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Rap grew in popularity and became a part of the mainstream media in late 80’s and early 90’s. Even though most of the rappers still accentuate the same problems of police brutality towards the minorities etc. there have come a new breed of rappers, talking about completely different things. unknown is a little bit of both. This rapper comes from unknown, more specifically unknown. Standing at unknown, unknown has released numerous hit singles, sold thousands of album copies and featured on many great hits. Born on unknown, this musician is also a unknown so you could call such an individual – multitalented. In terms of net worth, unknown is believed to have a net worth of $3 Million.

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Born to a virtually destitute family, in which illegal substance abuse was no new thing, Logic was raised by his parents who were crack users. After struggling in school as Logic was not a bright student, he failed every class except English, and was thrown out of his school. As a teenager, Logic started to put his focus on writing songs and rapping., and his interest in the English language made him a good songwriter. He was later mentored by Solomon Taylor who helped him excel in writing lyrics and rapping as a teenager. At that time of his life, Logic was known by his then stage name “Psychological”. Later, as he began to find his prominence in mainstream music, he changed his stage name to “Logic” which has stuck throughout this whole time of his musical success.

Logic began to find commercial success by releasing mixtapes and becoming popular on the internet. He released a string of mixtapes after debuting with “Young, Broke and Infamous”; his other famous mixtapes are “Young Sinatra”, “Young Sinatra: Undeniable”, and “Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever”. Other than sales of these albums, “Logic” has also made money out of his popularity on “YouTube”, on which his songs have been viewed well over a million times. On top of that, Logic has also released his debut studio album entitled “Under Pressure”, from the labels “Visionary Music Group’ and “Def Jam”. As this album is proving to be a successful release, Logic has been adding considerably into his net worth.

Talking about his personal life, Logic aged twenty-five was just recovering from a log-term relationship as he stepped into his musical career. He has not made anything public about his current affairs so we believe that he is single and available at present. Even as a successful multi-millionaire, Logic apparently doesn’t lead a lavish lifestyle, and reportedly is clean as he does not smoke or drink alcohol as of now. This impressive rapper who found success only due to his hard work and passion is continuing his career with other projects in hand, and is in the process of releasing his second studio album.

Structural info

  • Net Worth: $3 Million
  • Date Of Birth: January 22, 1990
  • Place Of Birth: Maryland
  • Nicknames: 羅伯・布萊森・霍爾二世
  • IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0517727