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Rap grew in popularity and became a part of the mainstream media in late 80’s and early 90’s. Even though most of the rappers still accentuate the same problems of police brutality towards the minorities etc. there have come a new breed of rappers, talking about completely different things. OG Maco is a little bit of both. This rapper comes from American, more specifically unknown. Standing at 1.73 m, OG Maco has released numerous hit singles, sold thousands of album copies and featured on many great hits. Born on unknown, this musician is also a Rapper so you could call such an individual – multitalented. In terms of net worth, OG Maco is believed to have a net worth of $500,000.

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When it comes to his early life, Maco was interested in music from an early age and was in the hardcore rock band called Dr Doctor, in which he served as a singer and guitarist. However, this Atlanta-born rapper decided to start his solo career, making his debut in 2014 with the song entitled ‘’U Guessed It’’, which as of today is one of his most popular songs, peaking at number 90 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart, going viral, really starting his net worth.

During the same year, OG Maco signed a contract with Quality Control, a record label run by Coach K, one of the most notable names in the hip hop managing world, who has worked with prominent rappers such as Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy. Besides that, he is also signed with Capitol Music Group/Motown Records. Later in 2014, OG Maco released a self-entitled album, which featured 15 songs such as ‘’Human Nature’’ and ‘’All On Me’’, in collaboration with producers Durdy Costello and LeftHand Mitch, and other singers including Brylan Kerr and 2 Chainz. Additionally, Maco released one more EP, ‘’Breathe’’ and three mixtapes during the same year – ‘’Breathe’’ was in response to events that occurred in Ferguson and New York regarding two shootings of young black men by police officers. His next album, ‘’Live Life”, consisted of 15 songs, and OG Maco teamed-up with artists like Cardo, Deco and Curtis Williams for the sake of recording it.

When it comes to OG Maco’s latest projects, in 2016 he released a mixtape entitled ‘’The Lord of Rage’’, which was also made available for digital download, and consisted of nine tracks including ‘’Sound The Trumpet’’ and ‘’Champions’’, which earned critical acclaim from the audience for both vocals and the beat. OG Maco followed this success by making ‘’Children of Rage’’, which besides the title track featured ‘’God Willin’’ and ‘’Prada’’.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that OG Maco earned his own spot in the music world by working hard and releasing new songs throughout the years.

Besides working on his own music, OG Maco has also been a guest artist on several tracks, such as ‘’Kitchens & Choppas’’ alongside Ca$h Out, and on ‘’#000000 & #FFFFFF’’, made by The Neighborhood, adding to his net worth.

When it comes to OG Maco’s private life, he was in a serious car crash in 2016 and suffered multiple injuries, almost losing his eye. He’s in a relationship with a girl named Gianna, but in 2015 was the subject of controversy when he was blackmailed by his ex-girlfriend who claimed that he was sick and spread a disease to two other women by refusing to take his medication.

Structural info

  • Full Name: OG Maco
  • Net Worth: $500,000
  • Date Of Birth: April 23, 1992
  • Place Of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Height: 1.73 m
  • Weight: 69 kg
  • Profession: Rapper
  • Nationality: American
  • Partner: Gianna Saraceno
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OGxMaco
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/OGMaco
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ogxmaco
  • IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm8388618
  • Allmusic: https://www.allmusic.com/artist/og-maco-mn0003325402
  • Record Labels: Motown, Capitol Records, OGG, Quality Control Music
  • Albums: Blvk Phil Collins, OG Zay, OG Maco, Live Life 2, The Lord of Rage