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Hip-Hop and Rap was born in the streets in the late 1970’s. In the following decade it emerged as the primary form of music for the black community to outrage their anger towards law enforcement brutality directed at them. Gangsta-rap and commercial rap rose from the ghetto to the mainstream media and is now one of the most popular music genres around. unknown is a unknown from unknown. A very talented writer and vocalist unknown started his journey in the rap game since the 1’st birthday on unknown. The rapper comes from unknown and has unknown offsprings. Some nicknames that have been applied to unknown are Rashard Chuckee Ballard,. Many records sold and tons of tours and concerts later unknown is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 Million.

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Rashard Ballard was a good student, but he had the dream of becoming a rapper from around the time when he was nine years old. Turns out his dream was meant to come true, as Chuckee was discovered by Lil Wayne via a video-shoot contest, and became the youngest rapper signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Label after joining the Young Money Entertainment group in 2009. Guided by his famous mentor, Lil Chuckee had dropped five mixtapes by the age of sixteen and appeared in over 35 music videos. He was also a member of the rap duet Young Hot BOYZ, performing with Lil Twist. In 2012, Rashard performed in the BET Hip-Hop Awards, together with Lil Niqo and Lil Waah.

After leaving the Young Money in 2013, he began his own solo career. Release of the mix tape “Leborn of My Time“ in 2013 and “Overdue” in 2014 made him the author of seven mix tapes, which is a great result for such a young guy. Moreover, he has co-worked with other successful artists, such as Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, Justin Bieber, Mr. Tony Elite and has released collaboration remixes. No doubt that Chuckee can associate his net worth to his musical career starting from a very early age and successfully spanning until the present day.

In his personal life, the Ballard family’s house in New Orleans was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, so the rapper had to move to Atlanta with his family. After this catastrophe, Lil Chuckee has performed in 250 shows for Hurricane Katrina victims as charity work. Later he established his own charity company in New Orleans, called S.O.C.K. (Save Our Community Kids). Unquestionably, this kind of activity has helped him to accidentally create quite a reputation, which is not very ordinary for hip hop artists.

Lil Chuckee’s nickname references the doll from the Child’s Play movies. His private life is quite mysterious since rapper has officially dated only one model and a member of the dance group The Twerk team, supposedly when he was 15 years old and, strangely, the model was twenty years old so even that one romance didn‘t look very promising. Moreover, there have been rumors that the young artist’s father is successful businessman, and rapper Bird. However, articles about Lil Chuckee accusing Bird for molestation were all over the internet.

Structural info

  • Net Worth: $1.5 Million
  • Date Of Birth: 11 January 1995,
  • Place Of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States,
  • Nicknames: Rashard Chuckee Ballard,
  • Instagram: