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While CEO’s rake in tons of money each year, some of them are not very public personalities. Others are quite opposite and thrive on media and public attention. Whichever one you would consider unknown to be, there is no denying that the success as a Businessperson has allowed this individual to become one of the most affluent and successful people in the world. Born in to the wonderful family of unknown and unknown, unknown has attended Tenafly High School, American University until orienting towards Businessperson full-time. In terms of appearance, you can look at the picture for features but unknown stands at unknown tall. But what about money? Is that not why you came here for? Well the figure for unknown is $40 Million, that is how much the net worth is estimated to be.

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Ross Levinsohn spent his youth in Tenafly which is located in Bergen County, and was educated at Tenafly High School, leaving in 1981, after which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences from the American University (private research university). Initially, he started his career working for Saatchi & Saatchi in which he was in the department of advertising accounts, after which he is known to have worked for HBO in the field of marketing. Then, Levinsohn was one of the developers of such online marketing services as Prodigy, CompuServe as well as America Online. Later, he worked for CBS Sportsline and started the search engine AltaVista. All these positions contributed to his net worth.

In 2000, he joined Fox Interactive Media (now News Corp. Digital Media), a division of media group News Corporation. Responsible for increasing the presence of the Rupert Murdoch group on web, he was involved in several acquisitions, including the MySpace social networking site and those of and IGN. Furthermore, Levinsohn is a co-founder of the investment firm Velocity Interactive Group (now entitled Fuse Capital), specializing in digital media, where he held the position of Director General between 2007 and 2010.

Recruited by Yahoo! in 2010, Ross became responsible for the sale of advertising space in the Americas division. Then he directed the media branch. Following this, Ross was responsible for the group’s information sites, including Yahoo! News5, until Scott Thompson resigned in May 2012, when he was appointed as CEO. In July 2012, the Board of Directors appointed Marissa Mayer, formerly vice president of Google, as CEO, and as a result, Levinsohn decided to leave the previously mentioned enterprise. In 2013, he was recruited by Guggenheim Partners to direct Guggenheim Digital Media, the new media department. Currently, it is the main source of Ross Levinsohn net worth.

Additionally, Ross has served on several technological and media boards, including Scout, the media network; Tribune Media, the multimedia corporation; Millennial Media, the mobile advertising company; the Neil Bogart Pediatric Cancer Research Program and the board of the National Association of Television Program Executives.

Concerning the personal life of the multi millionaire businessman, only very little information is being revealed as Ross Levinsohn prefers not to talk or give interviews about his family life. It has been reported that the man is married though he doesn’t have any children.

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  • Net Worth: $40 Million
  • Date Of Birth: 1964, Tenafly, New Jersey, United States
  • Place Of Birth: Tenafly
  • Profession: Businessperson
  • Education: Tenafly High School, American University
  • Nationality: United States of America
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  • LinkedIn: