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Politicians rule the world, but they aren’t necessarily rich. Nicolás Maduro however rules and is extremely rich. As the Politician, Bus driver Nicolás Maduro has a commanding authority over a lot of decisions that impact hundreds, thousands or even millions of lives every day. This person can impact everyday life, impose restrictions and bans, possibly even start a war. Such powers are not really comprehensive for regular civilians. Born in the unknown on the unknown, Nicolás Maduro had a big family of Nicolás Maduro Garcia, Teresa de Jesús Moros Anita Maduro, Josefina Maduro, María Teresa Maduro. Quickly becoming a prominent figure in the political world, this politician studied and graduated unknown where moves towards eclipsing the political totem pole became more and more aggressive. An impressive salary unknown makes this person rich enough but the total net worth of Nicolás Maduro is nonetheless impressive – $2 Million.

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Nicolás Maduro is the son of Nicolás Maduro Garcia and Teresa de Jesús Moros – his ancestry dates back to Sephardic Jewish origins, but he was raised in a Catholic family. His father worked as a union leader of the leftist Movimient Electoral del Pueblo (MEP). He grew up in a working-class family, and went to public high school at the Liceo José Ávalos. During his studies he became interested in politics, so he joined the student union, but unfortunately he had never actually graduated from high school. When he was 24 years old, he conjoined with other leftists from organizations in South America, which moved to Cuba, where he attended a one-year course in the Escuela Nacional de Cuadros Julio Antonio Mella, directed by the Union of Communist Youth.

Starting as early as 1980, Maduro`s political career began, as he was appointed as an unofficial trade unionist representing the bus drivers of the Caracas Metro system, as he was a bus driver of the Caracas Metro Company. This was the real start of his net worth. In 1983, he served as a bodyguard for Jose Vicente Rangel, when he was a presidential candidate, but his campaign was unsuccessful.

In the 1990s, Maduro formed the Movement of the Fifth Republic, which served as a supporter of the Chavez candidacy in 1998, and prior to that, Maduro joined the MBR-200, and was on Chavez`s side after he was imprisoned for the 1992 Venezuelan coup d`etat attempt. With the election of Chavez, Maduro`s political career intensified, in 1999 he was appointed as one of the members of the National Constituent Assembly and in 2000, he was elected into the National Assembly. These positions contributed significantly to his net worth.

In 2006, Maduro became the Minister of Foreign Affairs, which increased his net worth by a large margin. When he was appointed to the position, Maduro didn`t know any foreign language, however he managed to improve relations with Libya under President Gaddafi and also with Columbia. In 2012, after Chavez won his fourth mandate, Maduro became the Vice-President of the republic, however, he didn`t stay long in that position, as he succeeded Chavez as President, after the latter’s death in March 2013.

The following year, regular presidential elections were held in the country, and Maduro won by a small margin of 1.5% against Henrique Capriles – the position carries a salary of $47,000, so his net worth should be sustained. However, in 2015 parliamentary elections gave opposition parties a mandate, so his position may not be so tenable, certainly less authoritative.

If to talk about his personal life, it is known that Nicolás Maduro has been married to Cilia Flores since July 2013. His wife is a politician and replaced him as President of the National Assembly, when he became Minister of Foreign Affairs. Maduro has one son named Nicolás Maduro Guerra, who works in National Assembly, and he has two granddaughters – Paula and Sofia, while Maduro’s wife has one adopted son.

Structural info

  • Full Name: Nicolás Maduro
  • Net Worth: $2 Million
  • Date Of Birth: 23rd November 1962
  • Place Of Birth: Caracas, Venezuela
  • Height: 1.9 m
  • Profession: Politician, Bus driver
  • Nationality: Venezuela
  • Spouse: Cilia Flores
  • Children: Nicolás Maduro Guerra
  • Parents: Nicolás Maduro Garcia, Teresa de Jesús Moros
  • Siblings: Anita Maduro, Josefina Maduro, María Teresa Maduro
  • Nicknames: Nicolas Maduro, Nicolás Maduro Moros
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  • One of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. [April 2014].


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