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unknown is a famous unknown. Born on unknown in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States this unknown author has created a lot of content for the masses. With thousands or even millions of followers and people across the globe who love what unknown represents and creates, the popularity of this celebrity does not seem to diminish over years. With the family of unknown unknown unknown unknown had an upbringing and the education which propelled them to stardom and greatness. Attending unknown unknown learned and worked on his passion projects which turned out to be massive successes amongst audiences worldwide. But what about money? If you are curious about the full estimated net worth of unknown, it is around $350,000.

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Raised in New York, Winter initiated her presence in the entertainment business being a hair designer for singers and actors. Eventually, she became a wardrobe designer for several music labels including Def Han, Murder Inc., Full Surface as well as Ruff Ryders. Her career behind the scenes lasted for more than a decade, but at the time she also went on to become executive assistant to rapper Fabolous and Ted Lucas, CEO of Slip-N-Slide Records. All these jobs not only helped her to finally enter the spotlight, but also added significantly to her income.

Thanks to her appearance in the VH1 reality show “Love and Hip Hop: New York”, Winter Ramos became popular in the pop culture. Her presence in the whole series was well accepted by her fans, making her fame rise in no time. The show “Love and Hip Hop” was not only helpful for Winter to earn fame and popularity, it also added to her pile of riches as well as opening new opportunities for her.

After her show, she authored her new book which she entitled “Game Over: My Love For Hip-Hop”. In the book, she talked about her experiences since her beginnings in the music industry of America, especially, the hip-hop sector. This book also contains insights on her past relationships with different popular rappers. Along with her participation in the VH1 reality show, this book of hers has also been helpful in stabilizing her popularity among her fans and followers. Needless to say, it has also helped her add significantly to her wealth. Other of her recent ventures includes a boutique she opened in 2013.

Talking about her personal life, Winter Ramos has a daughter whom she named “Summer Marie” born on August of 2013. As of now, she has been working as a costume designer for a producing company in Florida. As Winter is not married yet, she has been enjoying her days with her daughter along with her steady career complemented by her net worth amounting to $350,000.

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  • Net Worth: $350,000
  • Date Of Birth: March 25, 1979
  • Place Of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States
  • IMDB: