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Jeff Hanneman is a legend. Not only a rock star but a true legend. Rock music has arguably the most devoted and involved fan bases out of every genre imaginable. This musician has written many songs about love, life, struggle and everything else that people laugh, nod their head or cry to. Jeff Hanneman is a Guitarist, Songwriter, Musician from American. Receiving domestic and worldwide recognition, Jeff Hanneman can still be labelled a family person due to close relationships with unknown, unknown unknown unknown. Of course it is hard to divide time between family matters and being an awesome rock star, but Jeff Hanneman manages to do that. But what about money? Does being a rock star pays off? Sure thing, because Jeff Hanneman has a net worth of $14 Million.

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Jeff grew up in Long Beach, California with a family which consisted of war veterans, so he grew up very interested in warfare and military history, painting tanks and plane models. The family often talked about warfare as a common conversation topic – his father was of German ancestry, but fought for the Allies during World War II. Later on, Jeff was introduced to heavy metal music by his older sister, listening to bands such as Black Sabbath. During high school, he then discovered hardcore punk, which would become a big influence to him musically.

After studies, Hanneman started working as a telemarketer, then in 1981 he would meet Kerry King, who was very interested in Hanneman’s taste for music, as he was playing a lot of songs from Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. They then decided to start their own band, and worked on improving their skills, plus starting to apply Hanneman’s influence of hardcore punk music, which led to Slayer’s aggressive style. In 1984, Jeff also started working on a side project called “Pap Smear”, however, he decided not to continue with it after being advised by producer Rick Rubin that it might break up their band, however, the songs he made with “Pap Smear” would later get re-recorded for Slayer.

In 1986, Slayer started rising to fame with their release “Reign in Blood”, and became one of the biggest thrash metal bands in the industry, so Jeff’s net worth increased significantly. The band became famous, and had hit songs alongside Anthrax, Metallica, and Megadeth, and released a total of twelve albums apart from their live albums and a cover album. They had four albums achieve gold certification, and won Grammy Awards for their song “Eyes of the Insane” and “Final Six”. They sold 4.9 million albums in the United States.

The band also proved to be very controversial, due to their choice of art and topics which included serial killers, necrophilia, genocide, etc. Despite that, the band was highly influential, becoming a significant influence on many other bands.

For his personal life, Hanneman married Kathryn, but she was known to have only joined Slayer’s tour twice in 20 years. He was previously a pill and cocaine abuser, but later reformed. He was very selective socially when away from the band and rarely gave interviews. In 2011, he contracted necrotizing fasciitis and the band performed without him. In May 2013 he passed away in Hemet, California, from liver failure, and the official cause of death was given as alcohol-related cirrhosis. Apparently the family wasn’t aware of the condition until immediately before his death.

Structural info

  • Full Name: Jeff Hanneman
  • Net Worth: $14 Million
  • Date Of Birth: January 31, 1964
  • Died: May 2, 2013, Hemet, California, United States
  • Place Of Birth: Oakland, California, United States
  • Height: 6 ft (1.83 m)
  • Profession: Guitarist, Songwriter, Musician
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Kathryn Hanneman (m. 1989–2013)
  • Nicknames: Hanneman, Jeff , Jeffrey John Hanneman , Jeff
  • IMDB:
  • Allmusic:
  • Albums: Reign in Blood, God Hates Us All, South of Heaven, World Painted Blood, Seasons in the Abyss, Diabolus in Musica, Show No Mercy, Hell Awaits, Christ Illusion, Undisputed Attitude, Decade of Aggression, War at the Warfield
  • Music Groups: Slayer
  • Movies: Slayer: Live Intrusion


  • Wrote probably the most well-known thrash song ever, ‘Angel Of Death’.
  • He once collected German medals. His father (who fought in Normandy in 1944) asked him if he wanted a medal. Jeff accepted and eventually he asked if he could have another one. He then began to buy medals from different dealers, and he soon learned to discover the fake medals from the real ones. He stopped collecting, because he said that it was too expensive.
  • He is very interested in ice hockey and often wears a hockey shirt. He lives out in nowhere, to be away from the hectic life, they normally have.
  • Lead guitarist of Speed Metal band Slayer. Composed the music for the majority of their hit songs (e.g.: Seasons in the Abyss, Dead Skin Mask, Angel of Death, Postmortem, South of Heaven, Black Magic, The Antichrist).


Title Year Status Character
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock 2007 Video Game writer: “Raining Blood”
Skate. 2007 Video Game writer: “Raining Blood”
Saw III 2006 music: “Eyes of the Insane” Slayer VS The Legion of Doom
Jackass Number Two 2006 Documentary as Jeffrey Hanneman, “Spill the Blood”
South Park 2005 TV Series writer – 1 episode
Haggard 2003 writer: “Divine Intervention”
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 2002 Video Game lyrics: “Raining Blood” – as J. Hanneman / music: “Raining Blood” – as J. Hanneman
Jackass: The Movie 2002 Documentary “Angel Of Death”
Dracula 2000 2000 writer: “Bloodline”
Bride of Chucky 1998 writer: “Human Disease”
Gremlins 2: The New Batch 1990 writer: “Angel of Death” – as Jeffrey Hanneman
River’s Edge 1986 writer: “Captor of Sin”, “Tormentor”, “Evil Has No Boundaries”, “Die by the Sword”
Green Room 2015 writer: “War Ensemble” – as Jeffrey John Hanneman
Sex Tape 2014 writer: “Angel Of Death”
Hellion 2014 writer: “South of Heaven”
Devil’s Knot 2013 writer: “Alter of Sacrifice”, “Angel of Death” – as Jeffery John Hanneman
Metal Evolution 2011 TV Series documentary writer – 1 episode
30 Minutes or Less 2011 writer: “Raining Blood”
JonTron 2010 TV Series writer – 2 episodes
Brütal Legend 2009 Video Game writer: “Metal Storm/Face the Slayer”
Law Abiding Citizen 2009 writer: “Bloodline”
Guitar Hero: Metallica 2009 Video Game writer: “War Ensemble”
Punisher: War Zone 2008 writer: “Final Six”
Title Year Status Character
Dracula 2000 2000 Talking Guy (uncredited)
Title Year Status Character
Transhumutation 2014 Video dedicated to the memory of
Title Year Status Character
Metallica/Slayer/Megadeth/Anthrax: The Big 4: Live from Sofia, Bulgaria 2010 Documentary Himself
Slayer: Still Reigning 2004 Video documentary Himself
Viva la Bam 2004 TV Series Himself – Slayer
Slayer: War at the Warfield 2003 Video documentary Himself
Viva 2001 TV Series Himself – Slayer
We Sold Our Souls for Rock ‘n Roll 2001 Documentary Himself (Slayer)
Ozzfest 1997 Video documentary Himself
Headbangers Ball 1992 TV Series Himself – Slayer