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If you consider how rich the Sultan of Brunei is, it can be said that the Sultan’s net worth is $20 billion. He gained this money from his various activities as the Sultan of Brunei. He is acclaimed and respected by other world leaders, so it only proves how important he is. What is more, the Sultan of Brunei has done a lot in order to increase the quality of life in Brunei. Undoubtedly, he will do even greater things in the future if he will be able to rule Brunei for a long time.

Hassanal Bolkiah studied at Victoria Institution and later continued his studies at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. When Hassanal Bolkiah was only 21 years old, he became the Sultan of Brunei an since then he has a lot of responsibilities and activities to take care of. As soon as Hassanal became the Sultan of Brunei, he started making various changes. Several universities and institutions were established. He also made some changes related to health care and the betterment of society’s life. The Sultan of Brunei is also involved in various organizations. For example,”United Nations”, “Non-Aligned Movement”, “Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation” and others. This only makes the Sultan of Brunei more respected among other leaders and has an effect on his public image. It is clear that being the Sultan of Brunei not only guarantees you high net worth, but requires a lot of hard work and knowledge. As the Sultan’s net worth is really high he can allow himself to have one of the most extraordinary collection of cars, and owning personal planes.What is more, he lives in of the greatest palaces in the world. Undoubtedly, the Sultan of Brunei, will continue his successful activities and make even more changes.

If to talk about the Sultan’s personal life, it can be said that he was married 3 times, but all his marriages ended in divorce. The Sultan of Brunei has 12 children. All in all, the Sultan of Brunei is one of the most interesting personalities. It can be said that he really works for the welfare of his people. If he will continue ruling for a long time, he will probably make more changes and will increase the economy of Bruney and will make it a better place to live.

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  • Net Worth: $20 Billion