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Early on, Clayton spent a lot of time travelling around the world, visiting various places such as Denmark, Israel and Australia. He eventually created a YouTube channel which led him to start working on a self-produced film entitled “Strayland”, promoting the film through YouTube, which soon gain him a lot of popularity, and led to more opportunities to increase his net worth. He then began working on novels such as “Twenty Tales” and “Willow Trees in Warfare”.

Jennings career was propelled through opportunities of public speaking and writing, which led him to start a career as an evangelist. He was invited to various locations, and his popularity on social media also launched his net worth to high point. He started posting regularly on YouTube about his evangelism efforts, which raised his subscriber count to 150,000; his videos also received many thousands of views, and his Instagram account quickly grew to more than 200,000 followers, showcasing some of his personal endeavors as well as his evangelical work.

However, his career was derailed in 2016, after it was revealed that Clayton was involved in a sex scandal involving numerous women who apparently were a part of his fan base. According to reports, he wooed various women into intimate relationships through the promise of marriage, with six women coming forward announcing that they were approached by Jennings. He also approached women through social media, even asking for nude photos and making demands for sex, even offering various women a large amount of money for photos or sexual acts. While he initially denied all these claims, the elders of his church denounced him for such activities, and he stepped down from his ministry in response. Since then, however, he’s been working on bouncing back from the situation, and continues to be active on social media. He’s admitted to his mistakes, and continues to do his work, albeit to a somewhat lesser degree.

For his personal life, apparently Jennings is still married to Jamie Lee, and they have a daughter; she owns an online boutique, and is also very active on social media due to her business.

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  • Net Worth: $7.5 million
  • Date Of Birth: December 5, 1987
  • Place Of Birth: United States of America
  • Profession: YouTuber
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Jamie Lee
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram: