Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

While CEO’s rake in tons of money each year, some of them are not very public personalities. Others are quite opposite and thrive on media and public attention. Whichever one you would consider unknown to be, there is no denying that the success as a Businessperson, Entrepreneur has allowed this individual to become one of the most affluent and successful people in the world. Born in to the wonderful family of Alexandre Saverin and Paula Saverin, Roberto Saverin, unknown has attended Harvard University (2006), Gulliver Schools until orienting towards Businessperson, Entrepreneur full-time. In terms of appearance, you can look at the picture for features but unknown stands at unknown tall. But what about money? Is that not why you came here for? Well the figure for unknown is $4.9 Billion, that is how much the net worth is estimated to be.

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Structural info

  • Net Worth: $4.9 Billion
  • Date Of Birth: March 19, 1982
  • Place Of Birth: São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Profession: Businessperson, Entrepreneur
  • Education: Harvard University (2006), Gulliver Schools
  • Nationality: Brazil
  • Parents: Paula Saverin, Roberto Saverin
  • Siblings: Alexandre Saverin
  • Nicknames: Eduardo Luiz Saverin
  • Facebook: