David had to put in order to achieve this level of success and recognition. A famous American Professional vehicle modifier, TV show host, YouTube personality, graduated Boise State University. Born in unknown on a very special day unknown Stacey David has a family of unknown unknown unknown Kathryn David. Dividing personal time and that which should be allocated to business is nonetheless challenging but Stacey David still manages to maintain success on a global scale. The net worth of this person is estimated to be a huge $3 Million.

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David grew up in Idaho – his love for motor vehicles was born during his teenage years, when he built extremely fast go-karts with 440 snowmobile engines. Soon after, he helped to restore his first car, his sister’s 1963 Volkswagen bug, then came his father’s old flat fender Willys Jeep, and so David’s passion for Four Wheel Drive and off-roading was expanding too.

Already in his high school, he was seen driving a 1930 5 Window Coupe. He later enrolled in Boise State University to study Biology, however, instead of attending classes, David found a more interesting and way more fun hobby – he began attending local tracks, learning everything about racing. Soon after, he became a student of the unique building techniques of major names in the industry, such as George Barris, John Buttera and Darryl Starbird.

David then moved to Nashville, where he opened his own custom shop called “The Rattletrap”, and went on to work on everything from restoration, engine building, fabrication, to custom paint jobs, whether it was cars, trucks or whatever else appeared in his shop. His hard work enabled him to gain a much needed reputation, which eventually started earning him a sizable income.

Then in 1998, David’s work and reputation brought him to meet the world of television. He was offered a position of host on the Spike TV television series called “Trucks!”, alongside Mel Fair. In the show’s 1999 season, David became its co-host, and then in 2000 when Fair left, he remained the sole host, and would spend the next eight years on the show – he also served as the show’s producer. During his tenure, “Trucks!” became one of the highest-rated shows on the network’s weekend lineup, actually boasting the highest audience numbers of any automotive/how-to program throughout those eight years of David’s hosting. This was probably because the viewers recognized and respected the fact that David, unlike many other similar hosts, did all the designing and building himself, which gathered him a loyal fan base. Aside from paving his way to greater fame, David’s involvement in the “Trucks!” show considerably added to his net worth.

After his time on “Trucks1”, David began hosting a new show called “Stacey David’s GearZ” in 2007. Initially airing on ESPN2, the show moved to Speed Channel at the beginning of the second season, and ran for five more seasons. As of season eight, the show has aired on MavTV and Velocity, and has served as a perfect way for David to reinforce his status in the industry and to boost the revenues of his business, and therefore to significantly improve his net worth.

Today, David is an accomplished vehicle builder and designer, who is credited with creating some of the best vehicles, and who also has a long television career behind him, which has certainly made him both rich and famous.

Aside from the automobile industry, sources claim that David is a very talented musician, who played guitar at a professional level in his early years, but mainly in order to raise money for his car projects.

When it comes to David’s personal life, there are no details revealed to the media. As he keeps his private life away from public view, sources are unaware of his past or current relationship status.

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  • Full Name: Stacey David
  • Net Worth: $3 Million
  • Place Of Birth: Boise, Idaho, United States
  • Profession: Professional vehicle modifier, TV show host, YouTube personality
  • Education: Boise State University
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Kathryn David
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • IMDB:
  • Allmusic:
  • Movies: “GearZ” (MavTV, Velocity), “Trucks!” (999-2001), “Trucks1”, “Stacey David’s GearZ” (2007-)
  • TV Shows: Sgt Rock Interior & Other Details (Youtube video, 2018), The nuts & bolts of building Sgt Rock (2018, Youtube video), Quick Tip: Keep Your Car From Getting Stolen (2012), Boosting the Ford Eco Boost (2012, Youtube video), The Knuckle Buster (2011)


Title Year Status Character
Stacey David’s GearZ TV Series documentary 2 episodes, 2013 creator – 8 episodes, 2013
Trucks! 1999-2001 TV Series documentary writer – 62 episodes
Title Year Status Character
Stacey David’s GearZ 2013 TV Series documentary
Trucks! 1999-2001 TV Series documentary Himself – Host / Host