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John Petrucci is a legend. Not only a rock star but a true legend. Rock music has arguably the most devoted and involved fan bases out of every genre imaginable. This musician has written many songs about love, life, struggle and everything else that people laugh, nod their head or cry to. John Petrucci is a Record producer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Musician from American. Receiving domestic and worldwide recognition, John Petrucci can still be labelled a family person due to close relationships with unknown, Renato Petrucci unknown unknown. Of course it is hard to divide time between family matters and being an awesome rock star, but John Petrucci manages to do that. But what about money? Does being a rock star pays off? Sure thing, because John Petrucci has a net worth of $3.2 Million.

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John started playing guitar when he was only eight years old, not due to a desire to play, but to beat his sister who took up piano lessons, and would stay up late. However, young John couldn’t stay as long as his sister and dropped out of playing. Nevertheless, when he was 12, he again started playing guitar, and practiced for six hours a day. He discovered his love for music, for bands such as Black Sabbath, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, and as he got older he listened to Rush, Iron Maiden, and Metallica among others. After finishing high school, John enrolled at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, alongside his longtime friend John Myung. Also, one of his longtime friends, Kevin Moore, asked John to join him in his cover band which he accepted, and brought in Myung, and then in college he met Mike Portnoy. With the addition of Chris Collins, they called themselves Majesty, and played covers of such bands as Iron Maiden and Rush.

Satisfied with how their musical career began, John, Mike and Myung left college and focused more on the group. Before they officially became professionals, they had to change the band’s name, since Majesty was already taken, so Dream Theater was born. Before the release of their debut album, Collins left the group, and was replaced by Charles Dominici, who was in the band only for the debut album.

They signed a contract with MCA Records, and in 1989 released their debut album “When Dream and Day Unite”, which spawned such hits as “Afterlife”, and “A Fortune in Lies”. The album sold more than 37,000 copies, which inspired them to continue with their work together. In replace of Dominici came James LaBrie, who now is the only long-time member of Dream Theater next to Petrucci and Myung. In 1992 they released a second album, entitled “Images and Words” (1992), their first album to chart, reaching No. 61 on the Billboard 200, and achieving gold status in the USA, which only increased Petrucci’s net worth.

They continued successfully with such albums as “Awake” (1994) and “Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory” (1999), which both sold more than 120,000 copies. However, the band reached higher commercial success in the mid- 2000s, with albums “Systematic Chaos” (2007), which reached No. 19 on the Billboard 200 chart, then “Black Clouds & Silver Linings” (2009), which became their first top 10 album as it peaked at No. 6. Two years later, another successful release came out, “A Dramatic Turn of Events”, which reached No. 8, the first album without Mike Portnoy, who was replaced by Mike Mangini. In recent years, they have released two more albums – “Dream Theater” (2013), and “The Astonishing” (2016).

Aside from Dream Theater, John has worked on several other projects, including Liquid Tension Experiment, which is a collaboration with Portnoy, then an album with Jordan Rudess, and also a solo ablum – “Suspended Animation” – released in 2005.

John became known for frequently using a seven-string electric guitar and for his high speed alternate picking. He states Steve Morse, Steve Howe, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen as his guitar influences.

Regarding his personal life, John has been married to Rena Sands since 1993; the couple has three children together.

Structural info

  • Full Name: John Petrucci
  • Net Worth: $3.2 Million
  • Date Of Birth: July 12, 1967
  • Place Of Birth: Kings Park, New York, United States
  • Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
  • Profession: Record producer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Musician
  • Education: Berklee College of Music
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Rena Sands
  • Children: Renato Petrucci
  • Nicknames: Petrucci, John , John Peter Petrucci
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • IMDB:
  • Allmusic:
  • Music Groups: Dream Theater (Since 1985), Liquid Tension Experiment (Since 1997), Nightmare Cinema, Explorers Club
  • Movies: Metropolis 2000: Scenes from New York, Dream Theater: Live at Budokan, Dream Theater: Chaos in Motion, Paul Gilbert: Get Out of My Yard


  • Attended Berklee College of Music in Boston with John Myung, where they met future band mate Mike Portnoy.
  • Guitarist and founder member of the progressive metal band Dream Theater.


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